0.25 as a Fraction

Let us know 0.25 as a fraction whether the fraction is part of one of the whole quantities. It has a numerator and a denominator.

Answer: 0.25 is written as a fraction as 1/4. Let’s explain:


To convert a decimal number to a fraction, we write the given number as a fraction and put 1 in the denominator just below the decimal point followed by the required number of zeros. Then, this fraction can be simplified as
In this case, there are two numbers 0.25 after the decimal, so we put 100 in the denominator and omit the decimal point.

0.25 = 20/100

After reducing the fraction we get,

(25 ÷ 25) / (100 ÷ 25) = 1/4

You can use the math decimal fraction calculator to verify your answer.

0.25 as a fraction is written as 1/4.

What do you understand by fraction?

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What is a simple fraction?

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