0.3 As a Fraction

Let’s know friends, what is 0.3 as a fraction, what is 0.3 as a fraction? 0.3 is simply written as a fraction as 3/10.

The fraction represents a part of a whole, written as p/q where p and q are integers.

Here we will show you how to convert 0.3 decimal number to fractional and mixed number in simple steps.

To convert 0.3 to a fraction, follow these steps:

First divide the decimal number by 1 and write it as follows


As we know in fraction we have 1 digit after the decimal point. We need to multiply both the numerator and the denominator by 101 = 10, so that there is no decimal point in the numerator.


Therefore, 0.3 as a fraction is 3/10 . Is. Friends, you can check your answer on the calculator.

And the final answer is 3/10

What is a simple fraction?

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What is a fraction, how many types are there?

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What do you understand by fraction?

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