150 General Knowledge

150 General Knowledge questions are asked in many competitive exams and in the subject of general knowledge of different classes. That’s why we have also come up with Quiz on General Knowledge to increase your knowledge with entertainment. GK is such a vast subject in itself, which is increasing in the depth of the unfathomable ocean whose end is not visible. That’s why we have given below answers to some questions of general knowledge and current affairs. So let’s start 150 General Knowledge

General Knowledge Quiz – 150 General Knowledge

best tips to remember 

  • Use Mind Palace Technique – If you remember what you read forever, then you have to remember that topic by relating it to everyday things. Relating to everyday things, remembering a topic, you would have remembered that topic for a long time. 
  • Memorize the topic like a poem, a song or some rhymes – If you want to remember what you read for a long time, you can remember it by singing a song or making rhymes like a poem. 
  • Teach yourself or someone else – Try to explain what you have read to yourself or someone else by standing in front of a mirror. By doing this, your concept will be well understood because it is important for you to understand yourself before explaining. 
  • Keep repeating what you read, repetition is very important, as this will help you to know your recall ability

General Knowledge 2022

  1. Which acid is present in citrus fruits?
    Answer: Citric Acid
  2. What is considered the position of Prime Minister in India? 
    Answer: Executive Head
  3. The Taj Mahal, Bibi Ka Maqbara, Itmad-ud-Daulah are the monuments of what? 
    Answer: dead person
  4. Whose successor was Emperor Ashoka?
    Answer: point by point 
  5. When was the Indian Constitution amended for the first time? 
    Answer: 1950
  6. In which year the Rowlatt Act was enacted?  
    Answer: 1919
  7. Who was called Maharana Pratap ‘Bulbul’?  
    Answer: Your horse 
  8. By what name is boxer Evander Holyfield known?
    Answer: The Real Deal
  9. Where was the port of Indus Valley Civilization? 
    Answer: Lothal
  10. What is Mahavira considered in Jainism?
    Answer: Actual Founder
  1. Which of the following rulers is responsible for the rise of Magadha?
    Answer: Bimbisara
  2. What is the professional Twenty20 cricket league in India called? 
    Answer: IPL
  3. Who is the President of India? 
    Answer: Ram Nath Kovind
  4. Which title was recently awarded to Sachin Tendulkar? 
    Answer: Padma Vibhushan
  5. Where are the headquarters of ISRO? 
    Answer: Bangalore
  6. Which 2 houses are there in the Parliament?
    Answer: Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha 
  7. Which is the smallest state of India?  
    Answer: Goa
  8. Who was the author of Ramayana? 
    Answer: Valmiki
  9. Which city is known as Blue City in India? 
    Answer: Jodhpur
  10. Which note issue system is followed in India? 
    Answer: Minimum Reserve System

Here are 20 Gk questions150 General Knowledge

  • How many languages ​​are there in the Indian Constitution? 
    Answer: 22
  • Which state of India has the largest population? 
    Answer: Arunachal Pradesh
  • What is Milkha Singh called? 
    Answer: Flying Sikh of India
  • Which is the largest state of India?
    Answer: Rajasthan
  • How many states and how many union territories are there in India? 
    Answer: 29 states and 7 union territories
  • Who is the 14th Prime Minister of India? 
    Answer: Narendra Modi 
  • Which caves were built during the Gupta period? 
    Answer: Ajanta Caves
  • Which of the 7 wonders is located in Agra? 
    Answer: Taj Mahal
  • By what other name is Sahyadri known? 
    Answer: The Western Ghats
  • Which is the oldest mountain range in India? 
    Answer: Aravalli Mountains 

Here are 30 Gk questions– ( 150 General Knowledge)

  • Which two cities are called Twin Cities? 
    Answer: Hyderabad and Secunderabad 
  • Who is the father of nation of India? 
    Answer: Mahatma Gandhi
  • Who wrote our national anthem? 
    Answer: Rabindra Nath Tagore
  • Who is known as the Father of the Indian Constitution? 
    Answer: Dr. B.R. ambedkar
  • When is the Republic Day of India celebrated?  
    Answer: 26 January
  • What is the folk dance of Andhra Pradesh? 
    Answer: Kuchipudi
  • Who is the Home Minister of India? 
    Answer: Amit Shah 
  • Who is the Finance Minister of India? 
    Answer: Nirmala Sitharaman
  • Who is the RBI Governor of India? 
    Answer: Shaktikanta Das
  • Which Indian started the magazine ‘Prabuddha Bharat’? 
    Answer: Swami Vivekananda

Here are 40 Gk questions – ( 150 General Knowledge )

  • Who is the education minister of India? 
    Answer: Ramesh Pokhriyal
  • Who is the Defense Minister of India? 
    Answer: Shri Rajnath Singh
  • Who is the Chief Minister of Maharashtra? 
    Answer: Uddhav Thackeray
  • Who is the ruler of Tamil Nadu?  
    Answer: Banwarilal Purohit
  • Which global pandemic is going on in the world since 2020?  
    Answer: Corona virus
  • Who is the founder of Facebook? 
    Answer: Mark Zuckerberg
  • When was the first phone launched in India? 
    Answer: 1995
  • Who is the founder of  Leverage Edu ?
    Answer: Akshay Chaturvedi
  • What is the full form of CA? 
    Answer: Chartered Accountant
  • What is the age of obtaining license in India? 
    Answer: 18 years

Here are 50 Gk questions -( 150 General Knowledge )

Indian History and Culture

  • When was Mahatma Gandhi assassinated?
    Answer 30 January 1948 
  • What is the ancient name by which the city of Patna was known?
    Uttar Pataliputra
  • What was the name of the famous Salt Namak Yatra Satyagraha Yatra of 1930?
    Uttar Dandi Yatra
  • Who among the following is called Frontier Gandhi? 
    Answer: Abdul Ghaffar Khan 

  • Uttar Bankim Chandra  was the author of the song Vande Mataram.
  • Which Indian was the first Governor General of independent India?
    Answer: C. Rajagopalachari
  • Who said first that, “Freedom is my birthright”?
    Answer: Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  • Mohenjodaro is also known by which one of the following names?
    north mount of dead
  • Whose work is ‘Shahnama’?
    North Paradise
  • Who is credited with the establishment of Fatehpur Sikri?
    Answer: Akbar

Indian Polity -(150 General Knowledge)

  • The Rajya Sabha is called a permanent house,
    because it can never be dissolved.
  • Constitution cannot be amended – 
    Answer by referendum
  • When was the national emergency declared for the first time in India?
    Answer 1962
  • When did the Constituent Assembly adopt the Constitution of India? 
    Answer none of these
  • We have taken the concept of our fundamental rights from the constitution of which nation of the world?
    Answer U. s. a.
  • If the office of the President is vacant, then within what period it is necessary to fill it?
    Answer 6 months
  • Which Article of the Indian Constitution gives special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir?
    Answer 370
  • The term of the member of Rajya Sabha is –
    Answer 6 years
  • What does the term ‘Fourth Estate’ refer to? 
    north press
  • Who was the first Vice President of India?
    Answer: Dr. S. radhakrishnan

Geography of India

  •  Which of the following is measured on the Richter scale?  
    strength of north earthquake
  • How are the soils of the northern plains of India generally formed?
    Answer by Talochchan
  • Who is known as the father of white revolution in India?
    Answer: Dr. V. Kurien
  • Where is Ranthambore Cheetah refuge?
    North Rajasthan
  • Which state of India has the highest density of population?
    North Bihar
  • Where did the Brahmaputra river originate? 
    Mount Kailash in northern Tibet from the eastern slope 
  • Which state in India touches most of the state boundaries?
    North Uttar Pradesh
  • Which is the longest railway zone in India?
    North Northern Railway 
  • Which of the following is the highest mountain peak in India?
    Answer K-2
  • India has become self-sufficient in the production of which of the following?
    north iron

Indian Economy

  • The identification mark (symbol) of Indian Rupee is –
    Answer ₹
  • Gresham’s law means-
    Answer: Worse money removes the best money from circulation.
  • Which of the following tax is levied by the Union and collected and appropriated by the States?
    Answer Stamp Duties 
  • How many Indian companies are included in the Forbes-2000 list of 2010?
    Answer 56
  • Bull and Bear are related to which aspect of commerce?
    North Stock Market
  • Which of the following tax is such that does not increase the price?
    Answer: Income Tax
  • Economic liberalization started in India 
    with a real change in the industrial licensing policy
  • NIFTY is related to which of the following?
    Answer from NSE Index
  • According to the report of World Gold Council, which country is the largest importer of gold?
    North India
  • What is meant by ‘Hard Currency’ in the following?
    Answer: Money whose supply is less than the demand 

United Nations organisation

  • The United Nations officially came into existence in 1945 from 8. On which date?
    Answer 24 October
  • Who was the first Secretary General of the United Nations?
    Uttar Trigeveli
  • Which of the following country is the 193rd nation of the United Nations?
    north south sudan
  • Who is the present Secretary General of United Nations Organization?
    Answer Ban Ki – Moon
  • On July 2, 2009, the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has been elected –
    North Yukiya Amano

  • Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on July 5, 2011 – North Christine Lagai
  • UN Women, the new agency of the United Nations to promote equality for women; came into existence from January 1, 2011) has become the first chief of –
    North Michelle Bachelet
  • What is the total number of members of the United Nations Security Council?
    Answer 15
  • The number of judges in the International Court of Justice is –
    Answer 15
  • The year 2011 is being celebrated by the United Nations as which year?
    Answer: Both (A) and (B) above


  1. Who won the title of World Cup hockey tournament held in New Delhi on February-March 2010 by defeating Germany in the final?
    North Australia
  2. Against which country did Sachin Tendulkar score his 51st century in Test cricket in January 2011?
    Answer d. Africa
  3. The famous ‘WADA Code’ in news is related to-
    Answer of Sports
  4. The term ‘Batting Block’ is related to which sport? 
    North Kabaddi
  5. Where will the Olympic Games be held in 2012?
    in north london
  6. How many players are there in Kabaddi game?
    Answer 7
  7. Which of the following awards is given for outstanding performance in sports?
    Answer: Arjuna Award
  8. Roger Federer is a famous player of which of the following sports?
    north tennis
  9. Which Indian shooter got the gold medal in Beijing Olympics in August 2008?
    Answer: Abhinav Bindra 
  10. Pankaj Advani is related to which sport?
    north billiard


  1. Which country gives the Nobel Prize
    Answer USA
  2. Who has been awarded the Mann Booker Prize for the year 2010?
    North Howard Jackson (UK)
  3. The person honored with Padma Shri award 2011 is –
    Answer Joaquin Arputham
  4. Which of the following international awards is given for outstanding contribution in the field of journalism?
    North Pulitzer Prize
  5. When did the Nobel Prizes start?
    Answer: In 1901 AD 
  6. Which Indian film was honored with a special Oscar award?
    Uttar Pather Panchali 
  7. Miss Universe 2010 elected –
    North Jimena Navarrete (Mexico)
  8. In which field Arjuna Awards are given?
    answer game
  9. The first Indian to get the ‘Bharat Ratna’ award was-
    Answer Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
  10. Who has been awarded the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize?
    North Lu Jiabao (China)

20 Current Affairs Science -(150 General Knowledge)

  1. Government of India Launches 06 Technological Innovation Platforms for World Class Competitive Manufacturing
    Ans These platforms will help in bringing all the technical resources and related industries of India on a single platform to identify and crowdsource the technology problems faced by the domestic industry Be easy to do / deal with.
  2. The Central Government launched ‘Self-reliant Agriculture App’ for the
    farmers. Many platforms work in the country to give information related to farming to the farmers, on this app the government has brought all those information in one place.
  3. European Space Agency to launch first disabled astronaut into space The
    European Space Agency has announced its plan to hire and launch the world’s first physically disabled astronaut. Read all the important information in this article.
  4. Gaganyaan mission: ISRO will launch the first unmanned mission in December 2021
    Indian space agency officials said that the ‘Gaganyaan’ program has been “severely affected” due to the impact on the supply of equipment due to the first and second wave of the pandemic.
  5. DRDO tested Agni prime missile, know the specialty
    Agni prime missile has a range of 1000 to 2000 km, but this missile is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.
  6. DRDO successfully tested the upgrade range of
    Pinaka rocket. The special feature of this enhanced version of Pinaka rocket is that it can easily penetrate targets even 45 km away.

  7. Dwarf planet-sized mega-comet UN271 enters our solar system, may cross Saturn by 2031 The other end leads to the Oort Cloud.
  8. 95 percent will be ‘Made in India’ The first three submarines to be built in India
    These submarines will be built by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) in Visakhapatnam. This project is different from the Arihant category project.

  9. Now both India and Britain are fighting together in the war against the corona epidemic developed by sensors to detect Kovid-19 in dirty water . In this sequence, Indian and British scientists developed a sensor that can detect the presence of corona virus in sewage water.
  10. ISRO will support North East development projects through space technology.
    This support will be provided by offering optimum use of satellite imaging and other space technology for better achievement of infrastructure goals in the region.
  11. Micro-animal has survived 24 thousand years in Siberian permafrost
    A micro-animal has reportedly resurfaced after being frozen for 24,000 years in Siberia, Russian scientists have informed on June 07, 2021.
  12. NASA announced plans to launch two new missions to Venus,
    these two missions are called DaVinci+ (short for Deep Atmosphere Venus Investigation of Noble Gases, Chemistry, and Imaging) and Veritas (Venus Emissivity, Radio Science, InSAR, Topography). and an acronym for spectroscopy).
  13. NASA announced to send its first mobile robot to the
    Moon, this mobile robot will search for ice and other resources on and under the surface of the Moon. The purpose of this mission is to find ice and other natural resources inside the surface of the Moon.
  14. China created history, Churong rover reached Mars
    , this Chinese lander weighs 5 tons. This lander is equipped with many types of scientific instruments. Scientists expect that it can remain active for three months.
  15. The Indian variant of the corona virus has spread to 44 countries: WHO
    According to WHO, the United Kingdom has reported the most cases of infection from this variant outside India. This new variant of India has been scientifically named as B.1.617
  16. DCGI approves DRDO manufactured anti-COVID drug for emergency use
    This drug manufactured by DRDO has been approved as adjuvant therapy in moderate to severe cases of Kovid-19.
  17. China named its first Mars rover ‘Zhurong’.
    This rover is currently located on China’s Mars Probe Tianwen-1, which entered Mars orbit on 24 February and it was red in May to find evidence of life. will land on the planet.
  18. NASA made breathable oxygen
    on Mars The toaster-sized Moxi instrument produced 5 grams of oxygen, making this unprecedented discovery by the Perseverance rover, which reached Mars on February 18 after a seven-month journey from Earth.
  19. NASA’s ‘Ingenuity’ completed the first powered flight on Mars
    Ingenuity hovered in the air at a height of 10 feet on Mars for about 39.1 seconds.
  20. Russia will return to the Moon after 45 years, Luna may be launched on 25 October 2021
    The last spacecraft ‘Luna 24’ was launched by the Soviet Union in August, 1976.
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