32 as a fraction

Today we are going to tell what is 32 in the form of a fraction Do you want to know how the decimal number 32 is written as a fractions?
Here we’ll show you step-by-step how to convert 32 so that you can write it as a fractions.
You can take any number, such as 32, and write 1 as the denominator to make it a fractions and keep that value:
To get rid of the decimal point in the fractions, we count the numbers after the decimal to 32, and multiply the numerator and denominator by 10 if the number is 1, 100 if it is 2, 1000 if it is 3. The numbers are up, and soon.
So, in this case we multiply the numerator and denominator by 1 to get the following fraction:

We need to divide the numerator and denominator by the greatest common denominator to simplify the fraction.
The greatest common divisor of 32 and 1 is 1. When we divide the numerator and denominator by 1, we get the following:

Therefore, 32 is a fraction as follows: 32 / 1

how to convert 32 percent to fraction

Before continuing, note that as in the 45 percent fraction in the problem, “percentage” means “per 100” or “more than 100.” Therefore, 32 percent is the same as 32 over 100 or 32/100.

To convert 32 percent to a fraction, you follow these steps:

Write the percentage divided by 100 without the % sign.

If the percentage is not a whole number, multiply both the numerator and the denominator by 10^n (where n is the number of digits after the decimal point)

simplify the fraction

Using the steps above, here’s the math showing you how to convert 32 percent to a fraction.

= 32%

= 32/100

You can simplify this fraction:
Find the greatest common factor of 32 and 100
gcf(32,100) = 4

32 4
100 4
Therefore, the fraction form of 32 percent is: