5/8 As a Decimal

Let us know what is 5/8 in the form of a decimal. Fraction and decimal are two ways of representing the same number, a decimal number can be defined as a number whose whole number part and fractional part are separated by a decimal point. A fraction is represented as a numerical value that is defined as a part of a whole such as –


To find the decimal value of a given fraction, divide the numerator of the fraction by the denominator of the fraction. In this case, we need to divide 5 by 8.

5/8 As a Decimal

Our answer of 5 / 8 = 0.625. answer to

Thus, we can say that 5/8 as a decimal = 0.625

You can also verify your answer using a calculator.

What is the decimal form of 2 over 11?

So 2/11 is a non-terminating period.
Dividing 329 by 400 gives 0.8225 and the remainder is zero.

How to write in decimal form?

Fractions with denominators 10, 100, etc. can be written in a special form using the decimal point. In this form they are called decimal numbers. The place immediately after the decimal point (i.e. the tenth place) has a place value, the next to it (i.e. the hundredth place) has a place value of -, and so on.

How many types of decimals are there?

Decimal fractions are those fractions whose denominator is 10 or 10n, where n is a positive integer. For example, 8/10, 83/100, 83/1000, and 8/10000 are decimal fractions written as 0.8, 0.83, 0.083, and 0.0008, respectively.

What is 5 over 4 when?

Question: What type of fraction is 5/4? 1. Proper Fraction: – When the numerator of a fraction is less than its denominator, then it is called a proper fraction.

What happens when you convert 0.5 to a fraction?

Since the given number 0.5 has a digit on the right side after the decimal, it is divided by 10 to remove the decimal.