A Cricket Match Essay

Let us know about A Cricket Match Essay. Essay on Cricket Match, sports have been prevalent in every era in the world. In ancient times, games were considered as the work of children and adolescents, now this notion has changed. Today people of all ages take interest in sports. There are many sports prevalent in the world. Cricket is the most popular sport among them.

Essay on Cricket Match

Introduction to Cricket

The game of cricket requires two bats, one ball and six wickets. Special types of gloves, pads etc. are used to protect the batsmen from the hard ball of cricket.

Each team consists of eleven players and each team has a captain. Umpires are needed when there is a cricket match. The job of an umpire is like a decider.

eye saw match

I love watching cricket matches, but I am very scared of playing cricket. I do not participate in the game of cricket just thinking about when a hard ball like a cricket stone breaks the bone rib. Yes, I do go to watch matches when I get the chance.

Now the cricket match is telecast on Doordarshan and people leave their work and stick to the TV set. No one sees how much national time is lost in this way. At present, ‘match-fixing’ has put a question mark on this game. In my view, its telecast on Doordarshan should be stopped.


That day the team of Lal Bahadur Shastri Inter College was against our school in our school grounds. Students of both the schools were present in the field. The teachers were also with him. First the captains of both the teams went ahead and they shook hands.

Our school team won the toss and • decided to bat. The match started. Rajesh scored a full century. The players played the game with perseverance and enthusiasm and our team scored 280 runs.

Now the team of Lal Bahadur Shastri Inter College entered the field. The game started. Mahendra and Suresh did the opening. The bowlers of our team kept trying their best to get him out, but nothing was working for him. The score was rising fast.

the end

Suddenly a magic happened. The ball moved quickly towards the wicket. Mahendra picked up the bat to beat him but the ball hit the wicket. Mahendra was stunned. He could not understand how this happened.

After this the players kept coming one by one and increasing the run-number of their team. When the last player got out, his total run count was 200. The match was over and our team was declared the winner.


At the end of the match, the MLA of the area presented the prizes to the players. Our school team got the award for the winning team. Rajesh received the ‘Man of the Match’ award. Apart from this, incentive prizes were given to all. In the end refreshments were served to the guests and the players. Thus the whole day was spent with joy.

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