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Let us know about AM PM Full Form. Time means time is considered the most precious thing in the world. To see the time, we have only one means of watch i.e. watch. But there are also many types of watches. Some watches are hung on the wall, some are meant to be worn in the hands and now is the age of mobile, so watches have also become digital. Most of the people watch time in mobile.

If you have seen the time in mobile, then you must have noticed that we often get to see the two terms AM and PM. But many people do not know anything about these two terms. And they start thinking that what is the meaning of AM and PM in time? In today’s article, I am going to tell you about these two terms AM and PM.

What is the full form of AM?:

The full form of AM is “ANTE MERIDIEN”. AM is a Latin term used in the 12-hour clock system before noon. It is a unit of time standard and is related to the 12-hour clock. The 12-hour system divides the time cycle of a day into two parts. AM or ANTE MERIDIEN represents the first period. AM or am full form Ante Meridiem describes from midnight to noon.

What is the full form of PM?:

The full form of PM is “Post Meridiem”. PM refers to the period after noon. It is another unit of time that is related to the 12-hour clock. The system period of a 12-hour clock is divided into two equal periods. PM or POST MERIDIEN denotes the second period. The full form of PM or PM POST MERIDIEN refers to the time from noon to midnight.

What do AM and PM mean?

Both these words AM and PM are mainly taken from Latin language. We use both these words to find out the time in the watch or mobile. They are mainly used for the 12-hour time format.

Whereas it is not used in the 24-hour format. Because it shows time from 1 to 24 hours. Apart from this, in the 12-hour format, one to twelve rings twice in 24 hours. In this, AM and PM are used to identify the time before and after noon. Both these words are considered important words.

Use of AM & PM

Anti Meridiem and Post Meridiem are mainly used to find the time in the format of 12 Hours.

As- Anti Meridiem means AM starts before noon i.e. from 12 o’clock in the night to 12 noon.

And Post Meridiem means PM starts after noon i.e. from 12 noon to 12 noon.

For example,

10:00 AM – Ten in the morning

10:00 PM – 10 PM

When is AM? ,

The time between 12:00 in the night to 12:00 in the afternoon is called AM. 

When is PM? ,

The time between 12:00 in the afternoon to 12:00 in the night is called PM.

What do AM and PM mean?

We all know that there are 24 hours in a day. Here in the clock from 12 o’clock in the night to 12 noon there is am (ANTE MERIDIEN) and from 12 in the afternoon to 12 in the night there is pm (POST MERIDIEN).

Is it AM or PM when the clock strikes 12?

Generally 12 o’clock in the night is called am and 12 noon is called pm, but it is correct to say midnight at 12 o’clock and noon at 12 noon.

What happens in the afternoon?

From 12 o’clock in the night to 12 noon = AM

12 noon to 12 noon = noon

Why AM and PM are used :-

We use am and pm for our ease, with the help of this we can easily understand the time. For example, if one of your friends told you that we will meet you tomorrow at 7:00, then you will keep thinking that he spoke at 7:00 in the evening or at 7:00 in the morning. 

To reduce such confusion and for your ease, am and pm are used. When someone tells us that we will meet tomorrow at 7pm, then we easily understand that we have to meet at 7 pm because he has said 7pm. 

For our convenience, the time was divided into two parts, am and pm, so that we can easily understand the time.

History of AM and PM 

The invention of the clock proved to be very useful for us humans because before the invention of the clock, we had to take the help of the position of the sun and moon to know the time. That is, time was seen through the position of the sun in the day and the position of the moon and stars in the night. 

The Egyptians are believed to have divided a day into 24 equal parts using a base of 12. Accordingly, we can say that the 12-hour system was first used by the people of Egypt. After that, as time went on, then new technologies were discovered to see the time, among them digital clock is also one which is used to see the time in today’s world. 

The 12 hours system and 24 hours system are used to see the time. When you set the time in your mobile or computer , you must have seen that there are two options, one is 12 hours format and the other is 24 hours format. Only am and pm are used in 12 hours format. 

So friends, now you must have come to know about AM and PM very well. Here you know AM means AM (time before noon) and PM means midday (time after noon or evening time). I hope that after reading this article, the dilemma that you had in your mind regarding AM and PM would have been cleared.

AM and PM full form: Conclusion

In this article I have tried to give you all the important information of AM and PM lik, why AM and PM are used , Use of AM & PM etc.

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