ANM Full Form

Let’s know about the ANM Full Form. Sometimes we get tremendously confused about short form. In such a situation, we find various options to know its flower form. Then only we get information about its full form. But does our knowledge get complete just by knowing the full form? So tell me it is not like that at all. Today we will share with you much interesting information related to ANM and GNM which will prove to be very effective and helpful for you. Somewhere you will be a little familiar with the words ANM and GNM because both these words are used mostly in the line of medicine. It sums up a course or a nurse course. So let’s know what is ANM and GNM Full Form.

ANM And GNM Full Form

The full form of ANM is Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery in English. In Hindi, it means Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery. This is an auxiliary course. This course is of 1 to 4 years duration.

On the other hand, the full form of GNM in English is “General Nursing Midwifery”. Its full form in Hindi is “General Nursing Midwifery”.

What is ANM? In what context is this used?

Basically, Auxiliary Nursing is a midwifery course. It is a kind of diploma course that focuses on the study of health care of different individuals. Under this, you are also taught how to take care of the equipment. Such as the establishment of the operation theater, feeding the patient from time to time and preparing the record, etc.

Under the ANM curriculum, students are trained and qualified to work as basic health workers. The main goal of the ANM course is to provide effective treatment to children, women, and older people. This course is a special status course for Nursing.

What is GNM? Understand about GNM

GNM is referred to as General Nursing Midwifery. Which is associated with the education of nurses in general health care, nursing, and midwifery. Like ANM, GNM is also a Diploma course in Nursing.

The General Nursing and Midwifery course is of 3 years duration, in which you must also have an internship of 6 months. To take admission to this course, it is mandatory for the student to pass 12th with Biology subjects.

Importance of Course in GNM and ANM

 To get admission in both GNM and ANM courses, the student should have passed 12th with Biology subject. This course is specially done by girl students. After completing this course, you give duty in government to private hospitals as a successful nurse.

After completing this course, people get very high-status jobs in developed countries. People in America, Australia, and Europe do this course in large numbers.

On the other hand, South Indian women give special importance to this course. They have great chances of getting jobs in big hospital old age care centers in India.

Estimated salary after completing GNM and ANM course

The average salary of a fresher nurse in India is 3 to 4 lakhs per annum. At the same time, the salary of a Highly Experience Nurse is 4 to 10 lakh rupees per year. In some western countries like England, America, and Australia, the salary is many times higher.

Student’s educational qualification for pursuing ANM, GNM course

To do the GNM course, a student must have passed 10+2. That too in 12th it is necessary to have Physics, Chemistry subjects as well as Biology subject. Students are considered eligible to apply for ANM courses after passing 10th or 10th or 10+2 from the science or arts stream.

While some colleges and educational institutions also conduct entrance exams to provide admission, in some other colleges, students get admission on the basis of marks obtained in 12th and interview marks.

Special Features for ANM and GNM Courses

If you are planning to take admission to an ANM or GNM course, then you should know a few things about it before enrolling.

The student needs to be strong not only physically but also mentally for this course, as he has to take care of the patients even when they are seriously ill.

Sometimes it is very important to show empathy with the patients because the patients are seriously ill. In such a situation, it is very important for you to be emotionally strong.

Almost all the instructions and important information related to this have been provided on the website of the Indian Nursing Council.

The same students who have done 12th from Open University are also considered eligible to fill out this form.

Job Opportunity after doing ANM and GNM course

After doing both these courses, it is mandatory for the student to register with Nursing Counseling. After getting the registration done, you can either do a job or you can apply for Bachelor’s and Master’s courses as further studies.

There are courses from Master’s to Ph.D. level in the field of Nursing. After completing the master’s and HD courses, the student can do a job as a teacher or principal in a college.

In fact, to strengthen the health infrastructure in rural areas in a developing country like India, there is a great need to promote courses like ANM, and GNM. With this, not only the women of rural areas will be health conscious but untimely child death and birth death will also be curbed. Apart from this, health-related facilities will also be available to everyone continuously. This ANM course is also very effective for the empowerment of women. Helps to make them self-reliant.

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