Army Day

Every year on 15 January, Army Day is celebrated in India with full enthusiasm. It was started by Lieutenant General of India K.M. Cariappa, who was the first Chief General of India. It is celebrated every year in the national capital and all military control headquarters by organizing military parades, including several other military exhibitions.

army day 2021

Army Day was celebrated on 15 January 2021, Friday. It was celebrated as the 73rd Indian military Day in the national capital Delhi.

Army Day 2019 Special

Like every year, this year also, on 15 January, the occasion of military Day has been celebrated with great pomp. On this special day, many military programs were organized in different places of the country including New Delhi. On the occasion of military Day, PM Narendra Modi and President Ram Nath Kovind saluted the Indian Army for their valor and indomitable courage. On the occasion of military Day, various programs were organized in different Sainik Schools and Kendriya Vidyalayas of the country. Along with this, various types of rallies and programs were organized by various institutions to boost the morale of the army.

blankets distributed on army day

A unique example was set by BS Memorial Public School Nithari and Sadbhavna Seva Sansthan in Noida, Uttar Pradesh on the occasion of military Day. During this, giving the message of unity of all religions, blankets were distributed among the underprivileged children. The President of the Institute, Anil Singh said that soldiers of every religion rise above caste and religion in the military and give their lives for the defense of the country, so we should respect them and salute their spirit. Take inspiration from nationalism.

The 71st Army Day was celebrated with great pomp on 15 January 2019 at the Dogra Regimental Centre. This glorious day of the Indian military was celebrated with great pomp at the Dogra Regimental Center in the presence of the Chief Guest and Acting Station Commander Col Adit. During this, Colonel Adit, along with the children of Army School and Kendriya Vidyalaya in Ayodhya, paid homage to the brave martyrs while paying homage at the war memorial.

On the occasion of Army Day, the Vice President saluted the soldiers

On the occasion of military Day, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu on Tuesday thanked the soldiers while saluting them. Along with this, he said that it is the responsibility of all of us that we should try our best to maintain the morale and honor of the military. On the occasion of military Day, the Vice President tweeted, “On the occasion of military Day, I salute the bravery and loyalty of our Army’s brave officers, soldiers, ex-servicemen and their families. This country of India will always be indebted to you for your indomitable courage and bravery in war and peace.

Why is Army Day celebrated?

It is celebrated to pay tribute and salute to the brave and brave Indian soldiers of the country who sacrificed their lives to protect the country. Indian soldier General Kodandera Madappa Cariappa succeeded British soldier General Roy Butcher and became the first Chief General of independent India.

Along with natural calamities, Indian soldiers are always ready to fight in difficult times on the Indian borders as well as courageously face all the difficulties and challenges that come in their way to protect the country and the people.

army day celebration

Indian soldiers play a big and great role during disaster situation in the country as they work as a war winning team and are dedicated to the country. It was decided to observe this day as Army Day in India to begin paying tribute to the soldiers of the Indian military who were sacrificed at the “Amar Jawan Jyoti” at the India Gate in New Delhi.

The tribute is followed by an excellent parade, including military exhibitions, to indicate new technology and achievements in the Indian military. On this great occasion, bravery award along with Unit Identity Card and Sena Medal are given.

Army Day celebrations in Jammu and Kashmir receive gallantry and famous service awards (Sena Medal, Vishisht Seva Medal) for serving in the military. This day is celebrated to remember the courageous and fearless Indian soldiers who laid down their lives while protecting the nation.

army day parade

Army Day Parade is presented by Indian Army personnel (Indian Army Bands) during Army Day celebrations which includes BLT T-72, T-90 Tank, Brahmos Missile, Carrier Mortar Tracked Vehicle, 155mm Soltum Gun, Army Aviation Team Advanced Light Helicopter etc.

Soldiers in the Indian Army take an oath to maintain their service and keep the nation safe and face any enemy, be it domestic or external.