Shear Stress

Shear Stress

Shear stress , often denoted by ( Greek : tau ), is the component of the coplanar stress along a material’s cross-section. It arises from the shear force , the component of the force vector parallel to the material cross-section . Normal stress , on the other hand, is from the force vector component perpendicular …

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Unbalanced Force

Unbalanced Force

The force required to change the state of motion of an object is called unbalanced force. When two or more forces of unequal magnitude act on an object, it changes the position of the object which is an example of unbalanced forces. There are many examples of unbalanced forces around us that we see and experience in …

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How the flame sensor works

How the Flame Sensor Works

There is a very confusing topic in this article which is “How flame sensor works” and every fact related to how flame sensor works has been discussed so briefly that we can easily understand about the working of flame sensor. can. The flame sensor works as a detection device for a device that is sensitive …

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Plate and frame heat exchanger diagram:

Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger

“Plate and frame heat exchangers” are used for various purposes in the industrial sector. The temperature and heat transfer inside the plate and frame heat exchanger always move from high to low. Heat exchangers are widely used in the industrial sector, plate and frame heat exchangers are one of them. Plate and frame heat exchanger uses metal …

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Is color a physical property

Is Color a Physical Property

The physical properties of a substance actually help you describe the nature and state of matter. Color is one of the nature of matter, so is color a physical property? Color is a property of a substance. Rather it is perceived as a sensation. In most cases, the color of the substance does not react with the other …

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Light Dependent Reaction

Light Dependent Reaction

Photosynthesis is a specific mechanism in which photosynthetic organisms prepare their own food for survival. They undergo complex processes and one of them is the light dependent reaction. In this article, we will look at the light-dependent response examples of systemic reactions involved in relation to living beings. Before entering into the process we need to know, what is …

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Mechanical energy to electrical energy

Mechanical Energy to Electrical Energy

Energy conversion techniques are a boon to civilization. This article discusses in depth how to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Most devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy have an electric motor that is driven by the interaction of the motor’s magnetic field with an electric current passing through a wire. This interaction produces a …

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What is Geometry of Ch3+

What is the geometry of ch3+? The :CH3 molecule maintains this triangular pyramidal geometry, with three bond pairs and a lone pair around the C atom. What is the molecular geometry of CH3? It is triangular pyramidal and sp3 hybridised. Is CH3 a triangular planar? CH3 (methyl free radical) has a planar structure with sp2 hybridization of the …

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What is Light Energy

What is Light Energy

Let us know today what is Light Energy What is light energy? Light Energy Definition: Light is the only energy form visible to the human eye, light energy can be defined in two ways: Light is made up of massive energy packets known as photons. Photons are energy packets that carry a certain amount of light …

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