Autumn Season Essay

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Autumn Season Essay (250 words)

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The coldest season of the year is in the autumn months which starts in the month of December. This season starts from December and lasts till the month of March. Almost all parts of the country are cold during this season. The temperature is quite cold during the autumn time. Due to this season the temperature around us becomes very low. In this cold season, the mountains of northern India are covered with snow, which looks quite beautiful.

autumn time 

The time of this coldest season of the year starts in the month of December which continues till the month of March. In some parts of the country, especially in northern India, it continues before time i.e. before December and after March.

importance of autumn

Autumn is of great importance. In this season farmers sow new crops in their fields. It is the most important season in the whole of India which starts with the time of Makar Sankranti which ends on the spring equinox. Although this autumn season proves to be a bit bad for the trees, during this season the leaves of the tree break and fall on the ground.


In this season starting from the month of December, there is a cold wind blowing along with it, there are whirlpools on the flowers and ants on the ground which are quite beautiful.

Autumn Season Essay (600 words)


There are 4 seasons in the year, out of which the coldest season is autumn. This season comes after the Hemant season. The time of this season is considered to be the month of December. People like to wear warm clothes in this season. In this season, eating hot things becomes a habit of the people.

Drinking tea with pakoras is considered quite common in this season and season. From the beginning of autumn there is a continuous drop in cold. The most important festival in this autumn is Diwali , which we call the festival of brightness.

autumn routine

In this season, at different places in all parts of the country, changes in climate and temperature are also seen, which gives a very pleasant feeling. In this season everyone wears warm clothes and eat hot food, In this season people try to get up late in the morning and sleep late in the evening.

People go to places like Kullu and Manali to enjoy the weather in this season and enjoy the weather and the beautiful valleys there.

natural scenery during winter

In this season of autumn, the mountainous areas start looking very beautiful, the snow on the mountains is also very beautiful and attractive and it looks very beautiful like a natural scene, In this season, when the sun rises in the morning, the atmosphere at that time is quite pleasant. In winter, the morning weather is pure and in the winter season people also like to walk in the sun in the morning.

Green vegetables, flowers and fruits

The winter season has a special significance of its own. Crops like wheat are sown at the beginning of this season. Vegetables are plentiful in autumn, in this season there are plenty of vegetables.

Many healthy vegetables like fenugreek, carrot, peas, brinjal, cabbage, coriander, radish etc. are easily available in this season during the autumn season. Autumn flowers of different colors are also produced and the atmosphere is also very fragrant.

autumn festival

The way autumn is famous for cold, in the same way it is also famous for our culture, many festivals come in this season which we celebrate with great pomp. Dussehra, Navratri and Deepawali are famous among these festivals. 

characteristic of autumn

If we compare the winter season with other seasons, then we get to see a lot of changes in it. In this season the nights are long and the days are short. It is very cold at night and a little cold during the day. Snowfall is common in many parts of North India during this season, while cold winds also blow in this season.

Dense fog in the morning in autumn and light haze during the day are also the main features of this season. The temperature of autumn also comes down to a very low level, while in many parts of India, this temperature goes down to minus.


The beginning of autumn is considered from the month of November. In this season, nature also shows its beauty, which is mainly seen in parts of North India. The coldest day of the year is in this season.

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