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BC full form : The life of today’s generation is being spent in a lot of amenities. Every day some inventions keep happening. Due to which the life of the people has become very comfortable. And who does not want to live a life of convenience. But have you ever thought that our ancestors yearned to get these comforts.

If you do not believe, then you look back four to five pages of history. You will know very well. It took them a long time to even find the fire. But have you noticed one thing while studying history that whenever you have come across any historical event, the term BC is definitely used there. What kind of logic is that. Let us know through this article.

Broadly speaking, you must have heard something about bc during schooling. This term is actually always used mainly to denote the date in the past or rather in the past tense clause. But the BC word is used in another way. And in this sense the word bc is being used on social media itself.

That is, the word bc is used in two ways and in both these forms its full form. So in today’s article I am going to tell you BC full form.

BC Full Form:

Because I have already told you that BC word is used in two ways. The first is in the sense of time and the second is in the sense of abuse. Most of the bc is used in abusing on social media.

First of all we know the meaning of BC in the sense of time,

The full form of BC in English is ” Before Christ”. As you will also know that Jesus Christ who has been the originator of Christianity. Because of this, the time before the time of his birth is called BC.

The suggestion of the name BC was introduced through Dionysius. From this time, the time before the birth of Jesus Christ came to be called BCE. Additionally, let us tell you that BC is actually also called BSE. In such a situation, people sometimes get confused, so let’s also know the full form of BSE.

BSE stands for BEFORE COMMON ERA in English language. The same BSE and BC are counted as an interquartile sequence. You will find it a little interesting to know that the time of BC always runs in reverse order. Those who are aware of history should know that BC started from the first day of 100 BC and ended on the last day of 1 BC.

Actually the time of birth of Jesus Christ is known as AD. Now you must be thinking that what is the full form of AD. Its full form is ANNO DOMINI.

At the same time, people have often become accustomed to writing in short form on social media. But there are many such people in them who do not have any specific information about it, here it means BEFORE COMMON ERA in English, but nowadays people do not understand the full form of this term and understand something else which is actually an abuse.

BC Full Form To Abuse

You must have seen that on social media bc word is used a lot during chatting with someone or to comment on someone. Actually it is a curse. Here the full form of BC is “sister f***” which is an indecent and bad abuse. However, some people in the circle of friends consider it a common thing and keep using this word in talks.

Current difference between AD and BC

As you have been told above, BC,

BC (BEFORE CHRIST) means the time before the birth of Jesus Christ and AD (ANNO DOMINI) means the time believed to be after the birth of Jesus Christ.

Additionally, let us tell you that AD is also known as CE (COMMON ERA). So next time you do not need to be confused about it. Historians count the years in AD and CE in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. The same is counted in BC and BSE vice versa.

There is a trend to count AD in ascending order from the year of the birth of Jesus Christ. And historians have been counting BC in ascending order from the year of the birth of Jesus Christ. During this, you must understand that the time of AD always runs in straight order, the same is the rule of BC always running in reverse order. As AD is written as AD 2019 in the form of time, BC is written as 365BC.

At present, the traditional AD/BC has been officially replaced by CE/BCE in most countries and educational institutions. For example, Wales and England introduced CE/BCE into their official school curriculum in 2002. Australia followed suit in 2011. Additionally, in the United States, most history tests and textbooks use CE/BCE. just started to use

Brief History of BC

Both BC and AD are actually related terms to each other. As already told you that AD is also in trend to be called CE. The original purpose of the AD, BC dating system was to make the birth of Jesus Christ the cornerstone of the division of world history.

In short, the time of BC is used to indicate the time since the birth of Jesus Christ, while the time of AD represents the time after the birth of Jesus Christ in reality. You will find it very interesting to know that but in the language AD is known as “Year of God”.

BC full form: Conclusion

In this way you learned about the full form of BC in this article. Being a competitive student you must be aware of its full form. It becomes very easy for us to know about the ancient history of India.

In this article I have tried to give you all the important information of BC like,  BC full form, full form and meaning of BC on social media, BC full form related to time  etc.

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