BDO full form

BDO Full Form: There is a different image of government job in our society. BDO is one of the highest post of government offices. BDO is a very popular post. How many students aspire to become BDO? For which someone is preparing in the corner of a room of his house, away from home, in a big city with great noise, so that he can become a BDO one day. BDO is such a POST, which if you get it, you can improve the society. 

In this article, I will try to give you complete information about BDO like, what is the full form of BDO?, How are BDO formed? Who is BDO? What is the work of  BDO? What facilities are available to BDO? 


  • B- BLOCK 

The full form of BDO is “ BLOCK DEVELOPMENT OFFICER ”, which we call “ Block Development Officer ”.

A BDO is the biggest officer of any block who does all the necessary work for the development of that block. Simply put, a BDO is the owner of any block.

How are BDOs formed?

NOTE- We can become BDO in three ways.

  1. As we know that the government issues information sheets for various posts. For which various qualifications are required. Some students go from 10th, some from 12th and some from graduation. Everyone gets a position according to their qualifications, and they are promoted year after year. Due to which if they join the department at a young age and do good work with all their heart, then they get promoted – they become BDO one day.
  2. I mentioned in the above paragraph that different posts require different qualifications, and people get appointed for different posts. But some people are not satisfied with their position and they want advancement in their post, but promotion happens only once in four-five years. It takes a long time to get promoted in 4-5 years, to reach the post of BDO. Sometimes employees become BDO one or two years before their retirement, but for those employees who aspire to become BDO within five-six years from the beginning, there is an internal examination by the government in the department, which is conducted every year. is held. With the help of this internal examination, there is a significant increase in the posts of employees every year, and they also become BDO.
  3. Those who are preparing for BDO must have heard the name of State PCS . STATE PCS is the exam through which aspirants become direct BDO. State PCS is a very tough exam and its competition is also very high. Out of the form fills, only 1% of the aspirants clear this exam completely and come in the merit list.

What is State PCS? its full form

Full form of State PCS:-





The full form of State PCS is “State Provincial Civil Service” , which we call “State Provincial Civil Service”.

 Eligibility to become a BDO

Any aspirat can fill the form of State PCS, who is graduate. 

Note- Candidates should be graduate from any subject.  

AGE Limit of State PCS

General Female2240
BDO full form

State PCS Exam type

STATE PCS exam is conducted in three phases.

  1. PT  means personality test. There are total 150 questions in PT and they are of 150 marks. All questions are objective type.


  • general Science
  • India’s development
  • National and International Importance and Events
  • History of Bihar and Indian History
  • Bihar’s economy changed after independence
  • Republic of India
  • Indian National Movement and Role of Bihar
  • reasoning
  • Nature of Nationalism in India
  • Geography
  • Geography and History of Bihar
  • Role of Bihar in Indian National Movement
  • Questions are asked from topics like Indian politics and economy etc. 
  1. Mains- happens after passing the pt’s exam in mains. It consists of subjective type questions. Mains is of total 900 marks.
General No-11003 Hours
General Studies Paper 13003 Hours
General Studies Paper 23003 Hours
Optional Paper3003 Hours
BDO full form
  1. Interview- Interview takes place after clearing the mains. Which is of total 200 marks. Interview lasts for 2 hours, in which oral questions are asked from the candidate.

Note – After passing these three exams, a merit list is prepared and the joining is done according to the names in the merit list. The higher the marks, the better the post he gets. In which BDO is also posted and students become BDO by bringing good rank.

What is the work of BDO?

  • The BDO looks after all the work being done in the Gram Panchayat.
  • Monitoring of works.
  • To take strict action on the illegal works being done in the Gram Panchayat.
  • The BDO also does the work of checking all the documents given by the Panchayat Samiti and signing it.
  • To complete the works of Panchayat on time.
  • Preparation of budget for Gram Panchayat.

What facilities are available to BDO?

  • A good accommodation to stay. Which is very big.
  • Car to go to office as well as a driver 
  • Police Protection (BDO is also given police protection, so that there is no accident)
  • housekeeper
  • a good salary package 

Note- The annual salary of a BDO is 2,66,400 to 4,000,00 which increases every year.

BDO full form: Conclusion

BDO is a very responsible post, in which a lot of work has to be done. But when you do a good deed for someone and you get respect in return, then you feel very proud of yourself.

Hope you like this information, in this we have tried to give you complete information about BDO like what is the full form of BDO? How are BDOs formed? What is the salary of BDO? And what facilities are given to BDO, you have given all the information.

Friends, BDOs get many facilities, but in India apart from the level of the country, there is a lot of respect in the society, in any block or in the village, panchayat etc., because they contribute a lot to the country and social welfare.

If you also have a dream that you become a BDO (Block Development Officer) and serve the country or society, correct all the systems in any block of the district, give support for human development, then you will have to work hard for this. You should know that the State Public Service Commission exam given to become a BDO is very difficult, so you have to prepare very well, then you can expect good marks. Friends, our best wishes are with you.

In the end, I would like to wish you that if you liked the information about BDO full form, how to become BDO, salary, qualification etc. and you got to learn something from this article, then share it on social media. Must do so that other people can also know BDO full form.