CAA Full Form

CAA is a term that has created a lot of ruckus across the country. Displeasure was expressed by people everywhere. Many people were opposing it, while there were many people who were supporting CAA. Do you know what is the full form of CAAwhy it has been implemented in India, what is the purpose of CAA etc.? Time has passed since CAA has been implemented in the country. Therefore, in today’s article, I am going to give you complete information about CAA.

CAA is such a law under which Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Parsi, Jain and Buddhist scholars who have fled due to persecution from neighboring countries will be able to get citizenship of India. Many people have little knowledge, they think that under this law the citizenship of the people will be taken away, while the truth is completely opposite. Let us now understand about CAA in detail-

CAA Full Form: What is the full form of CAA?

We know CAA in short and we call CAA from the point of view of our convenience. which is related to any law. That’s all people know. There is no harm in having little knowledge, but what do you consider wise to protest despite having incomplete information? This is absolutely wrong.

 So let’s know about the full form of CAA, the full form of CAA is Citizenship Amendment Act, its full form in English is as follows-

  • C-Citizenship
  • A-Amendment
  • A-Act

That is, in this way the full form of CAA is Citizenship Amendment Act.

Intelligent friends, by now you must have understood what is its full form of English. This was CAB before it was passed in Parliament. Now you must be wondering what will be the full form of this, so let us tell you that the full form of this is Citizenship Amendment Bill. But after getting the President’s assent, this bill came to be known among common citizens as Citizen Amendment Act ie CAA.

What is CAA and CAB?

CAA, CAB both come under one law, in which only the bill has been changed in the form of APT. Bill is called Bill in language. He wants the Act to be known as the Act.

The President has also passed this bill after CAB i.e. Citizen Amendment Bill gets majority in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha, and at present this act has become, it is currently known as CAA by common citizens.

With the advent of the Citizenship Amendment Act, there has been unrest in the entire country. Let us tell you that the Citizenship Amendment Act was passed in the Indian Parliament on 11 December 2019.

The same bill was given the green signal by the President on 12 December, with the passage of the CAA, different parts of the country expressed displeasure. In which violent protests were held in many places including North-East, West Bengal and Delhi.

 The protesters had half-incomplete information behind the demonstration, according to them, the passage of this law will take away their Indian citizenship. While the government has clearly said many times that this law is for granting citizenship, is it not? Designed to take away citizenship of

The reality is, the people of our country still lack awareness. He sticks to the protest without knowing it. this also happened

 It just so happened that someone said that the crow took away the ear, so we start looking in the sky, and not pay attention to our ear. That is to say that we should not protest without knowing it, maybe. The Citizenship Amendment Act has been made for your interest and security.

CAA made to give citizenship to refugees

CAA i.e. Citizenship Amendment Rules Act 2019 entitles minorities from three neighboring countries, including Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, to grant Indian citizenship, who have taken refuge in India for a long time. Through this law, there is no mention of taking away the citizenship of any Indian citizen, irrespective of religion, in this provision. There is no threat to the citizenship of Indian Muslims or people of any religion and community from this law.

CAA, the Indian Citizen Act argues for whose interest.

CAA is basically a mere amendment of the Citizen of India Act 1955. This amendment has been done before December 2019 at around 5. If this act is amended sequentially, it has been done in 1986, 1942, 2003, 2005 and 2015. The word religion was not used anywhere in all these amendments.

Arguments to define equality in Article 14. The same Article 15 provides for non-discrimination on the basis of religion, race, caste, sex, and place of birth. Referring to the provision of Article 11 of the Constitution, according to this, the Indian Parliament does not have the right to make citizenship law. According to this article, the Indian Parliament has full power to make laws related to granting or abolishing citizenship to anyone.

The real reason for CAA protests and demonstrations

Under this amendment i.e. Citizenship Amendment Act, it has been made to provide Indian citizenship to Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Jain Buddhist and Parsi refugees. With this, the people of the Muslim community residing in India will not face any kind of problem.

Now you must be thinking that when the law has been made keeping in mind the interest of everyone, then why are people jumping so much, does the image of the country not get spoiled by the demonstration and violence even abroad. So let us tell you that this is just an illusion of the people and some people are spreading this illusion that this law has not been made keeping in mind the interest of Muslims.

While this is not the case at all, Indian Muslims are being misled by some and taking them down the wrong path. He is creating the illusion that his citizenship will be in danger once the law comes. In this context, all the top officials of the government including Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah have given ministerial statements. That this law is only and only to give citizenship to refugees. In this, no provision has been included even remotely to take away anyone’s citizenship.

In today’s blog about the full form of the Citizenship Amendment Act, you have been provided with very important information, including what is its full form, due to its opposition, in whose interest this law has been made, and being a responsible citizen. What are your duties to you? You have been given complete information about it here. Well, as a responsible citizen we should follow the law made by our constitution. People should be made aware so that the situation of violence does not arise in the country.

CAA Full Form: Conclusion

Friends, what did you learn in this article? I told you in very hopeful words what is the full form of CAA , what is CAA, who will get the benefit of this law?, Who is harmed under CAA and not If it is not then how is it, full form of CAA etc?

Any law in the country is made in the interest of you citizen. But the truth is also that sometimes there are some laws that do not benefit all citizens, some people also suffer from it. However, this is not the case in the case of CAA. People benefit from this law but no one is harmed.