Parenchyma cells in plants

Parenchyma Cells in Plants

The word parenchyma is lined up with many words and mostly related to plants which are only tissue or cells. Based on anatomy, parenchyma cells in plants can be anatomically defined as tissue that functions in an organ and can be identified as a connective tissue that also helps support Is. Considering not only anatomy …

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Protein Synthesis Process

Protein Synthesis Process

Let us know what is Protein Synthesis Process. In simple words, protein synthesis means the production of protein molecules either from scratch or by breaking down or converting other biomolecules. Protein synthesis involves several small steps—synthesis of amino acids, transcription of mRNA, translation of mRNA into protein, and post-transcriptional processing of that protein. Proteins are nothing …

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Aerobic Respiration

Aerobic Respiration

Let us know what is Aerobic Respiration. Respiration is an important process related to chemicals that is performed by all living beings from plants to humans to obtain the energy released for life. Aerobic respiration deals with the reactions that are controlled by enzymes. The energy released by this reaction consists of lipids and carbohydrates and …

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Human Liver

Human Liver Important Notes

Come friends, today we will know Human Liver Important Notes What are livers Liver is the largest and busy gland of the body which produces light yellow colored bile juice. Liver is called liver or liver and in English it is a part of human body liver is found only in vertebrate animals. It acts …

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