NRI Full Form

NRI Full Form

Full Form of NRI: When India became independent, various laws and regulations were made here, which did not disturb the peace system of the country, in this episode people, were also given Indian citizenship. And also things like visas, and passports were made mandatory for traveling in India. The educated section of the country is familiar …

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PCS Full Form

PCS Full Form

Let’s know about PCS Full Form. PCS Services is one of the most popular exams among Indian youth. It is a civil services exam that is administered by the State Service Commissioners. PCS is the administrative civil service of the executive branch of the Government of Uttar Pradesh, which comes under Group A state service. It also serves as a feeder service …

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Gold oxide

Gold oxide, Au2O3

Gold oxide (III) is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Au 2 O 3 . Theoretically one might expect its nature to be of covalent type. However, the presence of a certain ionic character in its solid cannot be completely ruled out; Or what is similar, assume the absence of Au cation 3+ anion next to O2- . It may seem contradictory that gold, a noble …

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CA full form

Let us know about CA full form. In today’s time, education is everything for the people. Without education, we cannot do anything big in life, but doing big here means profession like doctor, engineer, teacher. With the passage of time, a lot of changes have taken place in the field of education. As earlier people used to enroll …

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KYC Full Form

Let us know about KYC Full Form. What is E-KYC? What is its full form, usage and benefits? These types of questions come to our mind when we first hear the name of EKYC in the bank, in the transacting companies, in apps like Phonepe, Paytm etc. At present, it is very important to have E-KYC for …

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BC Full Form

BC full form : The life of today’s generation is being spent in a lot of amenities. Every day some inventions keep happening. Due to which the life of the people has become very comfortable. And who does not want to live a life of convenience. But have you ever thought that our ancestors yearned to get these comforts. If …

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EWS full form

EWS Full Form : Welcome to today’s new post, today we are going to talk about EWS. We will read about what is EWS? What is the use of EWS ?, Who can get it built?, Which caste people make it? It will take time Today we are going to talk about this in detail, if you want to get complete information …

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ITI Full Form

Let’s know that in ITI Full Form. Today we will talk about ITI. Through this article today you will be provided complete information about ITI such as ITI full form , what is ITI?, What do children have to do to take admission in ITI? And what are the benefits of doing it?, Does doing this make it a …

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NCC Full Form

Let’s know about NCC full form. In today’s time, lakhs of youths who have the zeal to die for the country, want to join the defense service like police, army etc. Getting a job in defense and serving the country gives a different kind of happiness, as well as respect and respect is given by …

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MBA Full Form

Let’s know about MBA full form. MBA is a degree in which we get a chance to study about business management, finance, marketing management, banking etc. Is. Those people who are serious about their career and want to do something in their career, once in their mind the thought of MBA definitely comes. The demand for …

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