Calcium oxide formula

Calcium oxide formula

Calcium oxide  (CaO) is an inorganic compound containing calcium and oxygen in ionic forms (not to be confused with calcium peroxide, CaO) 2 ). It is known throughout the world as lime, a term that designates any inorganic compound that contains carbonates, calcium oxides, and hydroxides, as well as other metals such as silicon, aluminum, and iron. This oxide …

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Boron Oxide

Boron Oxide

Boron oxide or boric anhydride is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula B 2 O 3 . Boron and oxygen elements of the p block of the periodic table, and even as the more prominent of their respective groups, the difference in electronegativity between them is not very great; Therefore, it should be expected that B 2 O 3 be covalent in nature. B 2 O 3 It is …

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Beryllium Oxide

Beryllium Oxide

Beryllium oxide (BeO) is a ceramic material that, in addition to its high strength and electrical resistivity, has a high heat conduction capacity that makes it part of nuclear reactors, surpassing even metals in this last property. In addition to its usefulness as a synthetic material, it can also be found in nature, although it is …

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Job Full Form

Friends, you must know about the job that how important it is for us, but do you know the full form of the job ? If you do not know the full form of the job, then this post is just for you because in this post I am going to tell you many things related to the …

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OK Full Form

Friends, we do not know how many times we say OK (Ok) every day in common speech like- Ok I will come, Ok Bye, Ok then I go, let’s see OK, etc. But do you have complete information about this small word OK? Do you know what is the full form of OK? If seen in this way, …

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Phd full form

Let’s know about Phd full form. Every person who has Dr (Doctor) in his name cannot be a doctor who treats diseases, but a person who has done a Ph.D. can also have Dr. Can put and put on. Ph.D. is the highest and most popular degree awarded in a subject. This degree is awarded after a definite course …

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NRC Full Form

Let’s know about the NRC Full Form. A few days ago there was panic in the whole country regarding NRC. Before knowing what is going on about NRC, it is important for you to know what is NRC. The atmosphere in the country had worsened due to the passage of both CAA and NRC bills. Demonstrations were being held against it from …

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UPSC Full Form

Let us know about the UPSC Full Form. UPSC is the toughest and proudest exam of India. Every year lakhs of candidates appear in this examination for the purpose of getting jobs in government establishments. In 2020 10 lakh candidates applied for this exam, while in 2021 the number of candidates was 11 lakh. With diligence, planning and smart …

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ANM Full Form

ANM Full Form

Let’s know about the ANM Full Form. Sometimes we get tremendously confused about short form. In such a situation, we find various options to know its flower form. Then only we get information about its full form. But does our knowledge get complete just by knowing the full form? So tell me it is not like that at all. Today …

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