0.6 as a fraction

0.6 as a Fraction

Let’s know guys what is 0.6 as a fraction, so let’s start.To convert any decimal number to a fraction, we remove that number from the decimal point and declare it as a power of 10 in the numerator. Therefore What can we write 0.6 as a Fraction? Now 6/10 is a form of fraction but …

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0.13 as a fraction

0.13 as a fraction

Let us know friends, what is 0.13 in the form of a fraction. What is 0.13 as a fraction in the minimum term? What does it mean to convert 0.13 to a fraction? This means you want to convert the decimal number .13 to a fraction with a numerator and a denominator, in other words …

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0.25 as a Fraction

0.25 as a Fraction

Let us know 0.25 as a fraction whether the fraction is part of one of the whole quantities. It has a numerator and a denominator. Answer: 0.25 is written as a fraction as 1/4. Let’s explain: Explanation: To convert a decimal number to a fraction, we write the given number as a fraction and put …

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