CID full form

Let’s know about CID Full Form. In today’s time criminals have become very vicious. Criminals keep looking for new ways to commit crimes. Because of this, they carry out more than one criminal activity. The help of CID is taken to get to the bottom of such crimes. The role of the CID is to find the culprit. The investigation of serious crimes committed in the country is entrusted to the CID only. Then whether it is Nirbhaya case or Aarushi’s murder mystery.

The help of CID was taken to find out both these incidents. Today’s youth is dreaming of becoming CID officers. But very few people reach here. A few years ago, there was a demand for a CBI inquiry in the Sushant murder case too, although that case has not been resolved yet. Well, this article of ours today is related to CID. In this article, we will discuss in detail about what is CID , full form of CID, how to become a CID officer and what should be the qualification required for this.

CID full form: What is CID, full form of CID

What is CID? Most of the people have a rough idea about this. As its task is to find out the criminals by investigating the crime, but they do not have any specific idea of ​​the full form of CID, so let’s know about it today.

What is the full form of CID? The full form of CID in English is ” Crime Investigation Department “. In fact, it is one of the most important units of the police organization. It is headed by the Additional Director General of Police (ADGP).

Whenever serious criminal incidents are registered in the country, then there is a demand for investigation of CIB by the people because investigation is done impartially in it.

Nowadays, inspired by CID, some TV shows are also being made which people like to watch. There are many such youth of today, who also want to make their career as a CID officer. It is considered to be the prestigious job of the country.

To increase your information, let us tell you that CID is the Crime Investigation Department of the State Police of India. The CID department investigates any real crime very seriously. It generally works under intelligence. As CID officers are in normal days clothes without any uniform. So that no one can recognize them at all. They go to the bottom of the crime and investigate and arrest the criminal.

 The headquarter of CID is located in Pune. The CID investigates the specified cases assigned through the government impartially. In fact, the CID was formed through the British Government in 1902 on the recommendation of the Police Commission to fulfill the purpose of maintaining law and order in the country. You might not know that the officers of this department have their own rank. They are mostly seen in plain clothes. Such top officers are known as spies or CID officers.

How to become CID Officers?

To become a CID officer, a competitive student has to go through various stages which include written test, physical test and interview. The candidate has to first clear the main exam and then clear the physical test. After that the candidate has to appear in the interview. After clearing it, somewhere he is appointed as a CID officer.

Eligibility of the candidate to become CID

To become a CID officer, it is mandatory for the competing student to be a citizen of India. The minimum qualification of a competitive student joining CID as a sub-inspector or officer should be a graduate from a recognized university.

In order to be appointed as a constable in CID, the educational qualification of the candidate is mentioned, then it is mandatory to be at least 12th or 10th.

In addition to the educational qualification to become the same CID officer, the candidate has to qualify the Indian Civil Services Examination i.e. UPSC which is conducted every year through the Union Service Commission.

At present, there are many universities in India which are offering courses in criminology at the undergraduate level. By completing this course you can become CID officers.

Various qualities must be present in a competitive student to become CID officers. Such as good memory, sharp eyesight, good character, apart from this the ability to work in a team should also be there.

Apart from this, there is another special thing that you should know, according to this, it is also necessary for the candidate to be single. If the candidate is able to fulfill all the basic requirements laid down in it, then he/she is fully eligible to become CID Officers.

Estimated Salary of CID Officer

Questions are often asked regarding the salary of a CID officer. So for your information, let us tell you that as the experience of the CID officer increases, so does his salary. The salary of a CID officer is around ₹ 90,000/- to ₹ 5,00,000/-. Apart from the hefty salary, you also get various allowances which include dearness allowance, traveling allowance, housing allowance.

Branches of CID

There are many branches of CID in India, out of which the names of few are given below.

  • CB-cid
  • dog squad
  • bank fraud
  • Anti Narcotics Cell
  • missing person cell
  • anti terrorism wings
  • finger print bureau
  • anti human trafficking
  • human rights department

CID full form: Conclusion

Today, in the blog, you were shared very special information related to CBI, which people usually do not know. At present, it has immense potential for competitive students. To become a CID officer, you do not even have to study a lot, but for this, your mind should be very sharp. You always have to be alert. Because nowadays criminals commit crimes by taking the help of state-of-the-art technology.

So friends, this was all the information related to a CID or CID officer. In this article, apart from the full form of CID , I have also told you what is CID (what is CID), how to become a CID officer, eligibility to become a CID, salary, other facilities etc. Detailed information is given in this article.

Friends, CID officers get many facilities, but in India apart from the level of the country, there is a lot of respect in the society because they contribute a lot to the country.

In the end, I would like to wish you that if you liked the information about CID full form , how to become CID, salary, qualification etc. and you got to learn something from this article, then share it on social media. Must do so that other people can also know CID full form.