CRPF Full Form

Let us know about CRPF Full Form. After the independence of India, our country is progressing continuously. More than one government schemes are coming from the same government. Due to which the country is progressing very fast. Army is being recruited in large numbers to keep the country safe.

Whenever there is a mention of military recruitment, then you must have heard the term CRPF from the mouth of the people. Most of the competitive students are not aware of the full form of CRPF and its related information. In such a situation, today ‘s article CRPF Full Form will prove to be very helpful. Friends, the youth of the country is moving towards patriotism. Millions of boys and girls are working day and night to make their dream of becoming crpf youth come true. His love for the country motivates him to get up at 3 in the morning and run. Maybe you also want to go to CRPF, but for this it is very important to have complete information about CRPF. So let us know in this article what is the full form of CRPF, History of CRPF, How to become CRPF, Qualification, Salary of CRPF etc.

Full form of CRPF: What is CRPF, how to become

From the term CRPF, students have a broad idea that this is a police recruitment related to government jobs. The full form of CRPF in English is “Central Reserve Police Force”.

Central Reserve Police Force”. To increase your information, let us tell you that CRPF is actually the largest Central Armed Police Force in India. It works as a paramilitary force. If you are a competitive student then you must know that CRPF works under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

What is CRPF?

By now you must have got a small idea that CRPF Central Reserve Police Force is actually a paramilitary force. It works under the Ministry of Home Affairs. The role of CRPF personnel is to strengthen the legal system in the states and union territories.

Talking about the office of CRPF, it is located in New Delhi, India. In the same history, it was established on 27 July 1939. You must have seen that when there is a situation of riots in any state, then only CRPF personnel are called to control the situation. This is such a force, which gives them equal rights in every state of independent India.

Comprehensive History of CRPF

CRPF is truly one of the oldest central paramilitary force. Earlier its name was taken from CRP (Crown Representative’s Police). If you take stock of its establishment, it was done in the form of Crown Representative Police in about 1939. On December 28, 1949, a few years after independence.

The name of this force was changed to “Central Reserve Police Force” through an Act of Parliament. You can understand the importance of CRPF jawans from an incident recorded in history. On October 21, 1959, a team of CRPF was suddenly attacked by Chinese soldiers.

Out of which some CRPF soldiers sacrificed their lives for the country. After this incident, every year October 21 is celebrated as Police Commemoration Day in the martyrdom of the soldiers who were martyred in this team.

Duty of jawans to be posted on the post of CRPF

By now you must have been 100% clear that CRPF is actually a government job. This is a very prestigious post in government job. You must have known that the Central Reserve Police Force is the largest force in India. Due to this, they are considered responsible for many things. The information about the selected of these is provided below.

  • CRPF works continuously towards creating security and peace in all the states of the country.
  • The Central Reserve Police Force assists the state police force very well when needed.
  • Apart from this, CPRF is also deployed during elections so that there is peace in the state during elections.
  • CRPF personnel are deployed to get control over mobs or riots.
  • CRPF is deployed in Naxal areas and these soldiers take on the Naxalites.
  • In times of war, if needed, the help of armed children is also done by the CRPF.

How to become CRPF? 

To become a CRPF officer, a candidate must have passed high school educationally. Apart from this, you should keep getting information about government job vacancies from time to time through internet or through newspaper.

For this, the minimum age of the candidate should be 20 years and maximum age should be up to 25 years only. Apart from this, 5 years for SC and ST category candidates in CRPF and 3 years for OBC category candidates and 5 years for civilian Central Government employees, age relaxation is given which proves to be very helpful.

To become a CRPF jawan, the height of the candidate is also very important. For this, the height of the male is -153 cm and the height of the female is – 140.5 cm.

To become a CRPF jawan, a candidate has to go through three types of examination. In which most of the written examination as well as physical test and finally the interview are included.

 As a job-related eligibility criteria, the candidate has to participate in a race of 4800 m. Which he has to complete in about 25-27 time.

After clearing it, you get appointment on the post of CRPF jawan somewhere.

Now a question must be arising in your mind that what they should do to be successful in the examination, so broadly tell you that for this you should prepare regularly. At the same time, having a special hold on current affairs and reasoning proves beneficial for the candidate. It is natural that if he does not get success on the first attempt, then he should not get discouraged.

Approximate Salary of CRPF Jawan

Competitive students are very eager to know the salary of CRPF. So in such a situation, to put an end to your curiosity, let us tell you that the jawan appointed to the post of CRPF not only gets name and respect from this profession, but he also gets a good salary.

The initial salary of the jawan posted on the post of CRPF ranges from 20000 to 70000. During the same promotion, it also increases a lot. Many types of recruitment are done under CRPF. Provided that the candidate fulfills the prescribed criteria attached to it.

CRPF Full Form: Conclusion

Through today’s article, you were provided with very special information related to CRPF Full FormBeing an Indian, it is also important for you to know because the revolutionaries of our country had to struggle for a long time to liberate India, so that such a situation does not arise again, it is very important that our border area is safe.

In this article I have tried to give you all the important information of CRPF like,  CRPF full form, How to become CRPF, Qualification required to become CRPF, What is the salary of CRPF  etc. .