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Diwali is the biggest festival of India. This festival is celebrated every year with great pomp in India. The meaning of Deepawali is “Deep” and “Aavali” which means it is made up of two words. Both these words of Diwali are Sanskrit words, which means series of lamps. Diwali is a festival of happiness for all the citizens of India, on the auspicious occasion of Diwali, Lord Ganesha and Lakshmi ji are worshiped in every house. The people of India celebrate the festival of Diwali with great pomp even if they live in any other country. Diwali is celebrated for 2 days in India. On the auspicious occasion of this festival, essay writing is given to the students of the school. Essay on Diwali is searched in the internet by many students. Diwali essay for all of you through our website (Diwali Essay) has been prepared. Today we will provide you complete information about Diwali , so to get all the information related to Diwali, read our essay till the end.

Essay on Diwali

As you all know that Diwali is mainly celebrated by the people of Hindu religion, it is the biggest festival of Hindus. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm by all the citizens of the country, small and big, every year this festival is celebrated in the month of Kartik month in October-November. “Deepawali” is the festival of lights. On this day, the house is decorated with different types of color full lights and diyas all over India. Some time before the festival of Deepawali, cleaning work is done in the house by different people. So different types of decorations are done in your homes. This festival is also celebrated in different forms by other religions. This festival is awaited by all the citizens with great eagerness.

essay on diwali

Many types of festivals are celebrated in India, but the biggest festival among all those festivals is the festival of Diwali. According to mythology, the festival of Diwali is celebrated because Lord Shri Ram returned to his birthplace Ayodhya after 14 years of exile and killing Ravana. That’s why the people of that place lit ghee lamps on this day, since then the festival of Diwali is celebrated every year. Various types of gifts are presented in Diwali to their relatives and neighbors. During the festival of Diwali, some different types of beauty are seen in the country, it is one of the important festivals of all the people, Diwali is celebrated as happiness by the people.

This festival is celebrated in the form of happiness all over India, the most important festival of Hinduism is the festival of Deepawali. This festival is celebrated in the joy of returning to Ayodhya after the completion of 14 years of exile of Lord Rama. Preparations are started many days before by all the people to celebrate the festival of Diwali. With great joy and gaiety and happiness, Diwali and all the festivals that accompany Diwali are celebrated with joy.

Diwali, the festival of lights, has come Diwali,
the world of happiness, the
home and courtyard all seem new,
new clothes suit everyone,
new gifts have brought Diwali,
the world of happiness has brought Diwali,
Shubh Deepawali

How is Diwali celebrated in India?

Diwali is decorated with different types of lights and lights in India and along with them lamps are also lit in the whole house. And Rangoli is also made in homes with different types of colors, this festival is celebrated with great gaiety with sweets and crackers, sparklers, in the festival of Diwali, many types of sweets are made in the markets as well as The markets are very crowded during the festival of Diwali. This festival is celebrated by all the people with great pomp. And on this day new clothes are also worn by all the people, this festival is also considered as a symbol of victory of good over evil. In Diwali, shops are decorated with lights in the markets.

Who is worshiped in Diwali?

According to the Hindu calendar, on the auspicious occasion of Diwali, after sunset, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are worshipped. This worship is done for the attainment of wealth and a healthy life, for the movement of Lakshmi ji, Rangoli is also made in the houses on that day and for the worship of Lakshmi ji, Lakshmi Aarti is performed to worship Lord Ganesha. Is. Diwali festival is the favorite festival of children and adults in the country. Other types of festivals are also celebrated in India after and before Diwali.

Festivals Celebrated in Diwali

The festival of Dhanteras is celebrated a day before Diwali, on this day people buy something in the form of an item and worship of Lakshmi ji is done on the day of Dhanteras. Aarti and Bhajan are performed by people to please Goddess Lakshmi. The next day is celebrated as Choti Diwali . This Diwali is celebrated by worshiping Lord Shri Krishna ji. It is said that on this day the demon king Narakasura was killed by Shri Krishna ji. After the Chhoti Diwali, the main Diwali is celebrated. After that the next day is celebrated as Govardhan Puja , this worship is also done in the form of Shri Krishna Ji. On this day cow dung is worshiped by the people in the door, and on the fifth day Bhai Dooj .Or is celebrated as Yama Dwitiya, the festival of Bhai Dooj is celebrated by sister and brother. Coconut is given to the brother along with the worship of the brother on this day by all the sisters. And for the long life of the brother, prayers are offered to God.

Essay on Diwali

how to celebrate diwali festival

  • Deepawali means ‘Lamp’ and ‘Light’ so everyone celebrate the festival of Diwali with great peace and harmony. The problem of pollution arises due to the burning of firecrackers and this is the biggest serious problem. Come this Diwali, let’s all take a pledge to give some gift to nature and you can do this gift by not using firecrackers.
  • Hearing the sound of firecrackers, many wild animals are also frightened by their sounds and the elderly people of the house also get disturbed by the sound of firecrackers. And noise pollution originates from its sound.
  •  By making the country’s small traders and potters financially strong, we can use more and more lamps by not using electric lights to help them in advancing the country’s economy. And in this way Diwali will be traditionally celebrated
  • Diwali is a festival of happiness, never harm any wild animals and nature for your entertainment and enjoyment. It is the duty of all of us to make people aware of the way in which they should celebrate Diwali.

Diwali Essay (200-300 Words) Short Essay

Diwali is the biggest festival of India and every year this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. This is the biggest festival lasting five days. As soon as Dussehra is over, preparations for Diwali start across the country. The festival of Diwali is celebrated on the night of Amavasya, Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile, in that joy lamps of ghee were lit by Ayodhya residents. From that day onwards the festival of Diwali is celebrated.

Diwali, being a festival of lights, illuminates everyone’s mind, due to the arrival of this festival, a different light is generated in all the houses. Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped at night on the day of Deepawali and she is prayed to always keep her blessings on us. Various types of sweets and delicious dishes are prepared in Diwali, the prasad of Kheel-Batache is offered in the festival of Diwali. Firecrackers like sparklers, crackers etc. are burst as a celebration in Diwali, the colorful lights of innumerable lamps attracts the mind towards itself, markets, shops, And the decoration of the houses remains visible. In this festival, forgetting the discrimination of rich and poor, they celebrate the festival together. Happy Diwali is given by hugging each other. The guests are welcomed with a variety of sweets and delicacies. Deepawali is a festival of gifts and presents and happiness provides enthusiasm to live a new life through this festival.

10 Lines on Diwali

  1. Deepawali is one of the major festivals of Hindus.
  2. Diwali reflects the culture and tradition of India.
  3. Diwali is also called the festival of lamps, earthen lamps are lit.
  4. Diwali is celebrated to welcome and welcome Shri Ram to return to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile.
  5. In the joy of returning Lord Shri Ram to Ayodhya, the people there celebrated this day as Diwali.
  6. The festival of Diwali falls every year in the month of Kartik.
  7. Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha are worshiped on the day of Diwali so that Riddhi-Siddhi remains in the house.
  8. In Diwali, everyone decorates their homes with different types of colorful lights.
  9. On the day of Deepawali, firecrackers, sparklers, etc. are celebrated with enthusiasm.
  10. On the evening of Diwali, everyone distributes sweets to their relatives in their neighborhood.

Different forms of celebrating Diwali in different states of India

Bengal Orissa – The festival of Deepawali is celebrated by the state because on this day Mahakali was incarnated as Mother Shakti. And on this day Mother Kali is worshiped here in place of Lakshmi ji.
In Punjab state, Diwali is celebrated in such a way that the foundation of the Golden Temple was laid on this day before 1577 AD. And Guru Hargobind Singh Ji of Sikhs was also released from jail on the same day.
Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh – In the state, Diwali is celebrated by worshiping Krishna in the joy of killing Narakasura by Krishna at Dwapar.

 nature of diwali abroad 

Sri Lanka is the first thing that people living in this country take a bath with oil after waking up early in the morning on the day of Diwali festival. And go to temples to worship and various types of games, fireworks, singing, dancing, banquets are organized there to celebrate Diwali.
Malaysia – In this country, a government holiday is done on this day, because most of the Hindu people live here. On the day of Diwali, people party in their homes as well as the citizens of Malaysia also participate in this party.
In Nepal – Diwali festival is celebrated with great pomp. Dogs are honored and worshiped on the day of Diwali in Nepal and in the evening, lamps are lit in all the houses, as a greeting. Goes to other’s houses.

Some questions and answers related to essay on Diwali

Is the festival of Diwali celebrated in India only?

No, the festival of Diwali is celebrated differently in India as well as in other countries.

When is the festival of Diwali celebrated every year?

The festival of Diwali is celebrated in the month of October or November of Kartik month.

In what form is this festival of India celebrated?

The festival of Diwali is celebrated in the form of happiness in India.

Which god is mainly worshiped in the festival of Diwali?

Lord Ganesha and Mata Lakshmi are worshiped on the auspicious occasion of Diwali.

Why is the festival of Diwali celebrated in India?

According to mythology, Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile, this festival is celebrated with great pomp in the joy of the return of Lord Rama. Along with Hinduism, this festival is also celebrated with great enthusiasm by the people of other religions.

Is Diwali celebrated in the same form in different states of India?

No, the festival of Diwali is celebrated differently by each state.

Why Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha are worshiped in Diwali?

Worship of Mata Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha has a special significance in Deepawali, because Mother Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and Lord Ganesha, wisdom and prudence, it is very important to have discretion to make good use of wealth. That is why on this day Lakshmi ji and Lord Ganesha are worshipped.

When will the festival of Diwali be celebrated in the year 2022?

The festival of Diwali will be celebrated on 24 October 2022.

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