DRDO full form

DRDO full form: In the age of internet, we often get to know something new. Every day we keep getting acquainted with new words. In today’s time, from child to elder, there is a smartphone and internet connection. In such a situation, if we are confused about a term, then we do not spend much time searching on Google. Today we will learn about a similar term DRDO. People often get confused about its full form.

DRDO is a defense term associated with India’s security system, whose purpose is to provide many types of weapons. Often we see this term in the news or in the newspapers, but many people are not even aware of it. So, in today’s article, I will tell you in detail about what is DRDO, what is its full form (DRDO FULL FORM), its function and purpose etc.

DRDO full form: What is DRDO, its full form

Referring to the full form of DRDO, its full form in English is ” Defense research and development organization “.

Let us tell you as an information that this is such an organization to do completely under the Defense Research and Development Ministry of Defense, which was established in 1958 in Delhi.

The main role of DRDO is to make the country self-reliant in terms of world class competitive weapon system according to the need of the three defense services.

Talking about its main role, the special responsibility of DRDO is to manufacture modern weapons as well as to do new research is one of the main responsibilities of DRDO.

DRDO is in the real sense to continuously provide new strength to the country through technological change. More than 5000 scientists and more than twenty five thousand employees work here.

DRDO is continuously working in developing state-of-the-art technology missiles, weapons, light combat aircraft radars and more than all these electronic warfare systems. Through this, the army gets a lot of strength.

Not only this, when needed, it provides all the facilities to the army, which it needs from time to time.

Role of DRDO in Defense Department

As you would know that this organization is completely kept under the control of the Ministry of Government of India. It works in the direction of research and development in its 52 laboratories.

In addition, as a role, it contributes to the effort to develop defense technology covering various sectors that is globally relevant.

DRDO has played a special and important role in providing weapons of modern technology to the three main parts of the Indian Army, water, land and air force.

At present, DRDO has been able to fulfill a large part of the weapons requirement of the Indian Army in its own country. Due to this, India’s additional expenditure on defense has become very limited. In today’s era, India has become so capable that India has started selling arms to other countries.

You will find it even more interesting to know that nowadays DRDO has partially shifted its role as a designer of weapons and technology manufacturers.

DRDO Exam Format

To take admission in DRDO, a candidate has to go through a number of examinations and processes. After this you can get admission in it.

Referring to the same competitive exam, the candidate gets a chance to apply for recruitment in DRDO through GATE or CEPTAM exam.

The same DRDO conducts its own exam for many posts. Some choice questions are asked in its examinations, for which a fixed time is fixed.

At the same time, the DRDO exam is conducted in two phases, in which the written exam is held in the first phase, followed by the interview. Competitive student should know that his/her final selection is done through interview.

This exam is of only 3 hours, it is of 500 marks, in which total 150 objective questions are asked.

Talking about the topics being asked in it, then topics like General Awareness, Positivity, Confidence and General Science have been included in this.

Posts out under DRDO

You must have come to know various information related to DRDO in today’s special article. In the same last episode, it is also important for you to know that for which post a candidate can apply to get a job in DRDO. Its information is given below.

  • Junior Research Fellowship
  •  Research associate
  •  Construction engineer
  • handyman

DRDO full form: Conclusion

In this way, in today’s special article, you have provided very special and important information related to DRDO. If you also want to do something for the country, then you can apply for DRDO. This is one of the most prestigious jobs. If you want to get any information related to this, then you can connect with us through comments.

In this article I have tried to give you all the important information of DRDO like, DRDO full form , Meaning of DRDO?, DRDO functions and objectives etc.