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Let us know about Essay on Computer. Computer is a great invention of modern technology. It is a normal machine which has the ability to store a lot of data in its memory. It works using input (like keyboard) and output (printer). It is very easy to use, so even young children can use it very easily. It is very reliable which we can keep with us and use anywhere and anytime. With this we can create new data along with changes in our old data.

Essay on Computer 1 (300 words) – Computers: A Latest Technology

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Computer is the latest technology which is used in most of the places. It makes maximum work possible by taking less time. It reduces the labor of the person at the work place i.e. less time and less labor force provides higher level of result. In modern times life cannot be imagined without computer.

We can use the Internet in the computer, which provides the necessary information in a very short time. It has a great contribution in the life of a person because it is now used in every field and it is present as our helper every moment. Earlier computers were less effective and limited in functions, whereas modern computers are very capable, easy to handle and can perform more and more tasks, due to which they are becoming so popular among the people.

life is easy

Computers of the future generation will be more effective as well as the functional capacity will also increase. It has made life easier for all of us. Through this we can learn anything easily and improve our skills even more. We can get information about any service, product or other things in a jiffy. We can buy anything through the Internet installed in the computer, so that we can get free delivery sitting at home. It also helps a lot in our school projects.


There are hundreds of advantages of computers for human beings, then there are also disadvantages like cyber crime, pornographic websites, which are easily accessible to our children and students. However, by adopting some measures, we can also avoid many of its negative effects.

Essay on Computer 2 (400 Words) – Use and Importance of Computer

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The unique and guiding gift of science to the entire human fraternity is the computer. It can work of any nature. It is easy for anyone to handle and takes very little time to learn. Due to its ease and work efficiency, it is widely used like- Office, Bank, Hotel, Educational Institution, School, College, Shop, Industry etc. Many people buy laptops and desktops for their children so that they can enjoy their studies related work and computerized video games.

use of computer by student

A computer is a large dictionary and large storage device that is used to keep any kind of data, such as any information, study related material, project, photo, video, song, game, etc.

It is an electronic machine which is capable of doing calculations and solving big problems. It also helps us to enhance our skills and get information easily. It is a data based machine. It provides us many tools like- text tools, paint tools etc. which is very beneficial for children and students can use it very effectively in their school and project work.

importance of computer

Computers are of great importance in the workplace, in the field of education and for personal use. In olden times we used to do all the work by hand but today computer is used to fulfill various purposes like managing accounts, creating database, storing necessary information with the help of computer. Nowadays everyone considers it easy to work on a computer through the Internet. In fact today computer has become an important part of our life.


We can use it accurately for large and small mathematical calculations. It can be used for weather forecast, printing of book, news paper, diagnosing disease etc. It is used for online railway reservation, hotel or restaurant booking from any corner of the world. It is also widely used in large MNC companies in which it is used for account, invoice, payroll, stock control etc.

Essay on Computer 3 (500 words) – Computer: A Wonderful Gift

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In the modern world of technological advancement, computer is a wonderful gift to us through science. It has changed the lifestyle and norm of the people. No one can even imagine their life without computer because it can complete many tasks in a pinch in less time. Computers have played a major role in the development of developed countries. It is not just a storage and technology device but it is like an angel who can do anything. It is also used by many people for entertainment and communication.

What is computer ?

Computer is a mechanical machine, in which works on the basis of many types of mathematical formulas and facts. Computer calculates and shows the facts on its screen in a very short time. The computer is one of the most important inventions of the modern era. The modern age is also called the computer age. A computer is a morphological, coordinated sum and qualitative combination of a mechanical structure that can do maximum work in the shortest possible time at a high speed.

computer functions

The main function of computer is to save and share information, but today many complex tasks are also done with the help of computer. It accomplishes various tasks faster and more accurately. It makes maximum work possible by taking less time. It reduces the labor of the person at the work place i.e. provides high level of results with less time and less labor force.

Energy Saving

By using e-mail, video chat, we can connect with our friends, relatives, parents or any person in a very short time. Using the Internet in a computer, we can search or get information about any subject which is helpful for our project or education related work. It is also very easy and safe for business transactions. Due to the facility of data storage in this, paper is saved in all places like government, non-government, school, college, etc. Along with this, we can do things like online shopping, bill depositing etc. from home through computer, which saves both our time and energy. Which gives us the feeling that we can accomplish those tasks faster by the computer which is not impossible but not easy either.


Computer education has been made mandatory by the Government of India in schools, colleges, and other educational institutions to help students in their professional life as well as develop their skills. Knowledge of computer has become almost mandatory for today’s modern day jobs. To be proficient in this, the subject of network administration, hardware maintenance, software installation etc. is very popular in higher education.

Essay on Computer 4 (600 words) – First Mechanical Computer, New Generation Computers and Advantages of Computers

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The invention of computer has made many dreams come true even we cannot imagine our life without computer. Generally it is a device which is used for many purposes such as keeping information secure, e-mail, messaging, software programming, calculations, data processing etc. CPU, UPS, keyboard, and mouse are needed to work on a desktop computer, whereas all these are already present in the laptop. It is an electronic device with large memory which can keep any data safe. In the 21st century, we are living in a kind of modern world of computers.

Charles Babbage built the first mechanical computer

Earlier generations of computers were of very limited working capacity whereas modern day computers can perform a lot of tasks. Charles Babbage made the first mechanical computer which was very different from today’s computers. The goal of the invention of the computer was to create a machine that could perform mathematical calculations very rapidly. During the Second World War, there was a need for machines that could predict the speed and direction of enemy weapons and find their exact position, which became an important reason for the creation of computers. Today’s computers are equipped with artificial intelligence technology which helps us in every walk of life.

new generation computers

The new generation computers are highly advanced i.e. they are small, light, and fast as well as very powerful in terms of functionality. In today’s time it is being used in almost every business like- examination, weather forecasting, education, shopping, traffic control, high level programming, railway ticket booking, medical field, business etc. With the Internet this is the mainstay of information technology and it has proved that nothing is impossible in today’s times. There are hundreds of advantages of computers for human beings, then there are also disadvantages like cyber crime, pornographic websites, which are easily accessible to our children and students. By some measures we can avoid its negative effects.

benefits of computer

Today computer has made our life and work very easy. In fact, the computer is a great invention of modern technology.

  • Today we can easily do all the work through computer in all the banks.
  • Computers are very essential in tasks like printing book and news paper.
  • Road traffic rules in big cities are also controlled by computers.
  • In today’s time, the police also use computers to keep records of criminals.
  • Computers are also used for important tasks like maintaining accounts, stock, invoicing and payroll etc.

In today’s time, the dependence of the human species on computer technology is increasing very fast. In today’s time, no person can imagine his life without computer, because it has spread its feet everywhere and people have become accustomed to it. It has also become an important part of every student’s life. He can use it for making projects, for learning poetry, for stories, for downloading exam notes, for gathering information, etc. in a very short amount of time. Along with increasing the skill development of the students, it is also very helpful in helping them to get jobs.

Frequently Asked Question For Essay on Computer

How to write essay on computer?

Computer is the latest technology which is used in most of the places. It makes maximum work possible by taking less time. It reduces the labor of the person at the work place i.e. less time and less labor force provides higher level of result. In modern times life cannot be imagined without computer.

What is the importance of computer?

Computers help us to store data, perform calculations and work in an organized manner. The speed and concentration of the computer is useful in saving time and money in a wide variety of tasks. Computer has made a lot of development in the field of science, technology, education and society.

How computer is a boon in today’s era?

Today’s era is the age of science. Computer is one of these wonderful discoveries of man, which has affected human life in almost all fields. If we call today’s era the era of computers, then it will not be an exaggeration. Computer has proved its usefulness in all fields like education, entertainment, medicine, transport, communication etc.

What is the use of computer in our life essay?

Large information and calculations transmitted by various research plants installed in spacecraft and satellites are now being transmitted from one place to another in a matter of moments. Eastern Railway Reservation and Aircraft Reservation have also become possible due to this reason. Computers are also used in internet, e-com, email and fax machines.

Why is computer important in the 21st century?

ICT revolution plays the role of our strength. We have the human talent and work well in small groups and in a clustered manner which these sectors require.

When was the computer born?

The first mechanical computer was invented in 1822 by Charles Babbage, but it did not look like the current computer at all. Whereas in 1837, Charles Babbage proposed the first general mechanical computer, named the Analytical Engine.

What is the importance of computer in education?

In the field of education, the computer acts as a great computer because it solves large calculations in a few seconds. It collects a large amount of information, so that a large amount of educational information can be collected easily. It is used in teaching and instruction.

Computers Needed Today Hint Points Significance in Every Field of Life When was the first computer Who used where? Epilogue?

But it is also believed by many that the Abacus, which was created by Tim Cranmer in 1622, was the world’s first computer. But the computer that we are using today has been possible only through the efforts of Charles Babbage.

How can a computer play the role of a teacher?

Computer in Teaching Situation-

  • To arrange pre-test for student’s registration.
  • Planning and printing of personal events.
  • To guide the development of the students.
  • Using scores and tests.
  • For the development of new curriculum.

What are the areas of utility of computer?

If we call today’s era the era of computers, then it will not be an exaggeration. Computers have proved their usefulness in all fields like education, entertainment, medicine, transport, communication etc. Computers are proving to be very useful in the field of education. Gradually computer subject is becoming compulsory in schools.

How many buttons are there in a computer keyboard?

How many keys are there in the keyboard? In a normal standard keyboard, we are given 104 keys. Most of the people use standard keyboard in their work.

What is the name of the world’s first computer?

The ENIAC (pronounced /ˈɛniæk/), an abbreviation for Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, was the first general-purpose electronic computer.

When was computer invented in India?

Help Wikipedia grow by adding information. The computer age in India started in the year 1952 with the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. In the year 1952, an analog computer was established in ISI which was the first computer in India. This computer could solve a matrix of 10 X 10.

What is the full name of computer?

COMPUTER : Common Operating Machine Purposely used for Technological and Educational research

What is the use of computer in school?

Computers in schools are used for fee collection, keeping records of students, preparing question papers related to examinations and making time tables. All the information related to the student is stored in the computer to keep track of the fees of the students.

What is the name of India’s first supercomputer?

Within just 3 years, in the year 1991, India made its first supercomputer. Scientists named this supercomputer ‘Param’ (PARAM). By making a super computer, India surprised the countries of the world including America.