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Let’s know about Essay on Cricket. The game of cricket is being played in India for many years, it is a very famous and exciting game. This game is very much liked by the children, generally they have the habit of playing cricket on any small open places like small grounds, roads etc. Children are fond of information about cricket and its rules and regulations. Cricket is the most famous of the sports played at the national and international level in India. The popularity of cricket among the people is so high that the crowd of spectators who go to the stadium to watch this game hardly goes to any other game.

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Essay on Cricket 1 (300 words) – History of Cricket

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Cricket is a professional level outdoor sport played by many countries at the national and international level. This outdoor game consists of two teams of 11 players each. Cricket is played until 50 overs are completed. The rules and regulations related to it are governed and regulated by the International Cricket Council and the Melbourne Cricket Club. The game is played in the form of Test matches and One Day and T20 International matches. The game was first played in southern England in the 16th century. However, it developed into the national sport of England during the 18th century.

History of Cricket

During the expansion of the British Empire, the game began to be played in foreign countries and in the 19th century the first international match was organized by the ICC in two teams of 10 members each. Cricket is a very famous game which is played in many countries of the world like England, India, Australia, South-Africa etc.

Young children in India are crazy about this game and they play it in small open spaces, especially in the road and park. If it is played and practiced daily then it is a very easy game. Cricket players need daily practice to improve their game so that they can remove small mistakes and play it with full flow.


Not only cricket, but any type of sport not only increases health and enthusiasm, but also develops the spirit of healthy competition. Along with this, the game of cricket also develops mutual unity and brotherhood. At the time of world cup cricket tournament, the whole world becomes like one family and this is a great achievement of the game of cricket.

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Cricket is my favorite sport in India as compared to all other sports. I have a habit of playing cricket in the park opposite my house with my school friends and neighbours. Cricket is a sport that originated in Britain, although it has since been played by many countries. Bat and ball are needed to play this game. This game came into vogue in the 18th century and during this time it became quite famous. In the game of cricket, there are two teams with 11 players, along with two umpires as judges in the game, who keep an eye on the mistakes made during the match and give their decision accordingly. Before the start of the match a coin is tossed to decide who will bat or bowl first.

game mode

Both teams bat alternately, although who will bat or bowl first is determined by the toss (depending on the coin being tossed). In the opinion of analysts, cricket in India is becoming a recreational sport day by day.

When a cricket game of national or international level is about to take place, people who take great interest in it get filled with enthusiasm a week before its start. Many cricket lovers book tickets for this game online instead of watching it on TV or news at home so that they can enjoy it from inside the stadium. Our country is the most famous among the countries of cricket players all over the world.


Cricket is an enthusiastically played game in which new changes have also been made according to the need and today under these changes, one-day cricket matches have become more popular in place of test matches. Cricket has many characteristics. Playing the game with the spirit of the game, enjoying the art of the game except winning and losing, the feeling of fraternity in the game or the best qualities of life is found in the cricket field.

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Cricket is a very exciting sport in India and is played in many countries all over the world. It is not very famous in USA, although it is played with great interest in many countries like India, UK, Australia. This is a great game which is played in an open field with the help of bat and ball. That’s why it’s my favorite game. Whenever there is a national or international cricket tournament, I usually watch cricket on TV. There are two teams in this game and each team has 11-11 players. According to the toss, a team bats or bowls first.

rules of cricket

There are many rules in the game of cricket, without knowing that no one can play it properly. It can be played properly only when the ground is dry while there is some problem when the ground is wet. A batsman plays until he is out. Every time the match starts, everyone gets excited and the loud voice of the people spread throughout the stadium, especially when one of their special players hits a four or a six.

Sachin is my favorite player among cricket players and almost everyone likes him a lot. Many new records have been made by him in the cricket history of India. On the day when Sachin is playing in any national or international match, I forget to even eat my meal in the excitement of watching cricket.

cricket player

There are two teams of players in the game of cricket. There are two deciders to play the game, called umpires. Similarly, each team is headed by a skipper (captain) under whose leadership his team plays the game. There are eleven players in each team. One or two additional players are also kept in each team. The game of cricket is played for a long time. Test matches are usually of 5 days. Other simple matches are of three-four days. Sometimes a one day match is also played.


If the game of cricket is practiced daily, it can be learned quite easily. I am also very fond of cricket and play in the field near my house every evening. My parents are very supportive and always inspire me to play cricket.

Essay on Cricket 4 (600 words) – How cricket affects people

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Cricket is a very favorite and famous sport of all. We all love to play cricket and play it every evening in a small playground. It is liked by people of all ages and it is a very interesting and impossible game. There is no accurate prediction of which team will win. Any team can win in the last minute, which is why this game becomes even more exciting, which serves to increase the enthusiasm of all the people.

how cricket affects people

People have their favorite team which they want to see win and people watch the match till the game is over and they get no result. There is a huge crowd of cricket lovers in TV rooms and cricket grounds to watch cricket whenever there is a test match or national-international level tournament.

Young boys are very much influenced by this game and almost everyone wants to be a good cricketer. Cricket may not have been the game of India but still it is played with full joy and enthusiasm in our country today. Cricket is played in many countries like India, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe, England, Ireland, Sri Lanka, New Zealand etc. Test matches are of five days in which there are two teams of 11 players each, in which each team gets a chance to play two innings, the team that scores the most runs becomes the winner.

regular cricket practice

Cricket is not an easy game yet the game of cricket can be learned by regular practice. There are two main players in this, one batsman and the other bowler, the batsman can play till his dismissal and the bowler can bowl till the completion of his over. A coin is tossed before the start of a cricket match and it decides which team will bat or bowl first.

After the toss, one team bowls first and the other team bats and after the end of an innings, the bowling team chases the runs given by the batting team. Losing and winning are two aspects of this game which makes this game exciting and suspicious. This game becomes even more spectacular when cricket lovers fill the entire stadium with joyful noise when their favorite batsman hits fours and sixes.


There are many rules in the game of cricket, without knowing that no one can play it properly. It can be played properly only when the field is dry, if the ground is wet then many problems will arise in playing the game. In the game of cricket, a batsman plays until he is out. Whenever the match starts. So the excitement of every person watching it increases and the whole stadium starts buzzing with people, especially when one of their special players hits a four or a six.

Sachin is the favorite player of most people in the game of cricket and he is also known as the God of Cricket. He has made many important records in the cricket history of India. This is the reason that on the day Sachin is playing in any national or international match, people watch cricket by stopping many of their important work.

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How to write essay on cricket?

There are two teams in this game and each team has 11-11 players. According to the toss, a team bats or bowls first. There are many rules in the game of cricket, without knowing that no one can play it properly. It can be played properly only when the ground is dry while there is some problem when the ground is wet.

What is cricket essay in english?

Cricket is a game that requires bat and ball. It is easily one of the most popular sports in the world. The game consists of two teams consisting of 11 players each. The main objective of the game is to score as many runs as possible.

Why do we like cricket?

There are crores of fans of the game of cricket in India. You will find fans of this game in every corner of India. The craze of cricket is such that it is worshiped like a religion in India and the fans make the players sit on their heads and eyes. But no other sport has as much popularity as the game of cricket in India.

How is cricket played?

Know about the cricket field. Cricket is played in a very large, oval shaped field. In the center of the field is a rectangular strip called the pitch. The field should be clearly marked around the outer edge. The bowler (pitcher) on the pitch bowls to the striker (batter) of the opposite team.

How many umpires are there in a cricket match?

In professional matches, there are 15 people on the field during the game. Two of these are umpires who control the activities on the field. There are two batsmen, one of them is the striker who faces the ball and the other is called non striker.

How many types of balls are there?

Currently 3 types of cricket balls are used in test matches; Their names are; Kookaburra, Duke and SG. Balls of different colors are used in different formats in cricket. Now the pink ball will be used in the Kolkata Test match between India and Bangladesh.

In how many ways can a player get out in cricket?

According to the Laws of Cricket, a batsman can be out in 11 ways. The special thing is that in this the batsman can be out even without playing the ball.

Who makes the rules of cricket?

First of all we know that all the rules we follow in cricket are made by an organization named MCC (Melbourne Cricket Club). If there is any change in the rules of cricket, then it is done by MCC (Melbourne Cricket Club).

How many types of bowling are done in cricket game?

Generally a spectator knows that there are two types of bowlers in cricket – fast bowlers and spin bowlers. But it is not so that there are many other types of bowling in cricket, so let us tell you how many types of bowlers are there in cricket.

What happens inside the ball?

The ball’s “equator” is stitched with a total of six rows of threads so that the seam of the ball is visible. The remaining two pieces of leather are attached from the inside. Due to their low cost, two-piece low-level balls are also popular for practice and low-level bouts.

How much does the ball weigh?

Men’s Cricket: The ball weighs between 155.9 and 163 grams. Women’s Cricket: The ball weighs between 140 and 151 grams. Junior Cricket (Under-13): The ball weighs between 133 and 144 grams.

How much does it cost to become a cricketer?

According to this contract, all the players are selected. In this, 1 crore rupees for the year to the players of Grade A. 50 lakhs to Grade B players. On the other hand, Grade C players get Rs 25 lakh.

How is cricket played?

In Test match cricket, a team has to play twice innings, 90 overs are done in 1 day and Test cricket is played continuously for 5 days. Similarly, the position of the batsman also keeps on changing according to the runs taken. Sometimes striker becomes non striker and sometimes non striker becomes striker.

Who is the fastest bowler in the world?

The record of throwing the fastest ball in the world of cricket is recorded in the name of former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar.

How was cricket born?

While cricket is known to have originated in the 16th century, circumstantial evidence suggests that the game was introduced by children living in the Weald, during the Saxon or Norman, south-east of England. It was done in the dense forests of Kent and Sussex.

When was cricket invented?

In the year 1793, the Marylebone Cricket Club first landed at Lord’s ground to play. If we talk about the first match of cricket, then Lord’s match is considered as the first cricket match. If we talk about the first International Cricket match, then it started in the year 1844 between two countries.

What is used to catch a cricket ball?

In a cricket match, while catching a fast-moving ball, a fielder in the field moves his hands backwards and reduces the velocity to zero with the moving ball.