Essay on Earth

Let us know about Essay on Earth. Our earth is a vast ecosystem consisting of two major components – biotic and abiotic. The biosphere is made up of five elements namely land, sky, anil (air), anal (fire), water. In which we have been living between small and big and bio-abiotic diversity. In this there is a definite harmony and coexistence of trees, plants and animals, which are coordinately called various components of the environment. The words ‘environment’ and ‘cover’ are made up of the combination of these two words.

The right meaning of ‘pari’ and ‘avaran’ is – the covering which covers us from all around, envelops. The sweet harmony between nature and human beings is in dire straits due to the increasing population and consumption tendency. These imbalances are like the third world war against nature. Destruction of forests all over the world, illegal and inconsistent mining, unexpected increase in the use of coal, petrol, diesel and expansion in the name of development of factories have brought human civilization to the brink of great destruction.

Famous rivers of the world, such as- Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Rhine, Seine, Moss, Thames etc. have become horribly polluted. The life of the people living near it has become difficult. There is a thick layer of ozone gas in the stratosphere of the atmosphere above the Earth. It is the protection shield for the life of the earth, in which the harmful rays coming from the sun are stopped. But due to increasing clouds of poisonous gases above the earth, unnecessary rays of the sun are not able to be reflected in outer space, due to which the temperature of the earth (global warming) is increasing.

This has increased the risk of submergence of the coastal areas of all the small islands and continents, it is called the greenhouse effect. If this situation continues, then a metropolis like Mumbai can end up in the lap of holocaust. Due to the rising temperature on the earth, the glaciers that provide nectar and nutritious water to the world civilization have either disappeared or are on the verge of extinction.

Amritvahini Ganga has been dragged several kilometers back from the original place of its origin Gangotri. Millions of people have become refugees due to the increase in natural disasters. Especially due to the construction of dams, factories, hydro power stations in India itself, lakhs of forest dwellers have become homeless and refugees.

Essay on Earth

Deep faith and sensitivity towards the environment comes from ancient times. It is written in the Atharvaveda – ‘Mata Bhoomi: Putron Prathviya: That is, the land is the mother, we are the sons of the earth. At one place it is also said that ‘O holy land! We should not do any such thing which will hurt your heart. Here heart attack means cruel tampering with the earth’s ecosystems i.e. environment. We have to avoid unnatural and wild exploitation of natural resources.

Today the need is that all the nations of the world forget their differences regarding the serious threat of climate change and fulfill their responsibility honestly, so that the apocalypse can be overcome in time. Collective and individual efforts are needed to deal with the world destruction, many movements are going on in the save nature campaign. There is talk of forest protection in lieu of Aranya Rodan. Truly we have to save the earth for self defense. The land is the mother and we her children have to fulfill this statement.

Ways to save the earth

  • Make the general public aware of the problems of increasing pollution and global warming.
  • All countries should take meaningful steps towards saving the earth by forgetting mutual discrimination.
  • Programs organized to save the earth and environment should be organized in all the countries of the world. Efforts should be made to promote plantation by putting complete prevention on the felling of trees.
  • It is necessary to impose limits on the indiscriminate use of natural resources.
  • 3R means that the system of re-creation, re-use and use of waste from it should be adopted.
  • Complete ban on vehicles and factories causing more air pollution.
  • Vehicles that are less polluting and use less fuel should be promoted.
  • Honor should be given to those who have done excellent work in the direction of Save Earth (Save Earth).
  • In the curriculum of the students, the essay on spreading awareness about the earth got a place in the course.
  • Instead of producing electricity from coal, solar energy should be promoted.

To save our earth, the problem of increasing pollution and global warming can be solved with the joint efforts of every student, youth, woman, local government, central government, organizations of different countries and non-governmental organizations. From today we all should take a vow that we will not do any such act which will harm our earth and environment or cause damage to them.

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