Essay on Pollution

Let us know about Essay on Pollution. According to the Central Pollution Control Board 2022 report, three out of 156 cities had very poor air quality. Very poor means that the air quality index in these cities is more than 300. While the air quality of 21 cities was recorded in the poor category. Pollution is such a curse which has been born out of science, the result of which is being suffered by the whole world. Pollution means the creation of a defect in the natural balance. Neither getting pure air, nor getting pure water, nor getting pure food, nor getting a peaceful environment. There are many types of pollution, which have been described in detail in Essay on Pollution.

types of pollution 

When undesirable elements dissolve in air, water, soil, etc., make it dirty to such an extent that it starts affecting the health adversely, then it is called pollution. Pollution creates a natural imbalance. At the same time, it is also a danger bell for human life.

Air pollution

Pollution Essay Air pollution is considered to be the most dangerous pollution, the main reason for this pollution is the smoke from industries and vehicles. The harmful smoke emanating from these sources also creates a hindrance in breathing for the people. Day by day growing industries and vehicles have increased the air pollution significantly. Which has created many health problems related to bronchitis and lungs.

Water Pollution

The waste from industries and households sometimes gets mixed in rivers and other water sources, due to which it pollutes them. Our rivers, once considered clean and holy, have become home to many diseases today because of the large amount of plastic material, chemical waste and many other types of non-biodegradable waste have been found.

land pollution

Industrial and domestic waste that is not disposed of in water remains scattered on the ground. Although many attempts are made to recycle and reuse it, but no significant success is achieved in this. Due to such land pollution, mosquitoes, flies and other insects start growing in it, which causes many diseases in humans and other organisms.

Noise pollution

Noise pollution is caused by loud machines running in factories and other loud noise machines. Along with this, vehicles on the road, the noise generated due to bursting of firecrackers, loudspeakers also increase in noise pollution. Noise pollution is the main cause of mental stress in humans, which has many side effects on the brain as well as reduces hearing power.

light pollution

Light pollution is caused by producing excessive and excessive light in an area. Light pollution arises from the excessive use of lighting objects in urban areas. Objects that produce too much light without need increase light pollution, causing many problems.

radioactive pollution

Radioactive pollution refers to the pollution which is generated in the atmosphere by unwanted radioactive elements. Radioactive pollution is generated by the explosion and testing of weapons, mining etc. Along with this, the components generated in the form of waste in nuclear power stations also increase radioactive pollution.

thermal pollution

Water is used as a coolant in many industries, which is the main reason for thermal pollution. Due to this, aquatic organisms have to deal with problems like temperature change and lack of oxygen in the water.

visual pollution

Man-made objects that affect our vision come under visual pollution such as bill boards, antennas, garbage cans, electric poles, towers, wires, vehicles, multi-storey buildings, etc.

world’s most polluted cities

Pollution Essay On one hand, where many cities of the world have succeeded in reducing the level of pollution, in some cities this level is increasing very fast. Cities like Kanpur, Delhi, Varanasi, Patna, Peshawar, Karachi, Sijishuang, Heje, Chernobyl, Bemenda, Beijing and Moscow are included in the list of most polluted cities in the world. The level of air quality in these cities is very poor and along with this the problem of water and land pollution in these cities is also increasing day by day, which has made the standard of living in these cities very pathetic. This is the time when people need to develop cities as well as control pollution level.

ways to reduce pollution

We have to make efforts to stop this increasing pollution. By following some of these given measures, we can control the problem of pollution.

  • car pooling
  • say no to firecrackers
  • keeping your surroundings clean
  • By limiting use of pesticides and fertilizers
  • planting trees
  • use compost
  • by not using light excessively and excessively
  • By making strict rules regarding the use of radioactive substances
  • By making strict industrial rules and regulations

essay on pollution 100 words 

Pollution is a serious environmental problem. It is affecting life on earth. There are mainly 4 types of pollution: air pollution, water pollution, land pollution and noise pollution. Due to the increasing number of vehicles, the level of harmful and poisonous gases is increasing continuously, on the other hand, burning of fire in factories and open are the main causes of air pollution. Factories also release some toxic gases, heat and energy during the manufacturing process. Air pollution is causing other respiratory diseases including lung cancer in humans and animals.

The mixing of harmful wastes of factories, industries, sewage systems and farms etc. directly into the main source of water of rivers, lakes and oceans is the main cause of water pollution. Land pollution is caused by the use of fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, pesticides and other organic compounds. The noise produced by heavy machinery, vehicles, radio, TV, speakers etc. is due to noise pollution which causes hearing problems and sometimes deafness. There is a need for joint efforts to control pollution so that we can get a healthy and pollution free environment.

Essay on Pollution 200 Words 

Pollution is directly related to nature, but it is not related to the loss or damage caused to any one thing but to spoil or waste all those natural resources which nature has entrusted to us with great beauty. Huh. We have all heard and read this saying that as we treat nature, we will get the same in return from nature. For example, we can remember the time of the lockdown of the Corona period, how the beauty of nature was seen, when all the man-made things (vehicles, factories, machines etc.) were closed and the pollution level in India for a few days. It was reduced to a great extent or, to say the least, almost to zero.

One thing is clear from this example like water that only man is responsible for the natural events, calamities, epidemics etc. happening from time to time. Whenever we talk about nature or natural resources, they include all those things which man has got as a boon from God or nature. These include things like air, water, plants, animals, birds, rivers, forests, mountains etc. As human beings, it is our first duty to protect all these natural things and resources. Nature will protect us only when we protect it.

essay on pollution 300 words

How does pollution happen?

We all are told one thing in our childhood that we get oxygen from plants. It is because of oxygen that we live and breathe. But even after this, the cases of deforestation are increasing continuously and are responsible for increasing all types of pollution. By pollution, we mean the contamination or deterioration of air, water and soil, which gives rise to pollution.

damages of pollution

Today due to pollution, all things like greenery, pure air, pure food, pure water etc. are becoming impure. The biotic and abiotic components that make up our environment are the ones that are most at risk today. Nature is suffering the most due to pollution. Undesirable substances dissolve in air, water and soil making it dirty and contaminating. These elements are harming nature and humans as well as animals, animals and birds, trees and plants, rivers, forests, mountains etc. Pollution is posing serious threats to human life. We have to eliminate pollution while rectifying the damage we have caused to the environment as soon as possible.

pollution causes and prevention

There are many different causes of pollution, including felling of trees, growing industries, factories, machines, etc. The biggest reason for pollution is the rapid increase in population. Due to all these reasons, the level of pollution has increased significantly in the last several years. It is responsible for increasing all types of pollution like air, water, soil, noise etc. Due to pollution, we are also facing natural calamities like earthquake, flood, storm etc. To reduce pollution, we have to plant more and more trees and keep cleanliness around us. With these small efforts, we can make an important contribution in reducing pollution.     

essay on pollution 500 words 

If the elements found in land, air, water, sound in this world are not balanced, then the imbalance in the environment increases. And this imbalance is the main cause of pollution. Due to this imbalance, it affects all the things like crops, trees, etc.

Apart from this, whatever garbage and garbage we throw is also one of the main reasons for pollution. Therefore, we can say that – “Any unwanted change in the physical, chemical or biological properties of the environment, which has an effect on humans and other organisms or destroys the natural quality and utility of the environment, is called pollution.”

 because of pollution 

  • The problem is increasing day by day due to increasing quantity of waste material and lack of proper disposal options. Waste products from factories and homes are kept in open spaces and burnt
  • Due to which land, air, water and sound are polluted. Pollution occurs due to various human activities and also due to natural causes.
  • The increasing use of pesticides, lack of options for disposal of industrial and agricultural wastes, deforestation, increasing urbanization, acid rain and mining are the root causes of this pollution.
  • All these factors hinder agricultural activities and also cause various diseases in animals and humans. Population growth is also the reason for increasing pollution.

 sources of pollution

  • Household waste, frozen water, water lying in the cooler, water stored in plants
  • Chemical substances such as detergents, hydrogen, soap, industrial and mining waste
  • plastic
  • Gases like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, ammonia etc.
  • Fertilizers like urea, potash 
  • dirty water
  • Pesticides such as DDT, insecticides
  • sound
  • heat
  • population growth

consequences of pollution 

The main concern of today’s time is increasing pollution. The foul smell around the garbage grounds makes it difficult to breathe. The place around it is not worth living. Various respiratory diseases arise. Air is polluted when they are burnt to get rid of waste products. Skin diseases due to direct contact with waste materials, toxins produce toxic organisms that cause life-threatening diseases, such as mosquitoes, flies, etc. Agriculture is bad and the food items are not fit to eat. Drinking water which was considered as nectar also becomes a means of diseases. The sound that used to produce music becomes noise and creates mental imbalance. Green armor on earth is also very less, only about three percent is left, which is noteworthy.  

measures to prevent pollution

  • Use biodegradable products. Because biodegradable waste is easy to dispose of.
  • Food should be grown without the use of pesticides, organic vegetables and fruits should be grown. 
  • Avoid using poly bags and plastic utensils and items. Because it is difficult to dispose of plastic in any form.
  • Use paper or cloth bags.
  • Segregation of wet and dry waste into separate dustbins separates the waste. Government of India has already started this campaign and many green and blue dustbins have been installed in different areas in different cities across the country.
  • Limit paper use. Many trees are cut each year to make paper. This is a cause of pollution. Digital experiment is a good option to remedy this.
  • Use a reusable duster and broom.
  • Pollution harms make your friends and relatives aware about this.
  • Household waste should not be thrown out in the open.
  • Mineral materials should also be used carefully so that they can be used for future also. Can you
  • We should also pollute the air less and plant more and more trees so that acid rain can be stopped.
  • If we live a better life Want and want purity in the atmosphere, the forests have to be protected.
  • We should use such things which we can use again. 


Pollution is a kind of slow poison which destroys not only humans but also animals, animals, birds, plants and plants through air, water, dust etc. Today the existence of living beings is in danger due to pollution. Due to this many animals, animals, birds and wild animals have become extinct.

If pollution continues in this way, then life will become very difficult, there will be nothing to eat and there will be no pure air to breathe, will not get water to quench thirst, life will be very unbalanced. To avoid such situations, we have to take more steps to protect the environment. Instead of making life comfortable, it has to be made useful. Steps have to be taken towards dutifulness.