Essay on Trees

Let’s know about Essay on Trees. Trees are as important in our lives as food and water. Without tree life will become very difficult or we can say that life will end because tree is very important aspect in giving us healthy and prosperous life. Trees provide us with direct and indirect life as it is a source of oxygen production, a source of CO2 consumption, and a source of rain. This is the most precious gift given by nature to humanity on earth, which we should be grateful for and respect it as well as preserve it for the betterment of humanity.

Short and Long Essay on Save Tree

Essay on Trees 1 (250 words)

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Essay on Trees
Essay on Trees

Save tree, save life is not just a slogan, it is a responsibility which should be understood and accepted by every human being living on the earth. This is a big opportunity for all of us to save our healthy environment and green earth by saving trees. The tree is a symbol of life on earth and is the natural home for many people and wild animals.

Saving trees is very important in today’s modern world where urbanization, industrialization and global warming are increasing rapidly. In such a technological world, where people are only working and fighting for themselves, only trees live for others (human beings and animals). By providing fruits, vegetables, vegetables, flowers, spices, cool shade, medicine, roots, tree bark, wood, shoots etc., life on earth is nourished in many ways.

A fully grown tree serves humanity for many years without taking anything back. It also protects us from many diseases by purifying the air, maintaining ecological balance, providing medicine etc. Trees are like important assets for us, which protect us from soil erosion, provide homes for animal species, provide nutrients from the soil, etc. Here we are mentioning the following ways to save trees and environment:

  • We should make some effective efforts on our behalf by joining the organizations working to save the trees.
  • We should voluntarily save trees so that other people can also be inspired.
  • We should encourage our family members, friends, neighbors, small children to save this important resource of the earth.
  • We should participate in discussion or meeting on tree conservation issue in community or state.
  • We should teach our new generation and child to respect trees, nature and environment by taking them on walks or camps.
  • We should plant new trees and plants around us.

Essay on Trees 2 (300 words)

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In fact, many valuable gifts have been given to us from our mother earth to nurture our life. One of the most important gifts among them is the tree. It is an important source of food and shelter for both humans and animals on earth. Trees are the natural home for many tribes living inside the forest and also provide home to all the birds. It protects us from timber, clean air, soil erosion and floods for making furniture, provides cool and clean air in summer and is a great source of glue, paper, rubber, medicine, rain etc. We should understand the role and importance of trees in our life and with a pledge to protect it, we should motivate people to plant more and more trees.

how to save tree

Following are some effective ways to save trees to save life and environment on earth:

  • We should find out the reason for the removal of trees in specific areas and analyze whether the tree needed to be cut due to wilting, deterioration or misplacement.
  • We should get proper information about removing trees from roads by calling the urban department, local department of urban forestry or writing a letter to the urban forest officer to file an objection regarding the removal of trees.
  • We can contact our City Council representative regarding the removal of trees.
  • We, along with our neighbors, should hold public hearings in front of the authorities regarding saving the trees.
  • To make this case more strong and effective, we should research all the benefits of trees.
  • We should contact the media and make them on our side so that the issue of removal of trees reaches the people and public awareness increases.
  • If trees are removed, we should contact the local government and non-profit organizations to assure that trees are planted again in the same area.


Life on earth is possible because of water, oxygen and trees and we cannot ignore that trees are the main source of oxygen and water on earth. If we will eliminate trees and forest, we will eliminate life and environment from green earth. Man is known as the most intelligent creature on earth. That is why we should understand our responsibility towards nature and start saving trees, green gold of the earth.

Essay on Trees 3 (400 words)

Essay on Trees

Now we will learn about Essay on Trees about 400 words.


Trees are the most valuable and important means of life on earth. This is of great use to the health and business communities on earth. In some direct and indirect ways, all these organisms on earth benefit the animals. Everything on earth is interconnected and runs in balance with nature, if there is any disturbance with it, the whole environment can be disrupted and can harm life on earth.

Trees keep us safe from many natural calamities and sustain our lives in many ways. It keeps our environment clean and the earth green, therefore, we should also be fully responsible towards them and try our best to save them. Tall and mature trees are more beneficial than shorter trees because they absorb more carbon, filter greenhouse gases at a higher rate, capture storm water, provide great shade and resist urban heat, energy Reduces usage etc. That is why we should not cut it even in emergency times.

benefits of tree

Here we are mentioning some real benefits of trees, which will help you understand why trees should not be cut, although there is a great need to plant trees from time to time.

  • By purifying the air and absorbing greenhouse gases, mature trees help us to resist climate change as they are the main source of climate change.
  • By refreshing the air, the tree helps in cleaning the air as it absorbs all the odors and pollutant gases in the environment.
  • A mature tree in one acre can provide oxygen to 18 people per year.
  • The tree resists the heat of the summer season as well as the low winter temperatures.
  • Trees are one of the best energy conservation and global warming management techniques as they reduce the need for summer wind adaptation by 50%.
  • It saves water by reducing water evaporation from the ground through shade.
  • Trees filter water naturally and play a big role in saving water pollution by allowing water to flow from the earth under the trees, hence protecting the rain water from taking pollutants from the ocean.
  • Trees protect against soil erosion by taking up large amounts of soil from one site.
  • The tree provides us with a strong shield to protect us from ultra violet rays and for this reason also protects against skin cancer and other skin problems.
  • Trees are a good means of food, (like fruits, vegetables etc.), roofing, medicine, economy etc.
  • Trees have good curative properties among patients in case of any health problems such as children suffering from ADHD should be kept in direct contact with trees and nature.
  • Trees are a good means of identifying the weather, they reduce violence and create economic opportunities for people.
  • Trees are the best teachers who never talk but teach all. These are the best companions to play with children.
  • These are the best examples of unity in diversity.
  • Trees are a good means of reducing noise pollution, water pollution, air pollution and soil pollution.


By seeing all the benefits of trees given here, we can fully understand the values ​​of trees in our life. That is why we should not cut down trees and forests. We should motivate to plant more trees in human-congested areas and encourage common people to save trees.

Essay on Trees 4 (600 words)

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Trees play a big role in purifying air, soil and water, due to this it makes the earth a better place to live. People who live near trees are generally healthy and happy. Tree helps us a lot through its unlimited service throughout life. As human beings, do we ever understand our responsibilities towards trees or will we just continue to enjoy its benefits. Saving trees is not to show mercy to them, but we show mercy to our lives because life on earth is not possible without trees. Therefore, if we want to live in a healthy way, we have to save the trees forever.

importance of trees

Here we are telling some important and priceless properties of trees which will help us to know why trees on earth are said to be green, gold and very important for healthy life.

  • Trees add a lot of utility to our lives as well as improve our living conditions by providing fresh air and nutritious food.
  • Trees fulfill our additional needs like roofing, medicine and other needs of our modern lifestyle.
  • Tree plays a big role in society, community, road, park, playground and back patio of house in providing peaceful environment and aesthetically pleasing environment. Trees help in enhancing the quality of life by providing cool shade during our outdoor activities.
  • Old trees in the living area become a landmark and the pride of the city.
  • The tree helps to bend the sunlight and hence reduces the heat and keeps the environment clean and cool.
  • Trees provide pure oxygen and reduce air pollution by filtration of hazardous gases.
  • It helps in water conservation by saving water evaporation.
  • It protects the soil from erosion and provides support to wildlife.
  • Trees are useful means of controlling climate by managing the effects of sun, rain and wind.
  • Trees are very important in balancing the ecology in nature.
  • Trees are a good means of absorbing and collecting rainwater, thus protecting it from damage after a storm.
  • Trees are a good source of food and shade for wild animals. Birds make their nests on the branches of trees.
  • Trees have their own personal and spiritual qualities as they appear colorful and beautiful. People have been worshiping some trees since ancient times.
  • Trees are the means of economy for many people as they are used commercially for fuel, house construction, tools, furniture making, sporting goods etc.

why save trees

Below we have put some points which will tell why trees should be saved:
  • Trees always keep the air clean and fresh by releasing oxygen and filtering out small particulate matter including dust, fine metal particles, pollutants, greenhouse gases, (ozone, ammonia, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide) etc.
  • Trees reduce haze and air pollution from the environment.
  • It improves water quality, prevents water pollution, its root system reduces storm water runoff, prevents floods and soil erosion.
  • Trees are a good means of energy conservation as it reduces the system of fan, air condition etc. to cool the air in the summer season.
  • Due to the positive economic impact on land building, good landscaped site and land building have good value, they speed up the sale of the house.
  • According to the Human Environment Research Laboratory, trees are very effective in reducing the level of violence in the neighborhood.
  • 4 trees can save up to 30% of the cost of cooling the heat near the home while 1 million trees can save about $10 million in energy costs per year.
  • 40 to 50 trees help remove about 80 pounds of air pollutants per year.
  • Trees require very little water per year (400 trees require about 40,000 gallons of rainwater).
  • A tree provides oxygen worth $31,250 for its entire life span of 50 years.
  • Trees around the house increase its market value by 6% to 7% and by about 10% in the value of the property (according to the USDA Forest Service).


As we have seen about the importance of trees, along with the value of trees in our lives, let us also know why trees should be saved; To make common people aware, we should start a campaign of awareness to save trees in our surroundings. To know the issue related to the decreasing number of trees on the earth, we should encourage people to participate more in such programs. We should always be active and keep our eyes open regarding the existence of green gold on earth, we should not indulge in cutting trees and should oppose the cutting of trees and forests. We should always be a partner in planting trees in people’s living space and polluted areas.

Frequently Asked Question For Essay on Trees

What is the importance of tree?

Trees keep our environment clean and pollution free. These are the true warriors of the environment, who keep it clean and beautiful. Tree is the true companion of our life and it gives us life. Trees not only give us fruits and flowers, but also give us those medicines in the form of medicines, which are necessary for us to live.

How to keep trees safe?

We should make some effective efforts on our behalf by joining the organizations working to save the trees. We should voluntarily save trees so that other people can also be inspired, we should encourage our family members, friends, neighbors, small children to save this important resource of the earth.

What are the values ​​of trees in our life

Trees contribute to their environment by providing oxygen, improving air quality, improving climate, conserving water, conserving soil and supporting wildlife. During the process of photosynthesis, trees take in carbon dioxide and produce the oxygen we breathe.

How to prevent damage to trees.

The best way to avoid this type of damage is to not allow grass to grow within 1-2 feet of the trunk. Inhibit grass growth with a 2-4″ thick layer of bark mulch. This mulch will provide the added benefit of supplying nutrients to the tree and retaining vital soil moisture.

Why do we need to conserve trees?

Why conserve trees? Trees help to improve and maintain water, soil and air quality and remove pollutants from the air, Trees also provide shade and help lower temperatures during hot weather. Trees enrich people’s lives and beautify the landscape.

Why is plant protection necessary?

Situations like untimely rains, floods and droughts are created every year, due to which mankind has to face many types of problems. Therefore, by planting more and more trees, we can make the environment clean. To get rid of many types of deadly diseases, there is a great need for the protection of trees and plants.

What benefits do we get from trees?

However, trees not only give us oxygen but also provide fruits, wood, fiber, rubber etc. Trees also act as shelter for animals and birds. Trees not only take in carbon dioxide but also absorb various harmful gases emitted by vehicles and industries.

What are our trees?

Trees play an important role in keeping the environment clean and maintaining balance. They prevent soil erosion and retain moisture. Where there is more number of trees and plants, there is good rainfall in the rainy season.

Why does the mango tree dry up?

Mango tree has slender veins in the stems which help the tree to make food. It takes oxygen from the leaf and makes it available to the tree. When termites are infested in the tree, the food that goes through the thin veins to the twigs after the food is cooked under the ground, the termites get devoured. This causes the trees to dry up.

What is the importance of trees and plants in our environment?

Trees and plants provide us with oxygen. And make the environment pure by consuming harmful carbon oxides. Without trees, there is no existence of us and this earth. Trees and plants make the environment around us full. Trees and plants give us wood, cool shade and flowers along with pure oxygen.

What is the importance of plants for the environment?

Trees provide oxygen and clean air to humans. Trees take sunlight and provide us with oxygen by taking carbon-dioxide from the air through the process of photosynthesis or photo-synthesis. Oxygen is very essential for the life of us and all living beings.

Write the importance of trees in four to five sentences.

Trees maintain the balance of our nature. We get wood from trees, from which we make windows, doors, furniture etc. Wood from trees is also used as fuel. Trees and plants are a boon for birds, birds make their nests on their branches.

How to take care of trees and plants?

Always use lukewarm water for your plants, as cold water can shock the plant’s roots and damage the plant. Do deep watering of your plant about once a month. Put them in the sink and let the water run through them. This will help prevent salt from settling on the surface of the soil.

What do you learn from trees?

Not only can we learn qualities like generosity and forgiveness from trees, but now it is also seen that trees can teach us how to use solar energy. Nature is many times better scientists and engineers than humans, that’s why often scientists learn from nature or try to imitate it to invent new technology.

What happens when the bael tree dries up?

In no time the whole tree dries up. The farmers are worried that due to the disease, the vine crop rots on the tree itself. The vine suddenly breaks from the branch of the tree and falls down and its inside part gets rotten. Dangerous pests are destroying the fruit by entering the twig inside the vine.

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