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Come friends today we will learn about Essay on Wonders of Science. The reason behind every event is science, whether it is cyclone, storm or rain or the boiling and freezing of water etc. Science is not limited to instruments, but science can be seen from the earth to the universe. It would not be wrong to say that the modern age is the age of science. Today’s man is heavily dependent on science. In other words, in the absence of science, the life of a person is filled with difficulties.

Short and Long Essay on Wonder of Science

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Essay on Wonders of Science 1 (300 words): The Magnificent Wonders of Science


In short, the systematic study of natural knowledge is called science. There are different types of science like natural science, life science, and there are different branches of these types like physics, chemistry, biology etc. It makes us aware of the reason behind the incident and its consequences.

Mankind is a miracle of science for mankind

  • Electricity – Electricity is a wonderful gift of science to mankind. Home is not only illuminated through electricity, but most of the appliances we use in our daily life today run with the help of electricity. Apart from this, electricity has an important contribution in the hospital, industrial sector, corporate sector etc.
  • Traffic and Transport – Today, any long journey we cover in a few hours. This is the gift of science, as well as science has invented cycles, motor cycles, rickshaws, cars, buses and airplanes. By which a person can make his journey easy by using them according to his income.
  • Role of science in agriculture – Many discoveries and inventions of science have increased the quality and quantity of produce in agriculture. Harvesting machines, tractors, improved seeds, food etc. are the gifts of science to the farmers.
  • Prevention of natural calamities – If seen, no one can win over natural disasters, but there are some such inventions of science, with the help of which a signal can be obtained about these disasters in advance, due to which there is less loss of public and money. Will be
  • Seismograph – This is a seismometer instrument, with the help of which the place where the earthquake is likely to be detected, and its intensity is measured through the Richter scale.
  • Anemometer and Doppler Radar – These are cyclone and storm measuring instruments. It is used to estimate the speed of natural disasters.

Science plays a major role in our life. And mankind has got many facilities as a gift of science, which he uses to fulfill the tasks of his daily life to save himself from the wrath of nature.

Essay on Wonders of Science – 2 (400 words): Miraculous inventions of science


“Science is a beautiful gift to humanity, we should not destroy it” – Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. As we moved beyond the Stone Age, science filled us with a set of features of the present age. It simplifies our lives and inspires us to contemplate the wonders of science.

Many such miraculous inventions of science, which make our life easy and pleasant. Science has a very important contribution in our life.

amazing inventions of science

  • Science has provided many such craft made of plastic which we use in daily life.
  • We cannot live in the absence of motorbike, car, cycle, bus all these means of transport, they save our time during our travel. And the airplane travel by bullock cart is a great achievement of science.
  • Antibiotics, injections and so on are the product of many pharmacology.
  • Today we are able to cook food with the help of science, microwave, gas, stove, index chulha used in kitchen are the gift of science.
  • Through science, there has been a lot of improvement in cleanliness than before, we use vacuum cleaners and many other such small and big equipment in the use of cleaning private and public places.
  • Press, Room Heater, Water Heater, Cooler, AC All these devices make our daily life simple and comfortable. We have become so used to these tools that in the absence of them our work stops.
  • Due to science, superstition has been discarded and the way of looking at everything has changed.
  • The invention of telecommunication (mobile phone, telephone) makes our work easier and keeps us in touch with our loved ones.
  • Filters and mineral water provide us health. This too is a gift of science.

Some of the inventions of science which spread revolution in the human world.

  • Wheel – 3500 BC The wheel was invented which helped the human world in agriculture and transportation.
  • Printing Press – In 1440, John Guterberg of Germany invented the printing press, which rapidly printed other copies of books, thereby expanding knowledge in a big way.
  • Telephone – Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, which made many tasks easier through telecommunications.
  • Mobile phone – American scientist Martin Cooper, along with his team, made a mobile phone in 1973 and its weight was 2 kg. It later became the best medium of telecommunication.
  • Motor cycle – Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach invented the motorcycle in 1885. Which spread revolution as a means of transport.
  • Invention of the bulb – American inventor Thomas Alva Edison gave the bulb as a gift to the world in 1879.
  • Internet – In 1969, Team Berners Lee invented the Internet, hence he is called the father of the Internet. Internet is considered to be the most dynamic medium of communication, and it is a unique gift for human beings.

With the help of science, our life has become easy and comfortable. Science has given us many such assets in the form of gifts which have affected, changed the life of a person. In which mainly mobile, internet, bulb, light, cycle, computer play an important role. It is seen as a basic necessity of human beings in today’s time.

Essay on Wonders of Science – 3 (600 words): Contribution of Science in Human Life


Everything is possible in this age of science, due to which science has become one of the most essential things in our life without which we cannot live. Hence it can be said that science has changed the world in a way that is unimaginable. The development of science has enabled mankind to advance in all walks of life, from agriculture to medicine, communication technology to space technology.

Science – Simplification of Life

Advancement of science has made life more comfortable and easier. If we use it properly then the use of science can help us to lead a healthy and easy life. The rise of smartphones from the discovery of the Internet is a boon to the modern world. Today all facilities are available at our fingertips. New technology like Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things allows things to communicate as well. Today science has not only made humans smart but things are also getting smarter.

Science – a boon for medicine

The miracles of science in the field of medicine are nothing less than a miracle. We currently have the ability to transplant every part of a living person’s body through surgery. With the invention of X-rays, Ultrasonography, ECG (Electrocardiogram), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Penicillin and many other modern instruments diagnosing any problem is no longer an impossible task.

Moreover, it has helped in curing fatal diseases as well as performing surgeries which were previously impossible. Recently science has helped us deal with the global corona pandemic by discovering vaccines and test kits. The contribution of science is in reducing the increasing mortality rate due to diseases.

Science – Ease of Transportation

Transport for mankind was never as easy as it is now. Earlier it used to take many days to cover the distance but science has changed the history of transportation. Electric cars and electric cycles are a boon to the environment. A bullet train-like search takes less than a second for a person to travel to any part of the world.

With the help of rocket science, humans are able to travel to other planets and also to the moon. Scientists are now preparing for the discovery of the Hyperloop. Hyperloop is a transport that will travel 4 times faster than an airplane.

Science – a bundle of new discoveries

Science is the mother of new discoveries. Today we have robots that not only make our work easier but can also think like humans. There are some areas which are of high risk to humans and this is being replaced by machines which save human beings from risky work. In the field of entertainment, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have blown everyone’s senses with their influence.


The wonders of science are infinite and there is no limit to how far it can go. But despite its good qualities, science can also prove to be bad if humans do not use it wisely. It is very important for all of us to note that an excess of anything is poison, and the same applies to science. For the positive impact of science on mankind, it is very important to make proper use of any resource.

Frequently Asked Questions For Essay on Wonders of Science

Question 1- Who invented the word scientific and when?

Ans- For the first time the term scientific was used by William Wavell in 1883.

Question 2- Who does the world consider to be the father of science?

Answer- Galileo is considered the father of modern science.

Question 3- Which is considered the most important branch of science?

Answer: Space Science.

Question 4- Under which branch of science is the study of the species development of animals?

Answer – Under Phonology

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