Father of Biology

Let us know about Father of Biology.

Who is the father of biology?

Hear itstop Aristotle is considered the father of biology. – Father Of Biology. The term biology was given by Lamarck and Trevirenus in 1802 AD.

What is the name of the father of science?

Hear it stop Galileo is considered the father of modern science. Stephen Hawking and other scientists believe that Galileo contributed more to modern science than any other person in history. He is also considered the father of modern physics, astronomy and observational science.

Who is the father of Zoology?

Hear itstopThe father of biology is called the Greek philosopher Aristotle (384-322 BC).

Who is the father of modern science?

Hear it Roken Galileo Galilei was a famous Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher. His name comes in the forefront in laying the foundation of the modern scientific revolution. He was born on 15 February 1564, and died on 8 January 1642.

Who is the author of Physics?

Hear this stop The father of physics is Newton. But Newton, Galileo and Einstein are all called the ‘fathers of modern physics’.

What is meant by physics?

Hear this stop Physics is a vast branch of natural science. Physics is hard to define. According to the opinion of some scholars, this is the science of energy and in this the transformation of energy and its material relations are discussed. Through this the study of the natural world and its internal activities is done.

What is the literal meaning of physical?

Hear it, in science, the word physical refers to the properties of a substance or environment, due to which human beings perceive, hear, smell and touch whatever is around in the world through their senses and senses.

Where is the term physics taken from?

Listen to it The word physics is derived from the Greek language phusika which means nature. In this the study of nature and philosophy is done. But in the modern definition of physics, energy and matter and the relationship between them are studied.

important questions of biology

Is biology a part of a natural science? In biology, studies related to plants and animals are done and the importance of biology is very much inside science? Because modern biology is a very broad science?, which has many branches and out of all, biology is the most important branch because all human needs are based on biology. Like clothes, food and many other things which are useful for human life? And being a part of nature, biology has remained the center of interest of man since ancient times.

And today many happy questions are asked related to biology, if there is any exam of any kind, then important information of biology is important information biology is this some important information? Which is important for your general knowledge? And at the same time all this information is also asked in the exam? So remember them well and share it with others. And if you have too? If you have any specific information, then tell us in the comments.

1.Who is responsible for red rot disease in sugarcane?

Get down   Colletotrichum falcatum
2. Which fungus is responsible for the disease lingering inside peanuts?
Get down Cercospora personata
3. The method of getting rid of diseases of the body by exercise and massage is called?
Get down Physiotherapy
4. What is the study of embryo development called?
Get down Embryology
5. What is the study of blood pressure in arteries and veins called?
Get down Sphygmology
6. What is the study of the effect of chemical substances of poison on animals and plants called? Get
down Toxicology
7. The study of science related to the study of human skin is called?
Get down dermatology
8. What is the source of easily digestible protein?
Get down Soybean

9. What is the percentage of water in human blood plasma?
Get down 91 to 92%
10. Which enzyme is helpful in digesting milk?
Get down rennin
11. What is the name of the part of the brain that focuses on thirst, sleep and hunger?
Get down Hypothalmus
12. Which antimicrobial drug is suitable for the treatment of leprosy and tuberculosis?
Get down Rifampicin
13. Who got the Nobel Prize for the synthetic synthesis of DNA?
Get down Kornberg
14. What is the abiotic component of the ecological system?
Get down Water
15. What is that source of energy? Which does not pollute?
Get down Sun
16. What is the name of the animal that eats bamboo?
Get downRed Panda
17. When was the hole found inside the ozone layer discovered?
Get down 1985
18. Name the first national park to be established in India?
Get down Corbett
19. Which organization is responsible for maintaining the Red Data Book?
Get down IUGN

20. The scientific name that established the species ‘Annelida’ is?
Get down Lamark
21. Edward Jenner is associated with which disease?
Get down Smallpox
22. What is the harmful element inside tobacco? What’s his name?
Get down Nicotine
23. The theory of origin of life was proposed by?
Get down Oparin
24. How many pairs of hearts are found inside the earthworm?
Get down Four
25. What was the main reason for the famine in Bengal in 1942?
Get down rice leaf spots