Father of Hindi

Who is called the father of modern Hindi i.e. who is the fathers of Hindi and what is his name? To know about the Fathers of Modern Hindi Literature, read this article completely.

Here in this article you have been told who is the fathers of Hindi and the things related to it.

Who is called the father of Hindi?

Bhartendu Harishchandra is said to be the fathers of modern Hindi who has contributed in many languages ​​including Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali and Marwari. Hence Bhartendu Harishchandra is known as the fathers of “Modern Hindi Literature and Hindi Theatre”.

Bhartendu Harishchandra was one of the greatest Hindi writers, whose writings influenced many important social realities of India. In view of his inclination towards writing, he was given the title of ‘Bhartendu’ in a public meeting by the scholars of Kashi.

Modern Hindi literature has started from the Bharatendu period, hence Bhartendu Harishchandra is called the father of modern Hindi literature.

Bhartendu Harishchandra (Father of Modern Hindi Literature and Hindi Theatre)

Bhartendu Harishchandra is commonly called the father of modern Hindi literature, who has contributed to Hindi as well as many other languages ​​such as Punjabi, Bengali, Marwari, etc.

He was a poet, essayist, journalist and playwright. This is the reason why he was also called a versatile litterateur. He awakened the national consciousness among the people through his creations and gave a new message of awakening to everyone in the country.

His major magazines included Kavi Vachan Sudha, Harishchandra Magazine, Harishchandra Chandrika, Bala Bodhini etc. His approach was reformist. He aimed his literature at many important things such as depictions of poverty, subjugation and inhuman exploitation of rulers, etc.

He always tried to establish Hindi as the national language, He gave a new birth to the Hindi language and continued to contribute due to his writings about it in the country, hence he is called the father of Hindi language.

Information about Bharatendu Harishchandra 

NameBharatendu Harishchandra _
Birth9 September 1850, Varanasi
death6 January 1885, Varanasi
ParentsGopal Chandra
modeDramas, Poems, Translations, Essay Collections
Subjectmodern hindi literature
BusinessWriter, poet, essayist, journalist and playwright
notable works Andher Nagari, India plight
identityFather of Modern Hindi Literature

What are the major works of Bharatendu Harishchandra?

play –

  • Vedic Violence is Not Violence (1873)
  • India’s plight (1875)
  • Satya Harishchandra (1876)
  • Sri Chandravali (1876)
  • Niladevi (1881)
  • Dark City (1881)


  • Bhakta-Sarvasva (1870)
  • love-mistress (1871)
  • Prem-Madhuri (1875)
  • Love-Wave (1877)
  • Uttaraddha-Bhaktamal (1876-77)
  • courtship (1877)
  • Geet – Govindananda (1877-78)
  • Holi (1879)
  • Madhu-Mukul (1881)
  • Raga-Collection (1880)
  • Rain-Vinod (1880)
  • Vinay Prem Pachasa (1881)
  • bunch of flowers (1882)
  • Prem-Phulwari (1883)
  • Krishnacharitra (1883)

Article Summary

Bhartendu Harishchandra is called the father of modern Hindi literature , who contributed in the form of poems, plays, stories, etc. in Hindi language, hence he is called the father of Hindi.

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