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You must have heard Sanskrit words , but do you know about the father of Sanskrit language ?

Probably not, so in this article we are going to tell you about who is the father of Sanskrit and why he is called the fathers of Sanskrit.

Before getting the education of Sanskrit language and other information related to it , it is necessary to know about the fathers of Sanskrit i.e. who is the fathers of Sanskrit.

This is the reason that in this article you have been explained in simple words about the fathers of Sanskrit language and other important things related to them.

So let us now know who is the father of Sanskrit (sanskrit ke janak), why he is called the fathers of Sanskrit, and about other information related to it.

Who is the father of Sanskrit?

Maharishi Panini is called the father of Sanskrit, who became the biggest grammarian of Sanskrit language. He wrote the grammar of Sanskrit, following which the grammar of all the languages ​​of the world has been created.

The name of the grammar written by him is “Ashtadhyayi” which has eight chapters and about four thousand sutras. Due to this incomparable contribution of Panini, he is known as the “Fathers of Sanskrit”.

In his grammar, you get a complete picture of the then Indian society by translation. That is, in the “Ashtadhyayi” grammar, along with the geography, social, economic, education and political life of that time, things like philosophical thinking, food, living, etc. have been recorded.

Panini has a great contribution in giving a grammatical form to the Sanskrit language we know, read, write and speak today. This is the reason why Panini is called “the fathers of Sanskrit grammar”.

father of sanskrit  Maharshi Panini
father of sanskrit grammarMaharshi Panini

Who was Maharishi Panini?

Panini was a Sanskrit linguist, grammarian and revered scholar of ancient India, who was the first to compose Sanskrit grammar, hence he is also called the “Father of Sanskrit”.

Birth520 BC
death460 BC
main interestsSanskrit Grammar, Linguistics
AccommodationNorthwest Indian Subcontinent
parent’s name Dakshi, Panin
guru’s namesub year
Main Works (Book) Ashtadhyayi
fameFather of SanskritFather of Sanskrit Grammar

Why is Panini called the father of Sanskrit?

The comprehensive and scientific theory of grammar (Ashtadhyayi) given by Panini is traditionally taken as the beginning of classical Sanskrit. His systematic texts made Sanskrit the dominant Indian language of learning and literature for two millennia. That’s why Panini is called the Father of Sanskrit.

How did Sanskrit language originate?

There are two main aspects of the origin of Sanskrit language: first which was written by him during the British Raj and second which is found in our ancient texts and books.

  1. According to the British: Origin of Sanskrit According to the history written by the British, Panini was the first scholar who prepared grammar for Sanskrit. The grammar composed by him “Ashtadhyayi” played an important role in the origin of Sanskrit language. That is why he is also called “the author and father of Sanskrit grammar”.
  2. According to ancient texts and books: Sanskrit (Sanskrit) has been said to be the dialect of the gods, hence Sanskrit language is Devvani. In ancient texts, many things have been told about the origin of Sanskrit language in the world’s oldest Sanskrit text “Rigveda” and other books. Sanskrit is the eternal language, the origin of which originates from the Veda spoken by the mouth of Brahma ji at the beginning of creation which was in Sanskrit.

Why is Sanskrit called the Dev language?

Sanskrit is called the divine language because:

  1. It is the most poetic, musical language.
  2. It is the language spoken by the gods.
  3. In ancient times all Hindu scriptures and religious literature were spoken and written only in Sanskrit.

Famous grammarian and scholar of Sanskrit

famous grammarian of sanskrithis main works
Vararuchi Katyayanstigma

Who is called the father of Sanskrit grammar?

The father of Sanskrit grammar is said to be “Panini”, by whom “Ashtadhyayi” systematic treatise was composed for the grammar of Sanskrit language.

Which is the first book of Sanskrit grammar?

A grammar book named “Ashtadhyayi” is considered to be the first text of Sanskrit grammar, whose author is Maharishi Panini.

When was Sanskrit language invented?

According to the history of Sanskrit literature, the period from 3500 BC to 500 BC is called Vedic Sanskrit period.

Which Veda is called the father of Indian Sanskrit?

Rig Veda is the oldest known Vedic Sanskrit book, hence it is called the father of Indian Sanskrit.

Sanskrit can be considered as the origin of how many languages?

Sanskrit is the mother of many other languages ​​along with the ancient language, such as Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Sindhi, Punjabi, Nepali, etc. have originated from this. Along with this, there is also a relationship of Sanskrit with Greek, Latin and Iranian-class languages.


In this article, we got information about who is the father of Sanskrit (sanskrit ke janak kaun hai) and other related information such as the origin, discovery, famous grammarian and Maharishi Panini of Sanskrit language.

The answer to the question is: Maharishi Panini is called the father and father of Sanskrit. 

We hope that who is the father of Sanskrit mentioned in this article? You must have got complete information about. If you enjoyed reading this article, please share it and pass it on to your friends and needy people.

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