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Let’s know about FSSAI Full Form. We buy many types of food and drink from the market. When we look at the food packets that we bought, there is an FSSAI symbol on it. What is FSSAI?, what does it work?, what is the eligibility criteria to get recruited in it, etc. These common questions come in our mind. Many departments have been created to run the economy of the country smoothly and every department or institution has its own functions or responsibilities. One of those organizations is FSSAI. Therefore, in today’s article, I am going to give you complete information about FSSAI. Let us know what is FSSAI , what is the full form of FSSAI , what are its functions and responsibilities? Adit.


The full form of FSSAI in English is ” Food safety and standard authority of India “.

It is an organization whose purpose is to keep an eye on the food items and food items sold in the market and ensure their quality check. FSSAI was established by the Government of India on 5 September 2008. This is a section of the Government of India that has been created by looking at the welfare of the people and family of the country. 

What is the work of FSSAI

  • It is the responsibility of FSSAI to observe the quality and safety of all the food items being manufactured in India.
  • FSSAI also observes how and how many food items are being consumed all over India.
  • FSSAI also has a responsibility, that it makes the public aware about the chemicals added to the food and its quality.
  • It also does the same thing to run for the manufacture and renewal of food items and to provide certificates to the industries.
  • FSSAI determines all kinds of parameter scores like what percentage of color, preservatives etc. can be added in which food item.

How many sections are there in FSSAI?

There are altogether 10 types of departments in FSSAI. Some of their names are as follows.

  1. Science and Standards Division (1&2)
  2. Regulations Division
  3. Quality Assurance Division (1&2)
  4. Regulatory Compliance Division
  5. Human Resource Finance Division
  6. General Administration and Policy Coordination Division
  7. information technology division
  8. Social and Behavioral Change Division
  9. Trade and International Cooperation Division
  10. Training Division

All these 10 departments play a major role in their respective fields.

What should be the eligibility to be admitted in FSSAI

If any person wants to be admitted in the Food Safety Department, then first of all he has to ensure his profession. There are many types of posts in the department such as Food Analyst, Technical Officer, Central Food Safety Officer (CFSO) etc. 

For example, if we take food analyst then his age should be minimum 35 years and educational qualification should be BACHELOR OF TECHNOLOGY IN DAIRY OR OIL OR DEGREE IN VETERINARY SCIENCE and 3 years experience in food analysis. needed.

Apart from this, that person must have been declared fully qualified for Food Analyst and appointed by the board, secondly and most importantly he must be Indian.

Similarly, each post has its own educational qualification and age as prescribed by FSSAI.

How many types of licenses are there in FSSAI?

There are three types of licenses in FSSAI. It is something like this.


This license is usually given to small industries, it means from small industries that their turnover is less than ₹ 1200000. This license is valid for 5 years and becomes invalid after that.


State FSSAI Industry License is awarded to those industries whose annual turnover is between 12 lakhs to 20 crores. This license is red for 1 year to 5 years and after that it becomes invalid.

Central FSSAI License :

Central fssai license is usually granted to large industries, it means that their turnover is more than ₹ 20 crores. And this license is also valid for 1 year to 5 years, after that it becomes illegal, if any industry wants to renew its license, then it has to file a petition 30 days before the expiry date of the current license.


Food license is one such permit which is very necessary for running a fertilizer related business. This license is given to the business so that the quality of the fertilizers can be ensured and if any kind of rules are broken, the government benefits can also be taken by the FSSAI license.

  • If any business is having license of FSSAI then the customer has complete trust in its given product. This leads to an increase in the customers of the business.
  • Legal action is a very lengthy and costly process, it also requires many types of documents but if a business has an FSSAI license then it can avoid many types of legal work.
  • As we all know FSSAI is a very well known name. Its logo is seen by the customers as a quality mark. If a business has an FSSAI license, it also helps in increasing the goodwill of that business and the customer also starts believing in that business.
  • This license also plays a very important role in the expansion of the business, if a business has this license then it can import and export its goods and in many other ways it helps in the growth of the business.

At present, there are more than 50 million fertilizer related businesses running all over India. But only 33 lakh of them are registered by FSSAI.

FSSAI Full Form: Conclusion

In this article I have tried to give you all the important information of FSSAI like, FSSAI full form, functions and purpose of FSSAI etc.

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