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Let’s know about Generation Gap Essay. A generation gap occurs when there is a significant difference in age (an entire generation) between two people. This often becomes a cause of conflict between parents and children. Generation gap is explained as the difference of views and ideologies between people belonging to two different generations. This could be a difference in political views, religious beliefs or a general attitude towards life.

Long and Short Essay on Generation Gap

Generation Gap Essay – 1 (300 words)

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Generation Gap is known as the difference of beliefs and ideas between people of different generations. This is a common thing that has been going on for many years. The generation gap often explains the difference of opinion between children and parents or grandparents.

Origin of the term generation gap

The theory of the generation gap gap was introduced in the 1960s. Around that time, it was seen that the younger generation was questioned about almost everything about their parents’ faith and they differed from their parents in almost everything. This included their religious beliefs, political views, moral values, relationship advice, and even their favorite music they enjoy. Eminent sociologists such as Karl Mannheim looked at differences between generations to see how generations differentiated themselves from each other in different situations.

Generation Gap – An Interesting Concept

The generation gap is usually the cause of conflict between children and their parents. This is really an interesting concept. The world would indeed be quite different if the world didn’t have this kind of difference. Each generation sets its own fashion trends, speaks its favorite language, enhances the development of science and technology, and discovers new inventions.

Due to the generation gap, many changes have taken place in the society especially in India where the joint family system was already prevalent. Later the concept of setting up separate families started in India and this is also a result of generation gap. People these days crave for privacy and want to live their life in their own way but joint family system is the main obstacle in this. In this way many people are setting up separate families. Similarly, many changes taking place at different levels of society are the result of generation gap.


As everything on earth is conceptualized, there is also good and bad in the generation gap. There is a need to develop understanding and acceptance to bridge this gap.

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The fields of science and technology are constantly evolving and so is the way of life of the people, their beliefs, thoughts and their overall behaviour. Thus people of different generations behave differently and have their own ideologies which is known as Generation Gap.

How is the generation gap apparent ?

Different names have been given to people belonging to different generations. While those born before independence are termed as traditionalists, those born after independence are called Baby Boomers, those born between 1965 and 1980 are known as Generation X, and those born between 1980 and 1999 are known as Generation Y. Here are some things that clearly show the difference between these generations. Here’s a look at them:

  1. family system

People belonging to the older generation lived in a joint family and they believed in sharing things and taking care of them. However, over time this ideology deteriorated. The present generation wants independence and very few people want to follow the traditional way of living in a joint family. There has been a lot of change in the overall lifestyle of the people.

  1. Language

The Hindi spoken by the people of pre-independence times is quite different from the Hindi language of today and this change did not come suddenly. This change came into existence from generation to generation. Each generation makes a distinct identity of its own language. Due to this change in language, communication between people belonging to different generations at home as well as at workplace sometimes becomes difficult.

  1. attitude at work

Where people of the previous generation were good at taking guidance from elders and were loyal to their officers, these days people get bored of their work very quickly and try to change their jobs or quit their jobs within a few years. Huh. Generation Y people are great at innovating and want to share and implement their own unique ideas with their executives rather than blindly following their guidelines.

  1. behavior towards women

The women of the older generations were mostly confined to the home. She was seen as a mere maid who should take care of the household whereas going out and working was the work of men. However, with the passage of time, the attitude of the society towards women has also changed. Today women have the right to work in any field of their choice and to work with men.


People of one generation are very different from people of another generation which is natural. However, the problem arises when people of different generations try to impose their views and beliefs by condemning the thoughts and beliefs of the people of other generation.

Generation Gap Essay – 3 (500 words)

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Generation gap is basically the difference between different generations. The generation gap gap theory in the 1960s stated that younger generations always question and challenge the ideas, attitudes and beliefs of older generations.

classification of generations

It has been observed that different generations behave differently in different situations. Generations are classified into different categories on the basis of their attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and all beliefs. The extent of this classification is as follows:

  • Conservative
  • baby boomers
  • Generation X
  • Generation Y

Brief information about each of these generations is as follows:


These people belong to the group who were born before 1946 and are above 70 years old now. It is said that these people follow orders well and get satisfied by working efficiently. They like to share their experiences with the younger generations and be around people who appreciate their knowledge and experience. They are known to be loyal to their officer. Most of them spend their whole life for one organization and remain loyal to that organization.

baby boomers

These people were born between 1946 and 1965. People of this generation are hard workers but mostly not familiar with feedback. They also need money and publicity in the form of rewards. Since most of them do not live in luxuries, they make sure that their children get everything they want. They want to be appreciated. They want their officers and children to understand that they are valuable and necessary. The lack of all these things creates dissatisfaction among them.

Generation X

People of this generation were born between 1965 and 1980. Generation X wants its identity. The best reward for them is in the form of time off. They like to do things their own way and do not like to follow any rules. They like to say that they can do things the way they want. Most of these people have seen both their parents going to work and the effect this thing has had on them was not good. So they prioritize their family life over their job. People of this generation are encouraged to do more work.

Generation Y

This is a group of people born between 1981 and 1999. Most of these have just entered working age. This group takes interest in getting involved in meaningful work and is also ahead in giving its feedback about its work. People of this generation are very creative. They like to work with creative individuals and in places where their creativity is allowed to be explored. It is a source of inspiration for them and keeps them alive. This is a generation that gets bored very quickly. Unlike traditionalists, they change their jobs quite often.


The human race is constantly evolving and hence there has been a change in the ideologies of the people belonging to different generations. While it’s perfectly okay to have a different opinion than another, it can sometimes become a cause for conflict.

Generation Gap Essay – 4 (600 words)

Now we will learn about Generation Gap Essay about 600 words.


The generation gap is a natural phenomenon. Studies done in this direction have revealed that why is one generation different from the other? That’s something that comes naturally to them and that’s a good thing in a way because that’s how the human species is evolving.

Generation Gap – Effects on Relationships

New ideas and facts are always good. In this way the world around us develops at different levels. Though the difference in thinking and views between two generations especially parents and children often becomes a point of conflict. This conflict leads to tension in the relationship.

Parents have high expectations from their children. They have a set image of how their children should treat their tradition, values ​​as well as other members of their extended family. They feel that they know what their children should be doing in their lives. Now the problem is when the child has a different thinking set in his mind (which happens in most of the cases). Because of this, the conflict begins. It is not correct to say that parents are completely wrong every time. They are grown-ups and are definitely the ideal directors for their children and at times they also make the right decisions for their children. Although the younger generation rarely understands this thing. It is sad that the generation gap has been the cause of sourness in many relationships.

How to fill this gap?

The parent-child relationship is the most beautiful relationship in the world. It should be nurtured with love and handled with care. It is important to see how these relationships are weakening due to the generation gap.

It is seen that the older generation always claims to be a better judge and decision maker and the younger generation often feels themselves as criminals. It is time to understand that whatever they do they are neither completely wrong nor completely right in this. In fact the definition of right and wrong in this case is different for different generations. This requires acceptance and understanding.

The people of the older generation should understand that their children are born in another age and hence their mentality is different from theirs. Parents and grandparents need to pay attention to why their children are behaving differently and have different opinions, rather than blindly imposing their rules and opinions.

Parents should be their friend to understand the mood of their children. On the other hand children should respect their parents. They should trust their parents and share their views with them. Children should always be ready to talk to their parents and understand that the advice they get from their parents is not wrong. It will help them to progress in their life.

Parents should not keep an eye on their children every time and encourage them instead of interrupting them in everything. Parents should set certain limits when giving exemptions to their children which the children must also respect. Two-way communication is the cornerstone of a strong relationship and both parents and children should make sure they maintain it. Every serious issue should be discussed and both the parties should try to understand each other’s point of view rather than debate it.


The generation gap occurs because the world is constantly changing. We must understand that people born at different times are different from each other. People should respect each other’s personality instead of imposing their views and beliefs on each other.

Frequently Asked Question For Generation Gap Essay

Essay on How to Solve the Generation Gap

In short, there is a generation gap due to the continuous changes in the world. Although we cannot stop the development of the world, we can strengthen the bond and bridge the gap created by it. Everyone should be respected for their individuality, not for fitting them into a box they believe to be perfect.

Explain the reasons for what is inter-generational conflict?

An inter-generational conflict is either a conflict situation between adolescents and adults or a more abstract conflict between two generations, often involving prejudice against the other generation. These may be due to value changes or conflicts of interest between the younger and older generations.

Conflict What is the cause of conflict?

Differences related to physical traits, intelligence, aptitudes, values, normals, life goals, etc., become the cause of conflict. Culture is learned behavior. Differences are found in the knowledge, belief, art, morality, custom, religion, customs, folk customs, language etc. of cultures, which are a cause of conflict.

What is the reason for conflict between generations in today’s era?

Unlike traditionalists, they change their jobs quite often. The human race is constantly evolving and hence there has been a change in the ideologies of the people belonging to different generations. While it’s perfectly okay to have a different opinion than another, it can sometimes become a cause for conflict.

How old is a generation?

Hear this The term ‘stopping’ generation was first used in an August 1993 Ed Age editorial to describe today’s youth, describing them as people other than generation X and then 12 years old or younger (those born after 1980). happened), as well as to define the adolescents of the next ten years.

What do you want from the new generation and the old generation?

The old generation wants that the new generation should follow them, while the new generation believes in living their life as per their wish. Due to this, situations of ideological conflict are often created and the new generation makes their own separate homes to live their desired life, which is also right in a way.

What does the new generation say to the old generation?

The new generation wants from the old generation that the old generation should accept the changes taking place with the times and let the new generation live life according to them. The new generation wants to live their life according to the new changes and the new age. Whereas the old generation wants the new generation to live according to their traditions.

How are the relations between the two generations in India?

Talking about India, people born before independence are completely different from those born today. are different. There is a huge difference in the thinking of the two generations. There is a huge difference between the cultural, economic, moral values, practical knowledge and social environment of the people of old and new generation.

Which generation is this?

Which generation of computer is running – Computer Konsi Generation Chal Raha. Explanation: Which generation of computer is running – Fifth (5) Generation, fifth generation of computer (1986-till now) The fifth generation of computer started from 1986. Computers from 1986 to the present belong to the fifth generation.

What measures can be taken to create synergy between the new generation and the old generation?

Learning new things, adopting modern lifestyle, bringing liberality in thoughts – all this should be acceptable to the older generation. He can become a role model for the new generation on how to harmonize the new and old ideas.

What do you understand by generation gap?

Two people born at different times are very different from each other. One of these is their way of thinking. In today’s time the world is changing very fast, due to which the new generations are changing a lot from the old generations.

Why does the generation gap exist?

Generation gap is caused due to increase in life expectancy, rapid changes in society and dynamics of society. The effects of the generation gap include conflicts and misunderstandings between family members of different generations.

What does research say about the generation gap?

A Pew Research Center study found that 79% of Americans see a big difference between younger and older adults in the way they see the world. In 1969, a Gallup poll found that a slightly smaller percentage, 74%, is considered the major difference.

How long is the generation gap?

But how long is a generation? Don’t we all know as common sense that it usually takes about 25 years from parent to child birth on average, even though this varies from case to case?

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