GK Question Answer

GK Question Answer: History or geography of India, it is so big that it becomes sleepless nights of elders in remembering it. It is almost impossible for everyone to remember the answers of all the questions, today we are telling you those special questions with their answers which are mostly asked in competitive exams to job interviews. If you know the answers to these questions then your problems will be solved. So let’s start with GK Question Answer,

Which was the first river valley project of India?

Answer – Damodar Valley Project.

Which is the longest river in the world.

Answer- Which religion did Ashoka adopt the
Nile River ? Answer- When did the Buddhism

Dhami bullet incident happen?

Answer- When the Constitution of India came into force on
16 July 1939 .

Answer- Who is the protector of the Constitution of India on
26 January 1950 . Answer: Supreme Court.

In which year the National Commission for Women Act was passed by the Parliament.

which is the gas coming out of motor vehicles
Answer- Carbon monoxide.

What is the purity of gold defined in?
Answer – Carat

Which gas is used to fill balloons?
Answer- In the Hydrogen

Vedas, who among the following has been called the creator of the universe.
Answer- Shankaracharya

was the first person to reach the moon.
Answer: Neil Armstrong.

Where are the diamond mines in India?
Answer- Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh

Where is the description of the preaching given by Shri Krishna to Arjuna during the Kaurava-Pandava war.
Answer- Bhagavad Gita

which Indian leader made efforts to end the practice of Sati.
Answer- Raja Rammohan Rayan

The maximum time taken to sing the National Anthem
Answer- 52 seconds

When the system of permanent settlement was implemented by Cornwallis.
Answer – In 1780

which state the Ajanta Caves are located
on 13 April 1919 . Answer- When did the Maharashtra

Quit India Movement start?
Answer – 8 August 1942

Bhakra Nangal Project is on which river?
In which state is the Sutlej

Hirakud Dam located?
Ans- Orissa

Dengue fever is caused by the bite of which mosquito
Ans- Andes

White revolution is related to fish production.

Answer- Which state is famous for the production of spices
from milk production . Answer- Kerala

is the largest state of India in area.
Answer – Rajasthan

Chota Nagpur is the highest peak of the plateau.
Answer- Parasnath

Which state is the largest producer of mica in India.
Answer- Jharkhand

where Mother Teresa was born.
Answer- Albania

Who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Armed Forces.
Answer- President

solar energy is obtained from
north sun

Which such country became the second largest economy while America is at number one.
Answer- How many differences are there of the China

Answer- 8

Which is the correct unit to measure the distance of space.
North light year.

What is dry ice?
Answer: Solid carbon dioxide

Electricity is filled in the bulb.

Answer : Which self-flying gas is filled in
Nitrogen gas balloons?

What are the primary colors of
helium ? Answer- Red, Green, Blue

The device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy is called.
Answer- Battery

What did Alexander Fleming discover?
Answer: Penicillin

What is the professional Twenty20 cricket league in India called?
Answer – IPL

Which is the smallest state of India?

Answer- Which city is known as the Blue City of
Goa in India? Answer- What is Jodhpur

Sun Ek.
Answer- Tara

What is considered the position of Prime Minister in India.
Answer – Executive Head

What are the monuments of Taj Mahal, Bibi Ka Maqbara, Itmad-ud-Daulah?

Answer- Whose successor was the emperor Ashoka
of the deceased ? Answer- Bindusara

When was the Indian Constitution amended for the first time.
Answer- 1950

Who was called Maharana Pratap Bulbul?

Answer- Where was the port of Indus Valley Civilization
to your horse . Answer – Lothal

What is considered Mahavira in Jainism.

Answer- Which ruler is responsible for the rise of the
real founder Magadha. Answer – Bimbisara