Great Barrier Reef fish losing colour – Current Affairs March 28 2022

Come friends today we will know that Great Barrier Reef fish losing colour

main point – (Great Barrier Reef fish losing colour)

  • This study is published in Global Change Biology.
  • Dr. Hemingson at James Cook University, Queensland, Australia, led this newly published study.
  • This recently published study has monitored observed changes in the color of fish communities as well as in their living environments.
  • According to the researchers, the color diversity of fish communities is linked to the composition of the local environment.

In which areas are brightly colored fish species found?

The study showed that areas that had a higher concentration of structurally complex corals had more vivid and diversely colored fish species.

impact of environmental change

Due to global environmental change, the relationship between color and the environment of the Great Barrier Reef’s fish communities is being affected. Researchers have found a connection between fish and corals that are constantly losing their natural color.

Green and yellow fish populations have declined at a steady rate of about three quarters over the past 27 years. After the global coral bleaching event of 1998, the coloration of fish communities has diminished significantly.

Recent reports about the Great Barrier Reef

According to recent reports, the Great Barrier Reef has been bleaching again, as above-average ocean temperatures continue to threaten them.

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