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You must have heard about IAS, the post coming under Civil Services. The status, power, salary, prestige of an IAS officer is so much that every student works hard, day and night to fulfill his dream of becoming an IAS. Do you know what is the full form of IAS ?, how to become an IAS officer, educational qualification to become IAS, salary, age limit, etc. There are many such questions that you want to know the answer to. Huh.

The service of civil service is one of the most respected posts in the central government of India. Apart from IAS, IPS, IRS, CISF, IDAS, IDES, IES, IOFS, IRTS, RPF, and IFS etc. also come under civil service, although our main focus in this article is to get all the information related to IAS and it.

To become an IAS officer, a candidate has to clear the three stages of UPSC Civil Examination Pre, Mains and Interview. The examinations are so difficult on all these three stages, to pass it, the students have to work hard day and night one by one.

Friends, if you also want to become an IAS officer or if you have a curiosity to know about IAS then this article is for you only. In this article I am going to give you complete information about IAS like full form of IAS, full name of IAS, how to become IAS, qualification, qualification, salary, age etc.

What is the full form of IAS

The full form of IAS is ” Indian Administrative Service “.

The person working in the post of Indian Administrative Service is known as IAS officer (IS officer).

Here I would like to tell you one thing from the point of view of grammar. You must have heard that people say – I want to become IAS, she is an IAS, Radhika will become IAS etc. But have you ever thought, are such sentences true?

No. These sentences are wrong.

Actually IAS is a service i.e. a work. “Indian Administrative Service” and you can use this in sentences and see it. The sentence will be made- I want to become the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). This sentence is absolutely wrong which looks ugly even to read.

Then what would be the correct sentence? The correct sentence is- I want to become an Indian Administrative Service officer (IAS officer).

Friends, this was a very small thing, a very big mistake from the point of view of grammar. I told this because you or any person who dreams of becoming an IAS should not make such a mistake. Because especially in the interview people get entangled in such questions.

What is IAS? Who is an IAS Officer: Full Form, Role, Work

IAS means “Indian Administrative Service” it is considered to be the best job in India. An IAS officer is considered a symbol of power in the society.

The power of an IAS officer, the prestige, status, and government institutions they get, apart from their place in the society, always inspires the students to become IAS. And because of these reasons, any Kshattra also works very hard.

But getting the post of IAS is not easy. Sometimes it takes years for the candidates to clear the exam and there are very few candidates who are able to clear the exam in the first attempt.

It requires a lot of hard work and determination. As the full form of IAS is Indian Administrative Service, this role is prominent in all its duties and responsibilities.

Some of the main functions and duties of an IAS officer are as follows-

1. To maintain law and order and general administration and rules to improve the day to day affairs of the country

2. Ignoring policies making and decision making

3. Proper allocation and management of funds

4. Managing Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs)

In today’s time, there is no dearth of such students who dream of becoming an IAS officer, maybe you will also be one of those thousands and millions who work hard day and night in the desire to become an IAS.

Dedication is necessary to become an IAS. By sacrificing entertainment, enjoyment, you will have to give full time to studies, then you can expect to do better.

I am just saying this because in today’s time, thousands of students are preparing for the examination to become an IAS officer and if you have to compete with lakhs of people, then you yourself can guess how hard you will have to work.

Following are the field postings conducted by an IAS officer:

1. SDM, Joint Collector, Chief Development Officer (CDO-SDO)

2. District Magistrate (DM), District Collector, or Commissioner

3. Divisional Commissioner

Performing all these important duties gives good salary and powerful position as well.

How to become IAS? : Eligibility to become IAS

Whoever wants to become an IAS, in the beginning, he should have complete information about this job or this post and how to become IAS, eligibility to become IAS like age, education, nationality, how to apply, how will be the exam etc. . So now let me tell you about these things as well.

The student who secures the top rank in the Civil Services Examination i.e. UPSC examination is made an IAS officer. It is the responsibility of the IAS officer to implement the laws made in the Parliament in their areas. Along with this, an IAS also has an important contribution in making new policies or laws for the development of the country. On the basis of good performance, an IAS officer can become Cabinet Secretary, Under Secretary etc.

IAS Exam:

To get appointed to the post of IAS, one has to pass a very difficult exam. UPSC whose full form is “Union Public Service Commission” has the responsibility of getting the civil service conducted.

That is, the candidate who wants to become an officer in a big post like IAS, IPS, IFS, then he has to give and pass the UPSC exam.

UPSC exam is conducted in three stages. First of all there is pre exam which is called preliminary exam. When you clear the pre exam then you have to appear in the main exam which people know as mains.

And when the candidate clears the mains exam as well then in the last step comes the turn of the enterview. Interview to become an IAS officer is also not easy. In this, many complicated questions, questions related to your subject have to be answered. In the interviews itself, you get a test of Personality, Style, Colloquialism, Confidence, Livelihood etc.

IAS Education Qualification:

UPSC does not discriminate candidates on the basis of their marks in graduation. Hence, there is no minimum percentage as an IAS eligibility condition. Given below are the UPSC eligibility conditions for UPSC exam related to educational qualification:

  • The candidate should have a bachelor’s degree from a government recognized university.
  • If a student is in the final year of his graduation or is waiting for the result, then that candidate is also eligible to appear in the UPSC Preliminary Examination.

Age Limit & Exam Limit:

UPSC has set a certain number of age-related attempts and eligibility criteria for the UPSC exam i.e. who can appear for the exam for how many times and what is the maximum age limit. Here is the category-wise age limit and number of attempts:

Categoryupper age limitmaximum effort
Economically Weaker Section (EWS)326
SC/ST37Unlimited (Up to age limit)
Defence Services Personnel359
Persons with Benchmark Disability359

Here the maximum age limit and attempts limit is given in the table for all the categories of the people. The minimum age limit of the candidates of all categories is 21 years and the maximum age limit is different according to the category.

IPS Officer Salary:

Candidates who clear the UPSC exam and become an IAS officer in India get a good salary and many rewards and other facilities. According to the 7th Pay Commission, the basic salary of an IAS officer is Rs 56,100 and this salary increases gradually with time.

Apart from the salary, an IAS officer is also given various other allowances including traveling allowance and dearness allowance.

According to the information received from the reports, it has been said that the total salary of an IAS officer is more than Rs 1 lakh per month.

Notably, if an IAS officer rises to the senior-most post, Cabinet Secretary, his salary reaches up to Rs 2,50,000 per month. The officer deputed as Cabinet Secretary gets the highest salary.

Apart from salary, an IAS officer also gets other facilities like housing, gardener, electricity, government vehicle, security guard, and many other benefits are given.

IAS Full Form: Conclusion

So friends, this was all the information related to an IAS or IAS officer. In this article, apart from the full form of IAS , I have also told you what is IAS ( what is IAS), how to become an IAS officer, eligibility to become IAS, salary, other facilities etc. Detailed information is given in this article.

Friends, an IAS officer gets many facilities apart from salary, but in India, apart from the level of the country, there is a lot of respect in the society because of their contribution in the development of the country.

We all know how tough it is to crack the Union Public Service (UPSC) exam and become an IAS officer. Specifically, the rank of an IAS, IPS, IES, or IFS officer is made available based on your rank in the UPSC exam. Every year lakhs of students from India appear in the UPSC exam to get a place in some 100 seats.

If you also want to become an IAS officer and want to brighten the name of your family, home, village or city, then for this you will need to prepare well because lakhs of people appear in the UPSC exam, some of which are candidates. is selected.

In this article, I have shared with you every important information related to IAS officer like IAS full form , IAS meaning, Salary, age limit , education qualification etc. In the end, I would like to tell you that if you liked this article, then do share it on social media so that more people can also get IAS full form and all other information related to it.

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