IPS Full Form

People who are fond of civil service know about ips. An ips officer is an important part of the law and order of the country, but do you know what is the full form of ips and how to become ips, what should be the qualification to become ips ?

Friends, one of the three main posts in the central government of India and in the civil service is the post of ips officer. Apart from ips, IAS, IRS, CISF, IDAS, IDES, IES, IOFS, IRTS, RPF, and IFS also come under civil service, although our main focus in this article is to get all the information related to IPS and it.

To become an ips officer, a candidate has to clear three stages of civil examination of UPSC, Pre, Mains and Interview. In these three phases, the ips exam is so difficult, students have to work hard day and night to pass it.

Friends, if you also want to become an ips officer or if you have a curiosity to know about ips then this article is for you only. In this article I am going to give you complete information about ips like full form of ips, full name of ips, how to become ips, qualification, qualification, salary, age etc.

What is IPS Full Form?

The full form of IPS is “Indian Police Service”.

It is included in the three most prestigious All India Services i.e. Indian Administrative Services, Indian Police Services, Indian Foreign Services. IPS was established in the year 1948 and it comes under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

An ips officer is an integral part of the legal system of the country, whose job is to maintain law and order, and to control the crime that occurs.

Origin: The origins of the Indian Police Service (IPS) can be traced back to the Indian Imperial Police during the British rule in India. In 1948, a year after India gained independence from Britain, the Indian Imperial Police was replaced by the Indian Police Service (IPS) and the designation has been in use since then.

After the Indian Constitution (1950) was written, the Indian Police Service (IPS) was formed as one of the three All India Services (AIS) under Article 312 of the Constitution of India. The other two All India Services are the Indian Administrative Service (IAS-IAS) and the Indian Forest Service (IFS-IFS). These three services are the three main civil services of the central government of India.

What is IPS and how to become an IPS officer?

IPS meaning: Friends, ips means Indian police service. This is a one post and the person who is on this post is called ips officer. This post provides strength to all the state police and all other Indian Central Armed Police Forces personnel.

The main function of an ips officer is to maintain the law and order of the country or state, prevent crime and catch criminals, manage traffic, etc. An ips officer can become the director general of police of his state. In the same central government, he can become a big officer like CBI, IB or big director of Raw. An ips officer is also posted in a big and responsible post like national security advisor.

If you want to become an ips officer, then you must have complete information about its exam, qualification, age limit, and selection process etc., then only you can prepare well.

IPS Exam:

To become an IPS officer, one has to pass difficult examinations in three stages. The responsibility of this exam has been given to UPSC. UPSC means Union Public Service Commission. The post of IPS officer in the Indian Police is a high and responsible post, so it is mandatory to give a job to a promising, educated, capable and responsible person in this post.

UPSC is an organization that conducts the examinations of India’s largest civil services like IAS, IPS, IFS, etc. Upsc exam is one of the top exams, so students have to work hard to pass it. There are very few students who can clear this exam in the first attempt itself.

Qualification :

  • The minimum qualification to become an IPS officer is graduation.
  • A candidate must have passed graduation from any stream to appear for the upsc exam.
  • There is no limit of minimum marks in Graduation, only he should have passed Graduation.
  • To become an IPS officer, you have to clear the upsc exam.

Age Limit :

The age limit to become an IPS officer or appear in the UPSC exam is from 21 years to 27 years. At the same time, the candidates coming in the Obc category are given an additional relaxation of 5 years for the year and the students coming in the Sc / St category.

General category i.e. people of general category can appear for upsc exam maximum 6 times while people of sc/st category can appear in this exam maximum 9 times. The number of times any candidate will be able to take the exam, this rule will be valid till his maximum age limit is not exceeded.

Exam Pattern:

To become an IPS officer, one has to pass the three-stage exam taken by the upsc. The first exam is called preliminary exam or pre exam. After passing this exam one has to give mains i.e. mains exam.

When the candidate clears the mains as well, then comes the last stage of the exam interview. The interview for IPS is also very difficult, in which they are examined with many types of pleasures and their personality, living conditions etc. are seen.

And finally, when the candidate also passes the interview, then he becomes an IPS officer i.e. Indian police service officer.

Salary of IPS Officer :

This is very interesting information, many people especially common people are also interested in the fact that how much would be the salary of an officer working in such a big post. So, along with the ips full form, we also tell you the salary of ips.

The monthly salary of an IPS officer starts from around Rs 56000 and as they get to the senior post, their salary also increases. If we talk about senior post, for example the salary of an IG officer is around Rs 145000 and the salary of DGP is around Rs 225000.

Other facilities :

You know the salary of an IPS officer, but they also get many other facilities which are very helpful for them.

Other facilities like car, house to stay, security guard, gardener, phone, medical, electricity etc. are some of the major facilities provided to an IPS officer. Apart from this, as we know that police officers are also in danger of life, so God do not let this happen, but if an IPS officer loses his life while on duty, then a member of his family is given a job.

IPS FULL FORM: Conclusion

So friends, this was all the information related to an IPS or IPS officer. In this article, apart from the full form of IPS, I have also told you what is IPS ( what is ips), how to become an IPS officer, eligibility to become an ips, salary, other facilities etc. Detailed information is given in this article.

Friends, IPS officers get many facilities, but in India apart from the level of the country, there is a lot of respect in the society because they contribute a lot to the country.

If you also have a dream that you become an IPS officer and serve the country, then for this you will need determination and sacrifice. As I told that the UPSC exam given to become an IPS is very difficult, so you have to prepare very well then you can expect good marks.

In the end, I would like to wish you that if you have liked the information about IPS full form, how to become IPS, salary, qualification etc. and you have got to learn something from this article, then share it on social media. Must do so that other people can also know ips full form.