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Let us know about ISRO Full Form. Sometimes there are some terms related to space, about which we do not have any specific information. In such a situation, we start feeling very bad feeling in ourselves that why we do not have special information about the appropriate subject. Today, very selective but specific information related to the term ISRO related to such space will be provided.

You must have heard the name of space many times. We get to read and hear about space many times in the news or in the movie. And during this time you must have heard the name of ISRO. Many people are not aware about what is ISRO , what is the full form of ISRO ( ISRO full form in Hindi )? So let us understand in detail about ISRO in this article.

ISRO Full Form: What is ISRO its full form

Its full form in English is “Indian Space Research Organisation”. The Hindi meaning of the same term is “Indian Space Research Institute”.

Indians feel proud when ISRO is mentioned. There are many reasons behind this. Broadly speaking, ISRO is actually a special organization that takes India towards development, which mainly provides a better technology to India.

As a special information of ISRO, let us tell you that it was established through the Government of India, in fact it is such an organization that successfully completes India’s space related activities. Through the efforts of this, we get information related to internal and external information as well as security related to space.

If you are interested in information related to space, then you will undoubtedly know about it that due to the continuous efforts of ISRO, India has become the sixth country in the world to manufacture its own satellite and other equipment and build it on its own strength. succeeded in being placed in space.

Talking about the headquarters of ISRO in India, it is in Bangalore. It has 6 major centers across the country.

As you would know through newspapers and news channels that in the year 2019, ISRO was successful in successfully launching Chandrayaan-2. The credit of this great achievement goes to ISRO and all the scientists associated with it.

This is the reason that at present, ISRO has been included in the top 5 largest space agencies in the world. Talking about other big achievements of ISRO, so far ISRO has succeeded in sending more than 370 satellites in space. Talking about the data received in it, 101 are included for India and 269 for foreign countries.

Special information about ISRO

ISRO is actually India’s space research institute. It is counted as one of the world’s leading and successful space research centers.

ISRO makes a variety of very high and advanced satellites for India and takes the responsibility of installing it in space.

Talking about the satellites of different models of ISRO, the names of the selected ones are given below. You can know by reading below to increase your information.

  • Broadcast communication,
  • Weather forecast,
  • Geographic information,
  • Distance education,
  • Telemedicine,
  •  Communication

In fact, this special space institute, established with the goal of taking India forward by using space technology, is a hundred percent successful in the real sense.

At present, the revolution that is being seen in India in the field of communication, India is emerging as a country which is far ahead of many developed countries. These achievements are actually due to ISRO.

India’s defense technology has also developed a lot through ISRO. Now it is up to you.

 Broadly speaking, you can take stock of the success of ISRO in such a way that many developed countries give the responsibility of setting up their satellite in space through ISRO.

Very interesting history of ISRO: Establishment of ISRO

Now that you have read this much, then it is very important to know the history of ISRO, only then you will be able to know when and who founded ISRO.

As you must have read in the books that ISRO was established on 15th August 1909.

This was the period when India was surrounded by many difficulties. During this time, a great Indian scientist like Vikram Sarabhai, a future-minded scientist, founded ISRO.

ISRO made its first satellite in the history of India in 1975. It was given a great name like Aryabhata. But due to lack of its own launch pad system, it was installed in space through the Soviet Union, it is recorded as a very revolutionary event in history.

In 1980, the country of India had installed a special satellite named Rohini from its launch pad system in space and through this a new message was received to the whole country that India is going to do a lot of new things in space in future.

Popular Satellite Programs of ISRO

India is completely free today. After independence, we got great achievements in almost all the fields. ISRO is one of the same achievements. Because of this, we need to know about some of the major but popular space programs of ISRO, which are given below.

  • INSAT Series IRS Series radar
  • Imaging satellite South Asia
  • Satellite Gagan Satellite Navigation
  • System IRNSS Satellite Navigation System

Details of successful space programs of ISRO

By now you must have come to know a lot about ISRO. Except for its few programs, most of its programs have raised the flag of success. All are explained below in very few words.

In 1975, under the leadership of ISRO in India, the first Indian satellite Aryabhata was launched into space on 19 April.

It made a huge breakthrough in India’s space program as the model was completely indigenously designed.

In the same year 2008, the lunar mission of Chandrayaan-1 was launched in India through PSLV.

To increase your information, let us tell you that after its launch, ISRO had prepared a list of space organizations to send another inbound to the Moon.

After this, in the year 2014, it was successful in launching India’s first interplanetary mission to Mars.

Those with knowledge of astronomy would know that India had emerged as the first country in the world to put a spacecraft into the orbit of Mars in its first attempt.

ISRO Full Form: Conclusion

In this article, I have tried to give you all the important information of ISRO like  ISRO kya hai ,  ISRO full form  ( ISRO full form in Hindi ) , when and who founded ISRO (History of ISRO) etc.

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