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JCB FULL FORM : You must have been watching JCB machine since your childhood. Do you know what is JCB FULL FORM? What is the job of JCB? Why was it made? e.t.c. For your information, let me tell that some people also call JCB as JCP which is absolutely wrong. You will be surprised to know that JCB is not the name of any vehicle but it is the name of the company. We will know about this in detail later.

We know that JCB does the work of digging the soil. And Matti is also admitted in big vehicles. But you will not know the history of JCB, who made JCB. What is the full form of JCB machine ? When was JCB machine made? To know the answer to all these questions, read this article till the last.


JCB is known by many names, it is also called soil digging machine, JCB is also called JCP by most of the people. If we talk about the full form of JCB, then its full name is “Joseph Cyril Bamford” . And it is also called bulldozer.

Now you will be surprised to know one thing that JCB is not the name of any vehicle but it is the name of a company. This is exactly the same as TVS is written in any TVS vehicle, although its model is also written in these vehicles like TVS Apache.

“TVS” written in TVS Apache is the name of a company and not of that particular bike. Just like that JCB is also the name of a company but everyone knows it only as the name of that vehicle. Actually, the real name of JCB vehicle is Backhoe Loader, which very few people know about.

One question I would like to ask you that have you noticed that Bike is written on any bike, Car is written on Car? No. Rather, the name of that company is written on those vehicles. In the same way, the name of the company is written JCB on this yellow colored vehicle and people started to understand that it is the name of the vehicle itself.

Now it comes to the question that why was it named Joseph Cyril Bamford ?

Why was the name JCB named?

This wrought iron machine is called JCB because the name of the person who made this machine was Joseph Cyril Bamford . So the short name has been removed from their name and named JCB.

J is taken from Joseph! C is taken from Cyril! And B is taken from Bamford! That’s why it is called JCB. And if you have seen JCB, then you will know that the full name is not written on the JCB machine also, JCB is written on it too.

When was JCB invented?

JCB was first formed in 1945. It was first built on a tractor. At first, only the front part of the JCB was used to lift the soil on the tractor. After that JCB was made, 6 people worked to make JCB, so there were 6 people in this team.

When JCB was created, JCB did not get much name. And when 2009 came, this company had come to India. So the Government of India understood it in 2009, saw its benefits and started working. After that JCB’s demand started all over the world and very soon JCB’s company started running all over the world.

The company that made JCB was from the British country, so now the company of JCB is all over the world and from 10000 to 11000 people work in its company. 

Types of JCB

There is a different JCB for different work. Most of the JCB does the work of digging the soil. And for this reason, JCB with the highest clay is found. If any house or shop has to be demolished, then a separate JCB is called for it.

And if any river is cleaned, some river is dirty then the government JCB comes! And cleans there are many such JCBs which have been made for the company. The lifting of their goods in the company is the work of moving heavy goods from one place to another.

There is a separate JCB for this and if there is an accident somewhere, then you must have seen that when a heavy conduit overturns, a crane is called for that too! Which is from JCB company, then hopefully you must have understood till here.

What is a Backhoe Loader (JCB) machine used for? 

JCB ie Backhoe Loader Machine is mostly used for digging. Not only in India but in the world, humans were first used to do soil digging or mining work, but it took a lot of effort and time. After the invention of this machine, digging has become much easier and it saves a lot of time. 

In India too, the use of this machine has increased very fast for the last about 10 years. You must have seen this machine working at the site of road construction also. Apart from this, this JCB is also used for digging soil, loading soil or sand, stone, etc. in other vehicles like tractor, big truck etc. is done.

Why is the color of JCB yellow?

There is a big reason for the color of JCB to be yellow, the color of this machine was not yellow before. But later it was made to drink and you see the color of all the construction machines or soil digging machines.

The yellow color of this machine has been done so that this machine looks different from every machine. And all the traffic vehicles should be visible from them all.

That’s why its color has been made yellow, and its most important thing is that if digging work is going on somewhere or construction work is going on, then the location there is very easy to find and at night. Or if soil is excavated somewhere during the day, then JCB can be recognized from a distance by yellow color, hence the color of JCB is yellow. 

How much does JCB cost?

You have already read that there are many types of JCB, in the same way there are different types of JCB. If you want a JCB digging soil, then you will have to spend lakhs of rupees for this. The lowest price of JCB in India is 8 Lakh and its last price is 50 Lakh. 

How much diesel does JCB machine consume in 1 hour?

If you have ever worked with JCB, then you probably know that JCB takes money on an hourly basis. You have to pay according to the number of hours you work here.

So it is also important for you to know that how many liters of diesel does JCB consume in 1 hour? So for your information, let us tell you that according to the JCB machine load, more than 3-5 liters of diesel is consumed in 1 hour. That is why it charges Rs 800 to 900 per hour.

JCB full form: Conclusion

JCB has also contributed a lot to make the country clean and advanced. With its help, the work of months gets done in days. And with the help of JCB, work is also done in the company, which I have given you information earlier. For example, how much does JCB cost? What does JCB do? And we have tried to tell you the complete history of JCB. Hope you liked the information.

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