Library Essay

Let us know about Library Essay. Friends, today we have written an essay on library because library holds a very important place in our student life. Through these, we get an opportunity to read books written by great writers in the country and abroad. Often students are asked to write essays on examinations and library in school . Keeping this in mind, we have asked students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. For this essay is written in different word limit.

Short Essay on Library – 150 Words

The word library is made up of two words, which we call book + Aalaya , which we can also call the house of books in simple words because here there is a collection of knowledge science texts literature, political science and different languages.

There are many types of libraries like personal library, school library, public library, mobile library and nowadays digital library is also available.

Various types of informative books are available in all these libraries, which any book lover can go and read and increase their knowledge.

Libraries are in the form of our national heritage because here the good books written by our ancestors are stored which we can use to improve the life ahead.

Anyone who cannot afford good and high value books can come here and read books in a relaxed and peaceful environment and can satisfy their curiosity of knowledge.

Best Essay on Library- 300 Words

Library Essay

Libraries are an integral part of our life because in the library we can earn knowledge by reading various informative books peacefully which makes our life happy and also gives us the power to think and understand.

The role of the library has been in human life since ancient times, because in ancient times, due to the absence of printing machines, only handwritten books were available, due to which their value was also high and books were also less available, that is why the library was established. Went.

With the establishment of the library, any person who was willing to read books could go to the library and read books in a quiet environment, this benefited the people of the poor class more because they could not read books of high value.

Almost all types of books like art, religion, caste, political, science, agriculture, national, international books are found in a library, with the help of which all people can increase their knowledge, in some big libraries different languages ​​and provinces. Books are also available.

Presently there are different types of libraries like school libraries where students and teachers can go and read books and magazines, other libraries belong to universities where students can go and read.

Some libraries are also run by trusts, whose basic objective is to provide education to the poor and backward classes because poor students do not have money to buy valuables. Minimum fees for the month are kept in these libraries.

Public libraries come at number four, which are run by the government, in which all the authors and poets have major books, fellow country and foreign newspapers and magazines, which any person or student can read by going to the library.

Library Essay – 500 Words

framework –

The library has been in vogue in our country since ancient times, the biggest example of which is the library of Nalanda University, which was destroyed by foreign invaders but now it has been restored.

The role of libraries has been very important for human life, that is why today our education system has become so strong. Due to libraries, poor students have also got to read good books which they want and social and economic development has also taken place.

Even today, the importance of libraries has not diminished, even today students, teachers and other people go to the library to read books of high quality.

What is library

In ancient times, the education system was not so advanced and at the same time there was a shortage of books, so a library was established where all types of books were made available so that all the people could come and gain knowledge from those books.

This proved to be a very good step in the field of education. In a public library, religion literature, commerce, arts, science, papers, magazines, informative and joke books and old texts grandmothers are available for all kinds of books for the entertainment of children.

Any person can go to the library and select the books according to his wish and read it sitting in the library, some books are also given in the library to take home for some time.

Due to the libraries, the curious people reading new books and the students to increase the knowledge got a lot of benefit.

Features of the library

(1) The biggest feature of libraries is that they make the readers introverted and reflective.

(2) There is a calm atmosphere in the library for reading books, which we can study by being concentrated.

(3) In the library, what is happening in the country and the world and what is going to happen next, it is known

(4) By reading a book, our thinking power develops.

(5) Here we do not need much value to acquire knowledge.

(6) Renowned psychological critic R. a. Riards wrote that if we read a good book, it changes our thinking, due to which the person is re-created.

(7) Here we get to read books in every language, so citizens of any country can come here and read books.

(8) Books connect us with the cultures and social life of other countries.

conclusion –

It is very important to have libraries in any country, it helps in the economic development of the country along with the life of the person. Libraries play an even more important role for the people who are currently living in an uncomfortable way of life.

Libraries provide them an opportunity to sit in solitude and contemplate, which is like impossible in outer life. Understanding the importance of libraries, we should promote them.

Essay on Library 1100 Words

Preface –

The word library is contained in two words, book + alay which literally means a place to keep a book. Books are man’s best friend, which is his support from childhood to old age.

Due to books, the education system has become so strong today, but in the olden days there was no system of book printing like today, due to which the books were written by hand, hence the number of books was also less.

Due to which the cost of books was high and the common person could not read them by buying them and those books were not easily available, hence the library was established. After the establishment of the library, a unique revolution was seen in the world of education.

Types of Libraries

Personal Libraries – In the category of personal libraries, more libraries come, people who arrange a separate room in their homes and keep books of their interest in it and read them, these libraries can get education only by the person of that house.

School, university library – School and university libraries are there for the students and teachers, where many types of languages ​​and knowledge books, magazines are available, but joke books are also available for the entertainment of young children. The same daily newspaper is available for the teachers.

Public Libraries – There are two categories of libraries in the public library, in which some libraries are run by social service trusts and some are run by government grants, where any person can come and read books.

Movable Libraries – Movable libraries are those libraries which are operated in motor vehicles, to operate these books are kept in motor vehicles and libraries are operated by going from village to village every day. can.

Digital Library – Due to the availability of internet and cheap mobile, most of the people prefer to read books on mobile and computer. That is why now books are made in the form of PDF and made available for people to read, it is made available through various websites, one of which is Yatra which you are reading now.

Importance of library –

Books are the true companions of human beings and there is a craving for reading them in all students and individuals. By reading it, knowledge is transmitted, as well as personal qualities are also developed, perhaps that is why people are not able to get rid of their attachment to books even in old age.

All people like to read new books, someone’s choice is a book of a particular author, then someone’s choice is to read books for entertainment, then someone’s knowledge is to read magazines with knowledge, but for this a lot of money is needed. It is a necessity which is not available to all persons.

This is where libraries play their important role and provide us books written by latest and old articles every day at one place.

Also, reading books in these libraries does not require much money, due to which every person of the society can go to the library and read the books of his choice and make his life strong.

Libraries have acted as a backbone in our education system.

Library rules

It is very important to follow some rules to study in the library.

(1) It is necessary to maintain peace and order while reading a book in the library.

(2) It is strictly forbidden to tear and write on library books and magazines.

(3) You can also be suspended from doing something for making noise in the library.

(4) It is necessary to return the books taken from here in regular period.

(5) Spreading or spitting of any kind of garbage in the library is strictly prohibited.

Benefits of the library Essay

(1) Library provides us the opportunity to read different types of books.

(2) Here we can read books in different types of languages.

(3) Reading books here keeps the mind concentrated because the library rooms are quiet.

(4) Reading a book in the library does not require much money.

(5) In the library, people of all classes have equal opportunity to read the book.

(6) Through them our education system becomes very strong.

(7) They help in the social and economic system of our country because a person does good work by reading informative books here.

Presently need of libraries –

Even today, libraries hold the same importance as they used to keep in the olden times, especially in our country of India, there is still a shortage of libraries because even today, education is not available to many people in our country, which is an important reason for education. There is commercialization due to which education is becoming expensive day by day.

That is why the importance of libraries is increasing more and more, even today libraries are not seen in the villages of our country, due to which the poor people are unable to read and write and are forced to spend their whole life in poverty.

If we have to give good education to every child of our country then we have to develop good libraries. The education system in foreign countries is strong because there is definitely a library in every village and city there.

We should also open libraries in every village, so that every child of our country will become a good person by reading and writing, and along with social development, also contribute in the economic development of the country.

Epilogue –

Libraries are very much needed for the development of cultural and knowledge-science of every nation. Library is considered to be the backbone of the education system, here every person can quench his thirst for knowledge.

If we want to spread education in our country, then it is very necessary to establish libraries at every place and also need to run them smoothly. With good libraries, the future of our country will be built faster.

That is why considering the important role of libraries, we have to promote them with social and government grants.