Most Memorable Day of My Life

Let us know about Most Memorable Day of My Life. today we will learn Hindi essay on this topic, the memorable day of my life . On April 4, 1999, I could not wake up early in the morning and found myself neglected. Even after getting out of bed, no one spoke to me Prabhat or Namaste. 

No one thought of me while passing through the corridor in that hostel of the Government College , which has accommodation for two hundred students. While it was going to be the most memorable day of my life.

It all happened in such a way that I was neither a known spin bowler at that time, a talented batsman as I am now understood. I was just a simple cricketer at that time. Now I was walking down the corridor towards my college team captain Hari Ram’s room. 

I got a brief notice that day that I had been selected as the eleventh player in the college team. My heart started beating. I was ambitious for that and didn’t get any chance to perform better for a long time.

We had to play against the most powerful Minerva team in town that day . We had no idea of ​​our good performance. He batted first and declared his innings at 250 for six by lunch. 

There was a stormy batting from start to finish and innumerable fours and sixes were hit. In front of the bowling of Mohan and Ram, our stalwarts got out early and there was only a short gap in our defeat. When our nine wickets fell, our run count was only 63. 

Then I went to bat amidst the applause and taunts of some of my college teachers. Usually I get very impatient. But so many unique events happened that day in which I was feeling very confident. Anything could happen in the match. And something happened.

Ghosh, who was the tenth player , was a regular and, at the same time, a reliable batsman. He immediately sensed that I had entered the field to score a big score. He gave me a chance to bat again and again. I scored 13 runs in the first over which was an unexpected thing. 

Then I went on scoring runs. Will you believe me, I hit 10 sixes and 23 fours. The runs were going on at an extraordinary pace. By tea time, I had scored 145 runs. Shortly before five o’clock we got to the score of 251 and the match was over.

I was absolutely frantic. I had turned a definite defeat into a victory, I was applauded, garlanded and taken in a procession to the hostel, I was proud and somewhat baffled. Maybe I tried to give a speech. 

But at this point of time, I can’t quite remember whether I threw the ink ball at the superintendent or not? He told the principal to add some other things to this complaint, but I remember that the principal said to forget about it by calling it a frenzy of victory. 

Well, I don’t know if this incident was remembered or forgotten in the circle of my close friends and classmates. But the closing glory of the day was the telegram I received at eight o’clock in the night. I had a lottery of one lakh rupees. I neither fainted nor started murmuring. 

The truth is that my friend Shyam Sundar showed great agility to me. He poured a bucket full of water on my head. The calming effect of so much water was not going to fade away soon. Wow ! I was pleased 

I was never as happy as that day. All these events are now taking a hazy turn. But I can look back on that day and console myself that once upon a time I too had my time. Friends, how did you like this essay.

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