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MSME full form Often we hear that the government has done this for MSMEs, the government has made a big statement on MSMEs, the government has found a solution for MSME businessmen, this decision for MSMEs in the government have taken. Then this thought comes in our mind that after all what is this MSME? Or what happens?

The thing to think is that why does the government often keep talking about MSMEs? Today I will try to give you complete information about MSME through this article like MSME full form , what is MSME ? its types etc.

Topic which we will cover today…

  • Full Form of MSME
  • What is MSME?
  • Types of msme
  • Definition as per msme act 2006
  •  Whether the definition of MSME was changed in 2018 
  • What changed in 2020
  • MSMEs industries list
  • How to register your business with MSME?
  • Importance of MSME
  • What loan can I take for MSME?


  • M- MICRO
  • S- SMALL & 
  • M- MEDIUM 

The full form of MSME is micro small and medium enterprises , which we call micro, small and medium enterprises.

What is MSME?

Msme is a business done at the local level. MSME is that type of business, which can be done even in small places with less manpower. There are two types of Msme.

  1. Manufacturing Enterprise
  2. Service Enterprise

Types of MSME

  • Manufacturing Enterprise – Manufacturing Enterprises involves the work of manufacturing new things. Mainly in manufacturing enterprises, goods of daily use are made. In which 6500 items are manufactured. For example, detergent powder, detergent powder comes in our daily use and it comes under the manufacturing enterprises of MSMEs.
  •  Service Enterprise – Service enterprise mainly has the job of providing service. It is also known as service center. The service sector is responsible for providing service to the people and the organization. They provide service to people or organization and charge fees instead. Let us try to understand their work through an example. As the manufacturing enterprises have manufactured detergent powder and made it ready after packing it, now when it comes to sending it to the market, then they will not send it by themselves but will entrust this work to some service sector agency and that agency will market this detergent powder. Will deliver The business of the service sector is of this type, the business of the service sector is of this type.


Msme has a total of more than 6500 products. some of the important of which the following

  • home cooler
  • making fancy jewelry
  • Making Disposable Cup-plates
  • aluminum utensils
  • Making a stretcher used in hospital
  • Making a Current Meter Per Meter or Volt Meter
  • car headlight
  • make cloth bags
  • wallet and handbag making
  • spice making
  • Making herbal goods like soap, oil, etc.
  • hand made chocolate
  • Cookie and Biscuit making (Parle company was also started like this)
  • Making and selling indigenous butter, ghee, and paneer
  • candle making
  • making toffee and sugar sweets
  • making soda and different flavored drinks
  • Fruit pulp extraction & sale
  • Cloud kitchen – Selling food on Swiggy/Zomato
  • fence
  • basket making
  • leather belt shoe or slipper
  • shoe polish
  • stowage
  • plate and bowl making
  • broom making
  • making traditional medicines
  • making paper bags and envelopes

Definition as per MSME Act 2016

According to the MSME Act made in 2006, the types of msme have been determined.

  • Definition of Micro Enterprises – The industry in which investment of up to 25 lakhs is engaged was called Micro Enterprises.
  • Definition of Small Enterprises- The industry in which investment of 2500000 to 5 crores is kept was called small enterprises.
  • Definition of Medium Enterprises- The industry in which investment of 5 crores to 50 crores is made was called medium enterprises.

After changing the description of MSME in 2018

In 2018, the government made some changes in the description of MSMEs. The government believed that the description of MSMEs should not be according to the investment but according to the yearly turnover. And the government did the same. In 2018, the industries were divided into MSME groups according to the yearly turnover, not according to the investment.

  • Micro enterprises – Industries with annual turnover less than 5 crores came to be called micro enterprises.
  • small enterprises The industry with annual turnover of 5 crores to 75 crores came to be called as small enterprises.  
  •  medium enterprises- Industries with annual turnover of 75 crores to 250 crores came to be called medium enterprises.

Definition of MSME changed again in 2020

  • Micro enterprises – An industry with an investment of one crore and a turnover of 50 crores came to be called micro enterprises.
  • Small enterprises The industries with investment of 10 crores and turnover of 50 crores came to be called small enterprises.
  • Medium enterprises – Investment of 30 crores Industries with a turnover of 800 crores came to be called medium enterprises.

How to register your business in msme?

You can register your business as MSME mine very easily. To register in MSME, you have to visit the website of MSME. There you will have to choose which group your business is in and you will have to fill the form and submit it.

Along with filling the form, you will also need some important documents which you will have to upload in pdf. After submitting your business will be registered with MSME.

Benefits of registering your business in MSME

  • Bond free loan is easily available from the bank.
  • Government facility is available in the marketing of the product.
  • electricity bill discount
  • Priority in taking government tender
  • Excise Duty Exemption Scheme


MSME is very important for our country. For this reason, the government is focusing on MSMEs.

  • Employment- MSMEs provide a lot of employment in our country. About 11 crore employment has been given by MSME and in the coming years it is estimated that it will be 15 crore.
  • GDP- The GDP of our country increases due to MSMEs. MSMEs contribute 29% to the country’s GDP.
  • Exports- 50% of the country’s exports are MSMEs.

MSME full form: Conclusion

In this article I have tried to give you all the important information about MSME like, MSME full form , MSME meaning? , Types of MSME (tpyes of MSME) etc.

In the end, I would like to tell you that if you liked this article with MSME full form , what is MSME , then do share it on social media. If you want to say or ask something, then you can comment below.

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