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My Aim in Life Essay 1 (250 Words) – What I Want to Be: A Choreographer

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Everyone has some dreams and wants to become something, the only difference is how much we chase our dreams or move forward on the path of our dreams. When I was little, I used to watch various dance reality shows and always wanted to dance like him and then one day I decided to become a choreographer.

My inspiration

When I was in my primary classes, I performed in my school’s annual function, and I was awarded for that. It was a wake-up call for me as I was young then. I still hear the thunder of those applause. Like everyone cheered me up and I felt really happy. Dance has always fascinated me and I was more excited to go to my dance class than to go to school.

My parents admitted me to a dance class, where I learn new styles and techniques every day. I listen to my teachers and practice them everyday. My mother also works very hard for me, she takes me for dance class, then takes me for tuition class. When she comes back home, she even cooks for us and I never want to let my parents’ expectations go down.


My parents always say that no work is small or big, it depends on our thinking. If you decide to make yourself a good person, then you can become like Mother Teresa. It all depends on our hard work and dedication. We should learn everything but focus on one thing, so that you remain dedicated towards your profession and that is the key to success.

My Aim in Life Essay 2 (400 Words) – What I Want to Be: An Astronaut

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Dr. A.P.J. There is a famous quote by Abdul Kalam, “A dream is not what you see in your sleep, a dream is that which does not let you sleep”, and it is absolutely true. I have dreamed of becoming an astronaut, and making my nation and parents proud.

why do i want to be an astronaut ?

When I was little, my grandmother and I used to sleep on the terrace and I used to ask her many questions while looking at the sky, like how far is the sky?, why do stars seem so small?, etc. The sky attracted me all the time and I was never satisfied with my grandmother’s answer, and I always wanted to see the sky and the stars with my naked eye.

Then one day my parents told me that, I need to become an astronaut to see and know about such things. It’s all like a dream for me, and I really want to see the sky and the stars in the future. I have heard about Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams etc and I want to be like them.

how can i achieve my goal ? 

The only way to become an astronaut is to study thoroughly, and I always focus on getting good marks from my academics towards my studies, which will help in getting admission in further colleges. Apart from all this I am always watching various TV related to space. I try to learn from the show and many other things as well.

My father always helps me and he brings me various interesting books related to space. He helps me to increase my knowledge and always motivates me. My parents support me so much that it seems as if it is their dream. My school teachers also support me, and I always participate in my school’s internal science competition. This contest helps me create new gadgets and show off my creativity, and I love doing so.

I am sure that one day I will definitely become an astronaut, because I am very eager to fulfill my dreams and this is my passion. When a person is very passionate about his dreams then no one can stop him.


We all should see our dream as a goal, because we are human and God has given us a brain which makes us far better than animals. As animals and insects also eat, sleep, but the only difference between humans and animals is that they have no purpose. So don’t be like a beast and use your brain and set a goal and move towards it.

My Aim in Life Essay 3 (600 words) – What I want to be: An Engineer

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The dream should be big, it is not necessary, if you want to achieve any goal, then you need to work hard to achieve that goal. Usually students change their goals from time to time just like me. When I was little, the autorickshaw attracted me a lot and in fact it was like a puzzle and I would always ask my mother to ride it. When I was a little older, I saw a real airplane and now I am curious to ride it. In the end my parents realized that I loved machines, and I was very curious whenever my father wanted me to take me to his garage.

How to become an engineer ?

There is one more reason behind my becoming an engineer and that is my father. He is an engineer and he always helps people and people even thank him, then I used to feel proud of him, and I decided that one day I will also become an engineer. My parents never forced me, but asked me to choose my own goals.

To become an engineer, you have to focus on your academic studies which will help you in choosing the college for further studies. One, you have to choose the science stream for your class 11th and 12th and pass an entrance exam that will help you choose your college. There are many such colleges in India. It is not like getting admission in any other college, for this you have to take an IIT. You have to take admission in college. Nowadays the level of competition has become much higher and better.

What should I do to make my dreams come true?

I study for four hours daily and complete my assignments and projects on time. Actually discipline is very essential for our life, and if you make it your habit to get things done, it will always help you in your success. I have a routine and I follow it regularly. Whenever I have doubts regarding any topic, I take the help of my teacher and solve it. It is very important for everything to be clean to keep oneself steady and centered. How do I help others as an engineer?

I have decided to invent automatic machine which will help people and make their work easier. Usually people spend a lot for cleaning the house, and my mother suffers a lot due to the lack of cleaners in my house. So I have decided to gift an automatic house cleaner for my mother along with others. I want to make a machine for the students which can guide them in their studies.

Usually, whenever we search for something on Google, we constantly see it on the screen of our phone or laptop, which is very harmful for us in many cases. That’s why I want to develop a tool that will teach you like a teacher and also show you pictures automatically, and provide you all the information you need.


No field is small, if anything matters, it’s how you think about it. Some people want to earn money from their profession while some people want to help others with their profession. The only thing you need to think about is how loyal you are to the work you do with yourself. Read when it’s time to study, and play when it’s time to play, and you’re sure one day you’ll be successful. There are many such examples in our history, such as Newton, Thomas Edison, Dr. A.P.J. Read the story of Abdul Kalam’s struggles, it will definitely inspire you to succeed. Try to be a good person apart from your profession, because it will help you in making you successful by changing not only your work but also your attitude.

Frequently Asked Question For My Aim in Life Essay.

What is the purpose of your life essay?

The primary purpose of life is that before achieving the goal, man has to face many types of calamities. Different people have different goals. Some people are inclined towards music, dance, politics etc. Each person adopts different purpose according to his inclination or tendency.

Write your life goal in 5 sentences?

Every person must have some purpose in his life. There is only one goal, which can lead us to our dreams and give us a different identity. A person who has no dreams, no goals, cannot do anything in life. Such people are often heard saying that our luck is not with us.

What is my life goal?

Therefore, it is very important to have a definite goal and definite direction in life. My life goal is to grow up to become a doctor and benefit all those people with my medical knowledge who are unable to get proper medical treatment due to lack of money. I understand very well that becoming a good doctor is not easy.

What is the importance of goals in life?

Goal gives a right direction to the person. Tells him which work is important to him and which is not. If the goals are clear, then we prepare ourselves accordingly. Our subconscious mind prompts us to act accordingly.

What is the purpose of life Osho?

Life itself is a goal. There is nothing greater than life for which life can be a means and for which it can be an end. And all things can have relations of ends and means. Nothing is greater than life, not of life.

How to write about your goal?

Write down personal goals. Be very specific and realistic when thinking about what it is you want to achieve. According to studies, by setting some specific goals, you increase your chances of achieving them and by this you will also get more happiness than usual.

The goal of my life Why the goal in life? – My goal The reason is the effort to achieve the goal?

Every person has a set of goals in life that they want to reach. To achieve his goal, that person needs to work hard, and goals help the individual to achieve his value in the society. Choosing the right goal leads a person to the right path.

What is the goal of your life and what will you do to achieve it?

If you are serious about reaching your goal, then be serious about striving in the right direction. Also, perseverance is also necessary and if you work consistently and with full commitment then you will surely get success. At the same time, you will also be able to manage your time and resources properly.

What should be the goal of a woman?

Similarly, the goal of a woman can be to be self-reliant. It is believed that every person should make big goals, but to achieve big goals, small goals should be made. When we achieve small goals, then we get confidence to achieve big goals.

Why is it important to set goals to move ahead in life?

It is necessary to make only one goal in life because we want to reach a particular destination where we can prove ourselves. We can achieve many successes. So we will lose all our time in this. That’s why we have to reach only one goal and make it.

What is the biggest obstacle in achieving the goal of life?

He said that by renouncing laziness, contemplating the Lord, becoming a sacrificer, attains liberation, the highest goal in life. In order to perform sattvik deeds, one should chant Om after taking many births. Acharya Shatkratu while addressing the program said that laziness proves to be the biggest obstacle in achieving high goals in life.

What is the difference between aim and goal?

Goal is known as a general statement whereas objective is known as a definite statement. # Aim is described as an end goal, which a person or organization wants to achieve whereas objective is something that the person or organization wants to achieve by persistent effort.

What are the objectives of education?

In which character building, development of personality, performance of civic and social duties, promotion of social happiness and skills, preservation and dissemination of national culture are included. People in different times have tried to explain the purpose of education in life in different ways. Education can have many other meaningful purposes as well.

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