My Ambition in Life Essay

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introduction for My Ambition in Life Essay

My Ambition in Life Essay: It is a natural quality of man to be ambitious in this world. Every person desires to achieve something special in his life, similarly I also have a desire to serve the people by getting proper education in my life and working in a big position in future. Human beings have many types of fantasies. Everyone has imagination, but only a few people are able to fulfill the power and dedication to make the imagination come true.

My childhood

Childhood is the golden period of human life. Worry-free life, free life, and wandering anywhere without fear, ate whatever came in hand, the pleasure of sucking the thumb, and the feeling of gaiety in filling the gulp of milk, roaringly, with big pearl eyes. There are many such memories of calling the mother after shedding and wiping the tree and sticking it to the heart.

My childhood was spent in Deoria, a small village in Uttar Pradesh. Nothing can describe the beauty of my village. There is greenery of trees all around in my village. A huge pond is seen in the village. Half percent of the land in the village is covered with fields where the wealth of others grows. There is no answer to the river in the village where the purity of the water gives long life to the people there. My family consists of mom, dad, grandfather, and an older brother. Father is a teacher in the country’s Mayanagari Mumbai. Baba (Grandfather) is the sole advisor of the village. My family is very simple and our life is equally simple.

choice of business

I have already thought about what I will become in the future. Yes, I have already chosen my business. My ambition is to get medical education and become a skilled doctor. The doctor is the biggest servant of the society. He gives new life to sick people. I want that I should also serve my society and country by becoming a doctor.

reason for liking

Today, diseases like cholera, malaria, smallpox have reduced in our country, but many other diseases have raised their heads. Innumerable people remain troubled due to diseases like cough, cold, fever, headache etc. The prevalence of deadly diseases like tuberculosis, typhoid, diabetes and blood pressure has increased. The poor section of the country is suffering from these diseases. I want to become a doctor and treat such patients and cure them. In this way I will get a golden opportunity to serve the public by becoming a doctor.

my life goal

I often hear my friends talking about what they want to be but I have already set my life goals. I have only one goal in life that I will grow up to be a doctor. By becoming a doctor, I will protect the country and society from diseases.

Some students want to become a doctor so that they can earn maximum money but that is not my aim. I want to become a doctor and serve the poor and the suffering. Some people walk on the wrong path even after achieving their purpose, they do not perform their duty well. I will not deviate from my duty after reaching my goal. I want to get such medical knowledge which people are not able to get due to lack of money. I want to become a doctor so that I can protect poor people from diseases.

I will tell them various ways to stay healthy like how they should live, understand the importance of health and balanced diet, how to protect themselves from diseases. I want to serve my country and society by becoming a doctor. Today the corona pandemic is spreading in the country. Thousands of people are dying day by day due to corona virus. Many people have lost their families. When I grow up and become a doctor, I will save the citizen of the country from such an epidemic. I will try my best to save as many people as possible so that everyone can get well soon and live with their families.

what will i do as a doctor

Today our villages are in great need of doctors. Today’s new doctors often prefer to live in cities, but I want to serve the poor. Therefore, I will have no hesitation in becoming a village doctor. I will remove the sorrow of the people of the village with my treatment. People will come to me crying and groaning and will go away with a smile. I will find my happiness in that happiness of his.

Doctor’s business is also profitable from financial point of view. But only earning money will not be my aim. For me becoming a doctor is an opportunity to become Deenbandhu. I will never forget that medicine is a profession in which along with profit, there is also the pleasure of public service. Therefore, like an ideal doctor, I would consider it my first duty to provide health benefits to the villagers.


I wish that I can achieve my goal successfully as soon as possible. I will take the cooperation of the local people as well as the social teacher to complete this work. I know this task is not that easy but with my determination and determination all things are possible. I pray to God to help me reach my goal. I am sure that my teachers, classmates and my parents will support me in my goal of becoming a doctor. I will work hard and hard to achieve my goal and by completing my goal in one day, I will make my family, society and country proud. Truly, it would be a matter of great pride and joy for me to become a doctor.