My Class Teacher Essay

Let us know about My Class Teacher Essay. Teacher has more importance in our life. Teacher is that person in our life, who teaches us many other important things along with good education. A teacher means a lot to her students. It plays a very important role in our life from the initial stage of development till we mature. He turns us and our future towards making us responsible citizens of the country.

Who is my favorite teacher-

My Class Teacher Essay

In my student life, I have received affection and guidance from many teachers, but Rajiv Yadav has been my favorite teacher in all of them. Truly, very few teachers have such immense knowledge, boundless affection and impressive personality like him.

His personality-

Rajiv sir is tall and fair in complexion. His eyes are bright, His voice is serious, clear and impressive. His body is agile and healthy. They always go fast. They usually wear white dhoti-kurta or safari suit.

Comparison with today’s teachers

Many teachers of today consider their position only as a means of earning money and consider it to teach only to turn the pages of books in front of the students. It is as if they do not care about the giving of true knowledge and character building. But this is not the case about Rajiv sir. They understand very well the pride and responsibility of the post of teacher and perform their duties fully.

Their inner wisdom

Rajeev sir is a learned person. His inner knowledge has made him the favorite of all the students today. His interest in science, mathematics and sociology is also not less. He explains English grammar in such a way that everything is memorized in class itself. He has complete control over Hindi language. Any student can put his doubts in front of them without any fear and hesitation and can get the proper solution.

His interest in sports etc.

Rajeev sir also takes great interest in sports. They participate in sports with the students. He guides the students in drama, discussion-seminar, picture-competition, essay competition etc. and encourages them from time to time to make progress in various fields. There is no program in our school in which Rajiv sir’s contribution is not there.

Affectionate behavior-

Rajeev sir considers the school as one family. All the students get his love. No one has ever seen him getting angry. He is a very disciplined person. They are very supportive. He has a loving look at the students who are weak in studies. He gently teaches the students who fail in the examination and makes them pass. If a student is weak, he makes them study extra.

Ideal Life-

Rajeev sir is proud. Pride has not even touched them. His face always shows happiness and intimacy. Simplicity is manifested in their manner of living and dress. They are far away from evils like lies, greed, bribery, jealousy etc. He is a very calm person. His life is an ideal life. He advises all the students to lead an ideal life.


He is a good teacher with good teaching techniques, friendly nature, humour, patient and easily adapts himself to all situations. I am one of his obedient students. Very enthusiastic and always used to encourage us to do the best in studies. Truly he is everyone’s favorite teacher and my dear teacher is also the same.

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