My Dream House Essay

Let’s know about My Dream House Essay. Hello friends, how are you all, friends, today’s article is based on my imagination. Many students want to write this type of essay in their school and college examinations. Will prove helpful for writing in. In today’s era, every person wants to build his dream house, the person who works hard becomes his dream home.

My Dream House Essay

A dream house is a house in which all the things imagined by a person are present. Dream house gives happiness to a person Dream house makes a person feel that he has achieved a lot in life. I dream house is very important for everyone, today we will read the essay on my dream house, so let’s read this article of ours today.

The house of my dreams would be a house which would have many rooms, there would be a garden around the house, there would be a swimming pool filled with water near the garden. There will be different rooms for different tasks of daily life. Every arrangement will be there in my dream house. There will be cooks and servants. I will not have to go out to get water in my dream house. My dream house is so big It would be that my whole family would be able to live together.

Today there is inflation in our country, in this era of inflation, families are scattered, their homes are separated, but my dream home will be prosperous, that is, there will be no shortage of any kind in my house, my whole family, my children, all my brothers. Will live together. In my dream home, the whole family will live happily together without any greed, greed, the whole family will live with each other with love. To live together in the family, it is most important to respect the younger elders of the family, listen to them, do not let them cause any kind of trouble, along with it it is also the duty of the elders to love the younger ones.

My dream house will be like this in which the whole family will love each other. In today’s era, there are fights and fights in many houses, children also throw their parents out of the house for their personal interest but my In the dream house, the parents will be worshiped like God and their every command will be followed.

In today’s era, it is necessary for children to do sports along with studies, in my dream home, there will be a proper arrangement for children’s sports, so that children will not need to play outside, along with children, old people, young people, everyone should roam. A garden will be created for this in which everyone can walk in the morning and evening and live the happy moments in their life.

In my dream house, all kinds of decorated figures will be placed on the wall and a temple of worship of God will be made in which the whole family will worship God together and will do aarti together in the morning and evening. In my dream house, if any person If he comes to ask for alms, I will not let him go empty handed, I will definitely give him something according to my ability.

If someone comes to my dream house as a guest, then I will serve him with full service, I will make complete arrangements for his food, I will not allow my guest to suffer in any way. There will be a proper place for the guests to stay in my dream house. In which the guests will be able to stay properly.

In the house of my dreams, the whole family will have a meal together because having food together increases the love between each other, all the family members will take care of each other and will not think of harming them in any way. When it is cold, there will be a proper arrangement for taking sunlight on the roof, there will be some arrangement on the roof in such a way that even small children can walk well on the roof and nothing harms them.

There will be two or three cars in my dream house, there will be proper arrangements in my house to keep these cars, there will be servants to clean them, I will always be happy to have my dreams, there is no shortage in my dream house I will be completely free of money. In today’s era, people are not able to fulfill their needs, due to which they do wrong things, but there will be no financial shortage in my house. My house will be financially prosperous. Because of which every member of the house will not have to face any kind of trouble, if my dream house is like this, then I will always be happy in life.