My Father Essay

Let us know about My Father Essay. Generally, a child is most attached to his parents because they are the first to see and know him. Parents are also called the first school of the child. Generally, the child considers his father as the true hero and a best friend in his life who shows him the right path. Here we are providing some essays on the topic ‘My Father’ in simple and different word limits, which students can choose according to their need for various school exams or competitions.

My Father Essay 1 (250 words)

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‘My father’ is the dearest father in the world. He is my true hero, my best friend, my inspiration and the best person I have ever seen. He is such a person who helps a lot in getting ready for school, getting out of bed in the morning and completing my homework well. He always takes care of me and calls my mother in the afternoon to know if I have reached home on my right time or not.

He is a very fit, healthy, happy and punctual person. He always goes to the office at the right time and also teaches us to go to school at the right time. He teaches us the value of time in life and says that if someone wastes his time, time destroys his life.

He is a very nice person and helps my neighbors in their difficult times. He always loves, cares and respects my mother very much and never quarrels with her. He always supports them and helps many times in the kitchen during their illness. He loves and respects my grandparents very much and teaches us to take care of them.

They say that old people are like God, we should care, respect and love them. We should never ignore old people in difficult times because this time comes in everyone’s life. He tells us that according to our situation, we should always help the needy people of all age groups throughout our life. He tells us about good habits and morals for 15 minutes every day.

My Father Essay 2 (300 words)

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‘My father’ is the best friend and true hero of my life. I always call him dad. He is the most special person in my life. He is a very good player and artist. He paints in his spare time and encourages us to do the same. He says that we should take interest in music, singing, sports activities, painting, dance, cartoon making etc because such extra activities keep our remaining time busy and help to remain peaceful throughout life. He is an internet manager (a software engineer) in a limited company in New Delhi.

He never backs down to help the needy people and is always ready to help them, especially for the help of old people. He is my best friend and discusses all my problems. Whenever I am upset, he very calmly gives me reasons and takes me to the topmost room, he makes me sit next to him, puts his hand on my shoulder and shares his life experiences. Let me tell you what I am doing right and wrong with my mistakes and successes to make me realize. He tells about the morality of life and explains the importance of elders. He teaches us that we should not make any person sad throughout our life and should always help the needy people especially old people.

He always takes care of my grandparents and says that elderly people are like valuable property of the house, without them we are like children without mother and fish without water. He always gives a very good example to understand anything easily. On every holiday i.e. on Sunday, he takes us to picnic or to the park where we all have a lot of fun with some outdoor activities and games. We usually play badminton as an outdoor game and carrom as a home game.

My Father Essay 3 (400 words)

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The person whom I always admire in my life is only my dear father. I still remember all the childhood moments with my father. He is the real reason for my happiness and joy. Because of who I am because my mother was always busy with kitchen and other household chores and it is ‘my father’ who rejoices with me and my sister. I think he is the most different father in the world. I consider myself very blessed to have such a father in my life. I always thank God for giving me the opportunity to be born in the family of such a good father.

He is a very humble and peaceful person. He never scolds me and takes all my mistakes easily and makes me realize all my mistakes very politely. He is the head of our family and helps each and every family member in bad times. He shares his life’s shortcomings and achievements to tell me. Online marketing is their own business yet never pressurize or attract them to move ahead in the same field, instead they always encourage me to become whatever I want to be in my life. He is really a good father not because he helps me but because of his knowledge, strength, helpful nature and especially handling people properly.

He always respects his parents i.e. my grandparents and gives their attention all the time. I still remember when I was little, my grandparents usually used to talk about the bullies of ‘my father’ but they used to tell me that your father is a very good person in your life, be like him. This is ‘my father’ who wants to see everyone happy in the family and always asks whenever someone is sad then solve his problem. He loves and cares for my mother very much and advises her to take rest when she is tired of household chores. ‘My father’ is my inspiration, he is always ready to help me with my school work and also visits my PTM to discuss my behavior and performance in class.

‘My father’ was born in a very poor family whereas due to his patience, hard work and helpful nature, he is currently one of the rich in the city. My friends generally call me very fortunate to be the son of such a father. I usually laugh at such comments and tell this to my father, he also laughs, says that he does not tell the truth but the truth is that I am lucky to have a son like you. He tells me to be whoever you want to be and always believe in yourself.

Frequently Asked Question For My Father Essay

What to write about papa?

My father is not only a father to me. He is also a good friend, because whenever I need him. He gives me the right guidance like a good friend. He always teaches me not to give up, to have the knowledge of right and wrong in life, to teach me to move forward and to always encourage me.

What is the importance of parents in our life?

Parents are the most precious gift from God and we should give importance to our parents no matter what. Parents are the ones who support us at every stage of life and guide us in the right direction. There is no one other than the parents who take care of us truly without any condition.

What work does dad do in your family?

Discipline- Father always teaches us to be in discipline and he himself is also disciplined. His entire routine from morning till night is disciplined. He wakes up on time in the morning after retiring from daily work and goes to office and returns on time. He also takes me for a walk in the garden every evening.

How to respect parents?

By sacrificing the highest pleasures of their lives, even by sleeping on their own hungry stomach, parents nurture their children. The most important contribution in the life of a child is that of the parents, whether they grow up to respect and serve them or not. But he always gives them only Subhasish.

What is the duty of a father?

It is the duty of the father to take care of the child from the day he is born. Be with him only when he is smiling, not only when he is crying. Take care of his needs. Teach him the difference between right and wrong.

What does father mean?

Father The Sanskrit word “Pitru” is originally from the Indo-European era. Therefore, the origin of the father and its basic sentiment is also Indo-European. The word is derived from the root ‘pa’, which means ‘to protect’ and to maintain. Therefore, the task of the father is to protect and nurture the members of his family.

What happens to the father?

When a son or daughter passes in any examination, the mother does not get tired of kissing his forehead. Seeing the crowd of congratulators in the house, he runs like a child to bring sweets on the contrary, he is only and only father. He himself will wear old, torn clothes but buys his children new clothes, shoes, he is a father.

Why is it important to obey parents?

All parents guide their children through their experience. They have seen many ups and downs in their life, due to which they know both sides of everything and this is the reason why they keep alerting their children about anything all the time.

How did the fear inside the father come to the fore?

Explanation – The poet says that what Sukhiya’s father was afraid of happened. One day Sukhia’s father found that Sukhia’s body was burning with fever. The poet says that even in the pain of fever, the girl told her father that she was not afraid of anyone.

What was the sense of fear hidden in the father’s mind?

There was a terrible epidemic and his daughter was always playing outside. His daughter did not stay at home even for a moment. The father’s heart trembled at the sight of his fickleness.