My Favorite Game Essay

Let us know about my favorite game essay. Sports are the best way to exercise our body and mind. Sports bring in us an idea to play, win or compete. Sports is an important part of our life. We learn a lot by playing sports and also entertain ourselves. Each of us has different choices of sports. Some of us like to play indoor games while some are interested in playing outdoor games. Playing helps in achieving health and fitness of our body and mind.

I hope, these essays provided by me in different word limit will help you to know better about your favorite sport.

Short and Long Essays on My Favorite Game Essay

my favorite game essay -1 (250 words) – My favorite sport is Badminton

Now we will learn about my favorite game essay 250 Words.


Sports play a very important role in the development of our mind and body. Studying along with sports leads a person towards holistic development. We can see that even in schools, the time table consists of two or three games duration during a week, taking into account the need for games along with studies. Playing sports makes us healthy and fit.

games i play

Usually I play indoor games like carrom, chess and ludo, etc at my home. Playing these games with my sisters is my favorite time-pass at home. Sometimes we also fix the price of some gift or winnings after winning the match.

my favorite sport is badminton

My favorite sport among all sports is badminton. It was during the winter days when my mother used to wake us up early in the morning to invite us for a walk and study. Since I could not study in the morning, I decided to play badminton in the morning. It proved to be a great exercise for me to keep myself healthy. I also have a problem with mood swings and this game has given me a lot of relief.

Since I had a good practice of playing badminton, I was selected in the badminton team of my school. I feel very energetic after playing badminton. Many times I played for my school and I have got awards. I had a craze for this game and hence I used to reach Badminton court on time to play with my friends.


Sports are essential for fitness. When we play outdoor games, they make us fit and give better exercise to our muscles.

my favorite game essay 2 (400 words) – My favorite sport is Hockey

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It is said that for the overall development of a child or a person, the mind and body need to be fit and healthy. Playing sports helps us to achieve fitness of body and mind. We have seen that many people have also made their successful career in sports. There are many people who have a habit of playing sports regularly. Like studies and other activities, sports are also necessary for us.

my best favorite game

I play many sports like chess, carrom and basketball. But, the sport that I like the most is hockey. Hockey is a game that keeps us hooked till the end. This game requires focus and focus while playing. This game is played between two teams. Both teams play on the opponents side to score goals. I also love watching hockey matches on television. We have played for many matches organized in our localities.

There are two teams in the game of hockey and each team consists of 11 players. All the players play with the spirit of scoring goals. They hit the ball to score a goal in the opposition team. This game is played on a grass field. A single team of 11 players has 10 players on the middle ground and one player as the goalkeeper to save the goal. Team players have to move the ball to the opposite team to score. Players cannot touch the ball with their hands or feet, they only have to use their stick. Only the goalkeeper can touch the ball with his hands and feet. The referee’s decision is final throughout the game. The player and even the team are punished for mistakes.

Hockey – as the national sport of India and its present status

Hockey is an international sport and is played all over the world. It is the national sport of India. There are many best hockey players in our country too. Our country’s team has won Olympic medals in hockey and many other trophies.

It’s really sad to say that the growth and popularity of this sport has waned over the years. The game of hockey does not get any support in India like other sports like cricket. No one pays attention to the development of this sport in our country. Even we do not have better facilities and playgrounds to assist and train the candidates. Since this game had such a good history and it is also our national sport, so there should be government support for it.


Sports should be a part of our daily routine. I love playing hockey and it helps a lot in refreshing my mood. Every year in India, National Sports Day is celebrated in his honor on the birth anniversary of a great hockey player Major Dhyan Chand.

my favorite game essay 3 (600 words) – My favorite sport: Cricket

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Sports are important at every stage of our life. Young children learn many things from games. They keep their imagination and thinking in front while playing the game and also learn things by going deep. Playing sports is important for children as it helps in the growth and development of the child. It also helps in personality development. Many children are born with some talent for play, but it takes practice to build up their talent as a carrier.

Cricket – my favorite sport

I play many sports like basketball, carrom, chess and kho-kho. The sport I love to play and watch is no other sport than cricket. Sachin Tendulkar and Vivian Richards are my favorite cricketers. I used to play cricket in my colony since childhood. Since I was young, I was given the job of fielding. Although I was not very good at playing this game, still I find it most interesting to play and watch this game.

This was a favorite time pass during our summer vacations. We spent most of our time playing or waiting for our chance. Many fights also started about this game because we used to shout loudly or break the window glass by hitting the ball while playing.

Most of the people are fond of this game, and when there was a match between India and Pakistan, everyone was glued to the television till the whole match was over. When I got admission in college to complete my higher studies, I started playing with my college team. The captain of the team was very talented and good at playing cricket. I learned many things from him. Later I got selected in the cricket team of my college and also played matches with other teams inside the college. I was very good at fielding and bowling.

about the game

Cricket is a sport in which there are two teams, each team consisting of eleven players. There are also additional players who replace the main player in case he is injured or unable to play. Before the start of the match, a toss is made by the captains and the team winning the toss decides whether to bowl first or bat.

The batting team scores runs by hitting the balls, which are thrown towards the wicket to its players. The bowling team prevents the members of the batting team from scoring runs. Other players are involved in the fielding. Any incident on the field is decided by the umpire. The pitch on which the game is played is 22 yards (20 m) long.

Usually, we see people and children playing in the street, playground and stadium. People all over the world love to play and watch cricket. This shows the love for cricket in different generations.

Valuable life lessons from cricket

Every sport gives us some valuable lessons which we can apply in our life. Basically, we learn from everything in our lives. Playing sports teaches us and enhances our qualities. Some of the valuable things that we get are listed below:

  • Gives a lesson to learn from our failures.
  • Fills us with a healthy sense of competition. It helps us to excel in our school, job or other areas of life.
  • Makes us realize the difference between right and wrong.
  • Teaches us that practice and hard work help us to come out of our failure.
  • Helps to boost our confidence and raise our voice for what is wrong.
  • Incorporates the benefits of working together in teamwork with the responsibility of achieving goals.
  • Playing games increases the ability to plan and strategize.

I like to play cricket as it helps me to keep my body fit. I also like to play different types of sports as my means of entertainment. We should play outdoor games along with playing video or mobile games, because playing outdoor games helps in building stamina.

Frequently Asked Questions For My Favorite Game Essay

Which is my favorite sport?

Playing sports makes us healthy and fit. Usually I play indoor games like carrom, chess and ludo, etc at my home. Playing these games with my sisters is my favorite time-pass at home. Sometimes we also fix the price of some gift or winnings after winning the match.

How to write an essay on my favorite sport?

Sports are very important in our life and everyone’s favorite sport is different. My favorite sport is cricket. I love to play cricket. Playing cricket keeps my body fit, that’s why I am very active.

Write a short note on what is your favorite sport?

I like to play many outdoor sports, but my favorite sport is cricket. Cricket is one of the most famous sports in the world. People in India are very crazy about cricket. I play cricket with my classmates in my school playground.

How to write essay on sports?

It is a good means of getting regular entertainment and physical activities. It is also very helpful in maintaining character and discipline, which holds us throughout our lives. It makes us active and gives us energy and strength. Playing sports regularly encourages mental and physical growth.

Which is your favorite sport and player and why?

Although I like cricket the most. Cricket is kept in the category of outdoor sports. It is played in only a few countries of the world, but there are many countries who watch and like it. Young people love this game to an insane extent.

Why do you like to play cricket?

This is a great game which is played in an open field with the help of bat and ball. That’s why it’s my favorite game. Whenever there is a national or international cricket tournament, I usually watch cricket on TV. There are two teams in this game and each team has 11-11 players.

Which is your favorite hobby?

My favorite hobby is gardening and I love planting new plants and watering them every morning. Seeing flowers blooming and growing plants makes me feel great and realize the reality of life. It helps to keep me fit, strong, healthy and refreshed.

Why is it important to have rules in any sport?

Sports is the best lesson in a player’s life, as he does everything possible to achieve his goal with hard work. If he loses after playing, then that player does not consider it as his defeat, because he has the courage to win in his mind.

What is the importance of sports in our life?

Sports and sports are very beneficial for us as they teach us punctuality, patience, discipline, teamwork and perseverance. Playing teaches us to build and improve confidence levels. If we practice sports regularly, we can be more active and healthy.

In how many ways can a player get out in cricket?

According to the Laws of Cricket, a batsman can be out in 11 ways. The special thing is that in this the batsman can be out even without playing the ball.

Why do children follow the rules of the game?

Playing in a group requires that the child consider the point of view of others and follow the rules of the game. As you have read these abilities develop with age. By the age of three to four years, children mostly play alone. With other children they only play together for short periods of time.

What is the importance of play in the development of children?

Games play an important role in the all round development of children. Through these games, qualities like quick decision ability, knowledge of objects, adjustment, coordination, harmony, courage, coexistence develop automatically in nature in children, they are played in both solo and group forms.

Why are there 3 stumps in cricket?

When the batsman bats while standing on the wicket and his body is covered in the stumps behind him, it is equivalent to applying three stumps and the ball can be stopped from going to the stumps by the bat.

What is the importance of sports in life essay?

Playing sports makes the body strong, fit and healthy. Along with the body, sports are also helpful in the development of the mind. In this way sports make our body completely healthy and functional. While taking education in student life, we can achieve success in every field in future by making our body healthy and strong.