My Favorite Personality

Let’s know about My Favorite Personality. Friends, we all have a favorite person in our life, from whom we get inspiration. This ideal favorite personality can be anyone, like someone’s favorite person can be his parents, for someone patriot and for someone, film stars can also be his favorite person. Let’s start with My Favorite Personality.

Today through this article we have tried to write short to long essays, speeches and sentences on the topic of our favorite person. These essays can be helpful for all the students of KG, class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10th level.

Everyone has a favorite person in life whom they can always rely on. No matter how difficult a situation a person is facing, he knows he has the one person he can take advice from. People always admire and watch their favorite person. They want to achieve everything like their favorite person.

My Favorite Person Essay

There is also one favorite person in my life who is very close to me and that person is my mother. My mother is my favorite person in this whole world because she has all the qualities that make a person ideal.

His character is very simple and charming. He is intelligent, honest and truthful. I always admire her because of her kindness towards everyone and the way she tries to help everyone. She never refuses anyone who comes to the door asking for help. She is also very religious and does puja regularly, she believes in God a lot and always teaches me to remember God’s gifts and thank Him daily by praying.

He has always inspired me in every area of ​​my life. She is always there where I need her. Whenever I go for my exams my mother prays for me. Whenever, I feel helpless and confused about some matters , she is always present as a guardian angel to help me with my decisions. She has always encouraged me to be the best at whatever I do.

If I fail in anything she is always there to help me, even if I did wrong, she supports me without any criticism. She is not just a mother but also a best friend. I can talk to him for countless hours.

I feel comfortable sharing everything with him. She is my friend who always encouraged and helped me whenever I needed a friend for moral support.

On weekends, we cook together and go for hangouts. My friends also like them very much. She also cooks delicious food for my friends. He also often comes to my house to visit my mother. She is also passionate about cleanliness and always keeps the house clean.

Whatever I am today is because of my mother. He taught me how to take care of others in a selfless, humble manner. He never limited or restricted me by anything, but he taught me one thing that there is a fine line between right and wrong and that I should know what is right for me.

It is his belief in me that I am a confident person today. I have never heard him speak ill of anyone. The way she has grown over the years amazes me.

She is not just an ordinary woman. She loves to read, write and paint, she is always eager to learn and read more. We play games together and I know she always lets me win. She is the most humble woman I have seen in my entire life.

I know he sacrificed his dreams for the betterment of our family, but he never discouraged us from dreaming. She always puts herself second priority but still never complains.

He taught me to be patient and never give up in any situation. I want to be like my mother. I always pray for his health and well being. He is an example of a perfect human being. I am very proud of my mother.


In the end, I would like to say that there would be another person like mother, my mother is my favorite person, she is with me in every difficult time, friends, if you liked this article, then comment and tell us who is your favorite person. .

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