My Favorite Season

Let us know about My Favorite Season. Generally, there are four main seasons in India – spring, summer, rainy season and winter/autumn. All these seasons depend on the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, because the Earth makes one complete revolution around the Sun in a year. Each season has its own specialty and importance. We all enjoy the seasons to our liking.

Short and Long Essays on My Favorite Season

Some of us like summer and some of us love spring. I have given here in the form of an essay about the seasons of my choice.

Essay – 1 My Favorite Season – Spring Season (250 Words)


Each season has its own unique characteristics. We get a golden opportunity every year to enjoy mainly four seasons in India. Everyone likes one of these seasons according to their own preferences, and my favorite season is spring.

spring is my favorite season

The winter season in India is followed by the spring season in the month of February to April. According to the Hindi calendar, the spring season runs from the month of Magha to the month of Chaitra. After the winter season, the weather becomes very pleasant with mild warmth in the spring. These days, in the season of nature, amazing beauty and unique smell are spread all around. There is greenery of trees, colorful flowers, chirping of birds and a sweet smell in the air. New flowers and new twigs appear in every plant. There is a new communication between animals and birds. Breeding and eating with this pleasant season enjoys colorful litigants. Due to the taste of Bhavara’s buds, they get busy in the work of making honey.

I like the spring season the most, as the temperature of the weather becomes very pleasant during this time. Those cool breezes add a heart-touching scent. Seeing the weather of nature fills my life with colors. The natural spring all around makes me feel a new life in these seasons.

The season of spring comes in us with a new thinking and purpose of living a new life. There is a unique radiance and hope in this season. New life can be seen among the plants and animals during the season. This season is the most exciting and exciting season for me.


I feel much happier in this season than in other seasons, I also enjoy eating a variety of vegetables, along with a variety of flowers and fruits. I always pray to God that this season of spring should always remain such that, along with me, everyone’s life remains joyful and full of happiness.

Essay – 2 My Favorite Season – Summer (400 words)


India is a country with a different climate under different conditions. I eagerly wait for the summer season as it is my favorite season. Usually the summer season starts from the month of April and extends till June and July. With the beginning of the rainy season, the summer season comes to an end. The summer season may be a bit hot but it is a very dear season for me. Due to the hot weather, I get an opportunity to enjoy a long vacation in this season.

The reason why summer is my favorite season

  • long summer vacation

I like summer season because during this season we get long summer vacations of about 2 months. Because of which we can have a lot of fun. During the holidays, we get rid of the stress of going to school in the morning, homework and studies.

During the summer, I get the opportunity to travel. Especially there is a chance to visit various hill stations of the country. I love to travel to places that have natural beauty. Along with traveling, we also get a chance to spend time with our family and some new friends. Most of Murray’s friends go to live and visit his village and he spends time with his grandparents and others. Along with this, we also get a chance to know the lifestyle of the villages and spend some days there.

  • evening games during holidays

The right time to play and practice sports is morning and evening. During the summer holidays, we play many types of games in the morning and evening. Our outdoor activities increase more during the holidays. Some children start the morning with their game and some play in the evening. In their summer vacation, all the children spend most of their time playing with each other, sometimes indoor games and sometimes outdoor games.

  • enjoy eating mango in summer

During the summer holidays, we also get to eat many seasonal fruits like litchi, watermelon, etc. During this season, the maximum production of mango is observed. Mango is also a seasonal fruit which is liked by many of us. I like mango a lot. Whenever I go to my village, I get to eat many types of mangoes because there is a garden of mango trees.

  • enjoy various functions

Generally people like to organize weddings or other family functions during the holidays. In such a situation, these days we also get a chance to sing different types of dishes and dance in such weddings and parties. In marriages or such events, we get an opportunity to meet family and other relatives together.

  • big days and short nights

During the summer, the days usually become longer and the nights shorter. This is due to the structure of our earth. Due to which we get a chance to play more during the day.


Of course, the summer season is a bit hot, but this summer gives us some rest from our work, school or other work. We all get time to spend time together in these days. During this time, we also participate in many different activities and enjoy many types of fruits and other juices.

Essay – 3 My Favorite Season – Winter (600 words)


I love all seasons and I enjoy them all. Each season has its advantages and disadvantages. All the seasons in India have their own unique characteristics, I love the cold/winter weather. I look forward to this season with great anticipation. In this season, this season is very good for us from food to good warm clothes to wear and also to roam.

The winter season starts from the end of October and lasts till the middle of February. The coldest season occurs in the months of December and January. I feel very pleasant during this season. The rays of the sun give great relief in cold days. This season is considered very good for crops. During winter, the sun’s rays fall on the earth obliquely, due to which many types of crops are cultivated.

winter season features

In the winter season the nights are long and the days are very short. It is very cold these days. Mornings and evenings and nights are extremely cold. During the day, the sunlight gives us some relief from this severe cold, the sunlight is very less during the day. Whenever we talk to each other, vapor comes out from our mouth, it is the heat of our body which turns into vapor when we come out. People light a fire, bonfire, pieces of wood, etc. to reduce the effect of cold and sit near it. People also use heaters to heat the rooms. I love to sit by the bonfire and cook potatoes in it, but we spend most of the time inside the blanket.

These days, the dew drops falling on the trees and plants in the morning look very beautiful with the rays of the sun, as if the dew drops were not pearls. The sun’s rays fall on the earth very late in the morning and it gets dark too early. The weather becomes even colder due to less sunlight being visible.

During the winter we get a wide variety of crop varieties to eat. To avoid the chill, people consume hot beverages and hot foods in large quantities like tea, coffee, soup, etc. At the end of December, when the winter becomes very cold, the schools are closed for a few days, which we know as ‘winter holidays’. It is a very pleasant time for school students as they do not have to wake up early to go to school. During winter, we feel very healthy, because at this time our body feels some hot things to keep the body warm and whatever we eat, because our digestive system is very good at this time.

These days winter is at its peak in the mountainous regions. There people wear long and warm jackets and tall shoes to avoid the cold and resort to fire. There is also heavy snowfall in the mountainous areas, due to which our contact with them is broken and in such a situation, such warm clothes are the only support. We have seen in serials and movies where people make snowmen and kill each other by making snow balls. It is very exciting to do and feel it.

christmas festival

It is a festival of feasts which is celebrated in the winter season. I study in a mission school and this festival is celebrated with great pomp in my school. This festival is celebrated for three days. We sing and dance around it by burning wood. Many of us pay our part in the celebration of Jesus’ birth. The cold makes this festival of Christmas even more wonderful and thrilling. Together they cut the birthday cake of Santa Claus and celebrate his birthday. We are given a cake to eat as well as Christmas presents.

my activities in winter day

This winter, after school was closed, my friends and I organized a cricket tournament together. Which was planned long in advance. For this, we first cleaned the ground together and fixed all the boundaries in cricket. Marked fours and sixes with the help of the pick. After this, one morning after the evening match, we all practice the cricket match to be held together. In the end, the tournament ended with success and we made a badminton ground for night play in winters. Every evening we enjoy badminton together there.

Some disadvantages of winter season

Although the winter season is very wonderful and enjoyable, but when there is extreme cold then it also has many disadvantages. Due to extreme cold in winters, no work can be done on time. Airplanes, trains, etc. do not run on time due to fog during winters. These days those who do not have enough clothes to wear etc. have to face a lot of troubles. Sometimes they even die. My mother, who is a social worker, arranges warm clothes for the needy people through the organization for such poor people and distributes them among them. This time is also a very difficult time for the animals and birds. They die due to cold. I help my mother in this work.


The winter season is indeed quite thrilling and wonderful. These days, due to snowfall in the hilly areas, heavy snow accumulates on the mountains, which is why many sports like snow skating, snow fighting, ice hockey etc. are organized for the tourists. These days we can keep ourselves healthy by using different types of vegetables and fruits. Despite being cold at night, the day is very pleasant, which many people like. The mind is very happy to see the pleasant environment. Me and my family eagerly await the arrival of this season.